Black and Purple

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Chapter 14

Unknown POV

Six months. It has been six months. I don’t know why but for the past six months I have been drawing the same purple eyes. I’m sitting in my art room just minding my own business. I have my Amazon playlist playing over the speakers. As soon as Flesh by Simon Curtis starts to play I start to have a vision.

I’m in a dark bedroom looking into the same purple eyes. They are filled with love and lust. I feel that this vision is different from all of the others that I’ve had. As I look around the dark room, two other eye colors come into view. One pair of eyes are a baby blue, and the other is red. Those eyes seemed familiar to me. As I looked back to the purple eyes a face slowly started to take shape. A cute little button nose and full lips. I could tell it was a woman do to the height. As she was about to say something I was pulled from my vision.

“Hey man. I’ve been trying to get your attention for the past five minutes.” I look over to see my second in command in the doorway. “Sorry Austin. I had another vision.” Austin raised his eyebrows and said “What was it about this time? If you don’t mind me asking.” I sigh and set down my paint brush, turned the misc off and said “The same thing. But this time it was different. There were two more sets of eyes. One pair was a baby blue and the other was red. Those two eye colors seemed familiar to me.” Austin walks over to me and set his hand on my shoulder. “Maybe you should talk to Celeste about your visions. She can probably shed some light on this.” I nodded my head and opened the link between Celeste and myself. “Celeste. Can you come to my art room please.” I waited for her reply but instead a puff of smoke filled my art room. “You wanted to see me Alpha.” Celeste appeared in front of me. You see Celeste is a witch. I saved her life from some rouges a few years back. She said she was forever in my debt. So I asked her if she wanted to join my pack. She said yes and has been with us ever since. Anyway back to the present.

I look at her and was about to speak when she said “I already know you have been having vision of purple eyes. I am sorry but I cannot help you with that. But, I can help you with the other two eyes you have recently seen.” I looked at her with wide eyes. “Why can you not help me with the purple eyes?” I asked a little confused. Celeste simply smiles and says “I made a promise to the Moon Goddess that I would not reveal the identity of that person until you see that person in reality.” I let out a big sigh and say “Fine. What about the other two? How are the connected the one with purple eyes and me?” Celeste walks a little closer to me and smiles even bigger. Without saying a word she grabs my hand and closes her eyes. “Montre-moi” she says and before you know it we were drawn back into the vision I had moments before.

I look over to Celeste “Why are back in my vision?” She looks back at me and let’s go of my hand. She walks over to the person with the baby blue eyes. “His name is Ashton Frost. He is the current Alpha of the Blue Frost Pack.” She then walks over to the person with the red eyes. “This one is AJ Frost. He is the Beta of the Blue Frost Pack. The Alpha and the Beta are twin brothers. But from what I can see. The two of them look just like you.” My eyes went wide and we were brought back to reality. I look back at Celeste still confused. Celeste let out an irritated sigh “Se souvenir de, se rappeler.” In an instant my mind was flooded with memories I had long forgotten. I remember my parents, my brothers, how my pack members use to treat me, why I ran away from home, the adoption, and how I asked the mage that use to stay with us block my memories. I could feel a single tear roll down my cheek.

Austin looked at me with worry in his eyes. “Bro. You okay?” I wiped the tear and let out the breath I didn’t know I was hold in. “Yeah. I’m good. I remember everything.” He looked at me confused. I looked back at Celeste “Can you bring them here? Those three and the parents of the current Alpha?” Celeste simply smiled and said “Yea Alpha.” With that she left the same way she came in. After she left Austin looks at me and says “Due. What’s going on?” I looked at him and said everything will be explained shortly. I got out of my seat and left my art room and headed to my bedroom. I had to change my clothes and look like the King I was raised to be. I quickly put on a black three piece suit, black dress shoes to match, and my crown. “Alpha. They all agreed to meet with you. We should be back in five minutes.” Celeste told me through the link between me and her. “Good. I’ll be in the throne room.” I said.

As I entered the throne room and made my way to my seat I stopped to look at the other three empty seats. “We will find her soon. I can feel it.” Axel, my wolf, said “I know Axe. I just hope she is as beautiful as we hope.” I said back with a sigh. I took my seat. I designed my seat personally. It’s has gold fabric with white trim. I had decided that when I find my mate I was going to design her seat to match her wolf. As I was lost in thought Celeste appeared once again, but she wasn’t alone. There were three men and two women with her. Celeste took a bow and said “Alpha I have brought the people you wish to see.” Thank you Celeste. Do you mind staying for a bit. I may need your magic in a little bit.” She lifted her head and smiled. “Yes Alpha.” Celeste stepped to the side as I looked at the five people in front of me. Four of them looked every bit like me. The two older ones were my mom and dad. The other two were my brothers. The last one kept her eyes glued to the floor.

Excuse me your majesty.” I looked over to my mother who bowed her head to me. “My name is Lydia Frost. This is my mate Jerry Frost. And these are our twin boys. Ashton and AJ. But I’m afraid I don’t know who that young lady is.” I could see the other woman flinch a little. Without looking up she took a step forward and said “My name is Isabella Waters. I am the adopted niece of Alpha Nate Waters.” I couldn’t help but look at this young lady. She was about 5' 3" blonde hair, and light brown skin. Ashton looked over to our parents and said “Mom. Dad. Isabella is mine and AJ’s mate.” There eyes went big. Mom was about to say something when I cleared my throat. They all looked at me except for Isabella. “Before I get started with this meeting. Lydia, Jerry, Ashton, and AJ. Please step forward.” They did as I asked I looked over at Celeste and slight nodded my head. She understood what I was telling her as she walked over to the four of them. She lifted her hands and said “Se souvenir de, se rappeler” The look on their faces was priceless. Mom gasped as she looked at me “Aaron. Is that really you.” I could hear sadness in her voice. I smiled and said “Yes mother. It is me.” I stood from my seat and walked over to my family.

After a group hug I looked back over to Isabella. Her eyes where still looking at the floor. “There’s something about her. We have to look at her eyes. Get her to look at us.” Axel said with Curiosity. “Isabella. Show me your eyes.” I asked her. It took a minute but she finally looked at me. There they were. The purple eyes I’ve been seeing for six months. The cute button nose and full lips that I had seen just moments ago. As I took in her appearance and wonderful sent hit my nose. It was sweet like cotton candy.

The only word that I could speak was “Mate.”

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