Black and Purple

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Chapter 16

Isabella’s POV

The smell of smoke and blood hit my nose.
I opened my eyes to see that I was standing in front of a pack house. There were dead bodies all around me. “Mama no! I don’t wanna go!” I heard a little girl call out. “No sweetie you need to go with Uncle Joe. He will keep you safe.” The woman said. She quickly kissed the little girl on the head and ran off. The man I’m guessing who is Joe picked up the little girl and started running in the other direction. I followed them. “Hold tight Izzy.” Joe said as he was running So that little girl is me. I must have been at least a year old. I thought to myself.

As Joe was running with me out of nowhere a Midnight Blue wolf jumped on to Joe’s back. I was dropped in the process. As soon as my head hit the ground I was out cold, and the scene around me disappeared.

I open my eyes again. I was in a room that was decorated to my liking. The room was bigger than my room back home. The bed was bigger too and so much softer. As I tried to sit up I felt a hand on top of mine. I look over to my left and there was AJ. I could tell he was asleep. He looks so cute when he is asleep. I thought to myself as I smiled. I gently moved a strand of his hair away from his eyes. As soon as I did that his eyes open and he looks at me with a sweet smile. “Your awake. How do you feel baby girl?” He asked in a raspy voice. “I’m still a little confused but I think I can accept having 3 mates.” I said with a smile. AJ smiled back and said “Good. Now Ash and Aaron are in a meeting. So I’m here to spend time with you. So I was thinking, how about the 2 of us go to a club?” He said a little excited. “I’ve never been to a club before but that does sound like fun.”

“Great. I will get an omega to come and help you get ready.” AJ kissed my forehead and stood to his feet. His eyes closed over and with in a few seconds there was a knock on the door. “Enter.” AJ called out. A girl walks into the room. Her hair was platinum blonde hair was cut in a pixie, she had green eyes and tan skin, she was probably 4 foot nothing. She bowed her head and said “You called for me Prince AJ.” Yes. I need you to help Izzy to get ready for a club.” He said in a strong but kind voice. “Yes sir.” She said. I looked over to AJ and opened the link between me and him. “Wait. Did she just call you Prince AJ?” AJ laughed and then smiled “Yes she did. The four of us will sit down and have a talk about everything.” I sighed and said “okay.” With that I cut the link and looked at AJ. He kissed my cheek and then left the room but before he closed the door he looked at the Omega and said “Have her ready in an hour.”Yes sir.” She said and AJ left the room.

I looked at the girl in front of me. “Let’s get you ready Miss Isabella.” She said in a sweet voice. “Please call me Bella.” I said with a smile. “What’s your name?” I asked her. She looked at me and said “Katherine. But everyone calls me Kat, or Kit Kat.” I giggled a little. “ That’s really cute.” Kat blushed and said “Thank you Arrow. But you can call me anything you want.” I tilted my head to think of a nickname I could give her. “How about Kitty Kat? I mean she is as small as a kitten.” Zoey said. I looked at Kat and asked her “How does Kitty Kat sound to you?” Her eyes went wide and she smiled really big “I love it! It fits me very well.” She clapped her hands together and walked over to what I assume is the closest. She let out a sigh and said something in Korean “내가 당신에게 무엇을 입어야 합니까?” I looked at Kat and said “섹시하지만 귀여운 것은 어때요?” Kat walked out of the closet with wide eyes. “You can speak Korean?” I looked at her confused. “Yeah. I guess I can.” As me and Kat looked at each other I could see tears in her eyes.

I got up from the bed and walked over to Kat. “Kitty Kat. What’s wrong?” Kat took a deep breath and said “I thought I was the only one left that could speak Korean. The pack I came from before this one was attacked and I thought I was the only survivor.” I pulled Kat into a hug and just let her cry. After a few minutes she finally calmed down. She looked at me with a small smile and said “Let’s get you ready. And maybe one day we can talk.” I nodded my head and let her go. “Zoe. Do you know what she is talking about?” I asked Zoey a little worried. “Kind of but then again no, I don’t. But, I have a feeling like we know her.” Zoey said. I just let out a sigh.

It took Kat about a good hour and a half to get me ready. Once she was done with my makeup she turned me around to see myself in the mirror. I was shocked to see what I looked like. My hair was in a side braid. I had smoky eyeshadow on and a light pink lip gloss. I had on a black chocker along with the necklace that Ant Lilly gave me, a red crop top, black skin tight ripped skinny jeans, and knee high black converse. “Wow. Kat. I look.....”Cute but sexy.” She finished my sentence. I nodded my head. When I turned to look at Kat I noticed that her eyes were clouded over. I waited a little bit and once her eyes were cleared she looked at me with a smile. “Prince AJ is waiting for you downstairs. I will take you to him.” I said okay.

As Kat lead me to AJ I couldn’t help but look around. The house was pretty big. There were paintings of people along the walls. As I was looking at the painting one of them caught me eye. It was a painting of a woman with long blonde hair, baby blue eyes with a ring of purple, and her skin was pale. I couldn’t read the name that was on a tiny plate at the bottom of the painting. “Kat. Who is this woman?” Kat stopped walking and looked at me. “Oh. That is Alice. She was a mage in the palace. She didn’t like to called a witch so we called her a mage.” She said with a smile on her face. “We should keep moving. His highness doesn’t like to be kept waiting.” I looked at Kat and nodded my head. I looked at the painting one last time and started walking.

We had finally reached the stairs I seen AJ, Ashton and Aaron standing by the door talking. AJ was wearing blue jeans, a white shirt with a red plaid button up shirt that was unbuttoned and the sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, his hair was spiked, and he had on black Vans. AJ was the first to notice me. His eyes went wide and his mouth dropped. “AJ what’s with you?” Ashton asked and soon followed his gaze. Aaron soon turned around and his eyes went wide as well. “Oh. My. Goddess.” The three of them said at the same time. I felt my cheeks go red and a small giggle left my lips. I walked down the stairs and walked up to my three mates. “You guys should close your mouth before a fly lands in your mouth.” The three of them close their mouth and shake their heads.

You look hot. Too bad I’m not the one going with you. Clubbing is not my thing.” Aaron said. “I agree with Aaron. You look so sexy. But I can’t go either. Me and Aaron still have pack stuff to talk about.” Ashton said a little disappointed. “Baby girl we are gonna have so much fun. I can’t believe I’m going to a club with the hottest girl on the planet.” AJ said with a big smile. I just giggled. Ashton came up to me and kissed my cheek “Stay with AJ no matter what. And have fun baby.” Aaron came up to me next and kissed my other cheek “If anything happens just link us and we will come to you. Okay Kitten.” I look at both Ashton and Aaron “I promise guys.” I gave Ashton and hug and a kiss in the cheek and then did the same to Aaron.

I walked over to AJ and took his hand. “Ready when you are.” And with that said. We left the house ready to spend time together and to have some fun.

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