Black and Purple

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Chapter 15

Isabella’s POV

After Anna had left I was still mad, and when I’m mad it’s not good. I still have yet to control my fire. I have thought myself to channel my anger into my fire. That’s how I got rid of the rouges that attacked. But, unfortunately whenever anyone makes me mad I can’t help but to let it go. I start to feel my hands warm up. I have to get out of here before I hurt my mates. I think to myself. As if on cue Uncle Nate walks into the room. He took one look at my face and he knew. “Alpha Frost. You and your Beta hurry up and open the window.” He says as he quickly rushes over to me and takes off the heart monitor. The boys finally open the window and when they do I make a quick dash to the window and jump out. I quickly shift midair and took off running.

I made it to a clearing where I train. I shift back and fall on my knees. I let out an ear piercing scream and my fire is released. Luckily it was just my blue flame so it didn’t burn anything. Once I’ve calmed down I feel this nagging at the back of my mind. I open the link and the boys voices quickly fill my head. “Bella baby are you okay?” Ash says with worry in his voice. “Yeah. Why did you leave us? Did we do something wrong?” AJ was the next to speak. In a calm voice I say “Yeah. I’m okay now. I had to leave before I hurt you both. I’ll explain everything later.” “Okay baby.” Ash says a little more calm now. “We will be waiting for you to return and the Betas house baby girl.” AJ says. “Okay guys.” After that I close the link. I sit in grass for another 20 minutes. “I think it’s time to head back now. Don’t you think Izzy? I’m starting to miss our mates.” Zoey says a little sad. I just nod my head and stand up.

Once I’m back at home I quickly run upstairs to my room and lock the door behind me. I didn’t want my mates to see me naked just yet. I stand with my back to my door just looking at my room. It was decorated with back and purple everything. My carpet was black with a fuzzy purple rug at the foot of my queen size bed. My walls were purple with black splatter paint. My bed had black and purple pillows. I had a killer stereo set up by my bathroom door. Still needing to calm down I walked over to my bathroom and started the water. As I was waiting for it to get warm I looked at my self in the mirror. I looked at hot mess. I was covered in dirt and had twigs and leaves in my hair. As I looked closer at myself I seen a scar that ran from my shoulder blade down to my hips. “I don’t remember getting this.” I said to myself confused. I let out a big sigh and went over to my docking station. I hit play on my iPod and the first some that came on was Perfect by Simple Plan.

After cleaning myself off I turn off the water and got out of the shower. I wrapped my self in one of my favorite fluffy towels. I walked out of the bathroom and head to my walk in closet. As I was getting dressed I couldn’t help but feel like someone was watching me. “Zoe do you feel that?” I asked her. “Yes I do.” She says a little freaked out. I slowly look out of my closet and there standing in the corner of my room is a woman. She was about 5” 2’ long white hair, she was a beautiful ebony color, her eyes were a light blue, and she was covered in strange white markings. I stood there looking at her. Before I could say anything she spoke. “Hello Isabella. My name is Celeste. I am a witch, but I mean you no harm. I was sent here by his majesty. He wishes to speak to you, your mates, and their parents.” I look at her confused. “Umm...okay.” She smiles at me gently and says “Before we go I would like to ask you to do something for me.” I nodded my head “What is it?” She let out a big sigh “Whatever you do Isabella. Do not look at the King until he tells you to.” Still confused I agreed. Her smile became even bigger and she walks up to me. She holds out her hand and says “Take my hand and close your eyes.” I didn’t argue and did as she says.

When I open my eyes aging I know I’m not in my room anymore. I kept my eyes glued to the ground. I could hear everyone talking I don’t say anything and just let them talk. I heard Celeste say something in French “Se souvenir de, se rappeler” After she said that all of my memories came flooding back to me. I can remember everything. From the day I was taken away from my parents to the day that Uncle Jonny found me in the woods. I was so lost in thought that when I heard someone say “Isabella. Show me your eyes.” I was brought back to reality. When I finally looked up my breath was taken away. There in front of me was a man that looked just like my other 2 mates but his eyes were a beautiful gold. As he looked at me with wide eyes we both said one word “Mate.” My eyes widened and I was in complete shock. “Oh my god! Zoe how can we have 3 mates?” I ask Zoey in utter shock. “Who cares babe! We have 3 very sexy mates. And one of them is the king! How lucky are we?” Zoey was over the moon. So she wasn’t much help.

I was in so much shock that I blacked out. The last thing I felt were 3 pair of arms holding onto me.
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