Black and Purple

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Chapter 2

Isabella’s pov

As I am sitting on the hospital bed I look around the room and down to my body. There are bandages on both of my wrists, my left leg is in a cast, and my right arm is in a sling. How did I get here? I think to myself. Suddenly the door to my room opens and a woman wearing pink scrubs walks in. “Oh! Your awake. Let me check your vitals and then I’ll go and get the doctor. By the way my name is Crystal and I’m your nurse.” Crystal looks at me with a smile. I try to say something but my throat is to dry.

You must be thirsty. Here let me get you some water.” Crystal walks over to a table and poured me a glass of water. She then came up to me and placed the straw to my lips. After welcoming the cool liquid I cleared my throat and looked at her. I spoke with a rough voice. “Thank you. Do you know how I got here?” She looks at me with confusion. “One of our members found you in the woods. We were hoping you could tell us what happened to you.” But I don’t remember much. The last thing I remember is getting yelled at by my sister. And then she.. My eyes go wide while thinking to myself. Crystal looks at me and says in a sweet voice “let me go and get the doctor so you can speak with him.” Before I could say anything she had already let the room.

A few minutes later a man walks into my room. He was a handsome man maybe in his late twenties. He had chocolate brown hair and silver eyes. He had on a white lab coat but you could see his well defined muscles underneath. He has a powerful aura around him making his seem highly ranked. “Hello miss. It’s good to see that your awake.” He spoke with a voice that is a smooth as velvet. I was so focused on his face that I didn’t realize I was staring. “My name is Nate Waters. I am the doctor and the Alpha of this pack. And what might your name be?” I look at him with confusion on my face. Did he just say his pack? Am I not in my own pack? They probably aren’t looking for me. They don’t even care if I live or die. I started to think to myself and look down to the bed.

In a small voice I answer his earlier question. “My name is Isabella Black. I’m sorry for trespassing on your land.” He starts to chuckle. “My dear it is alright you can look me in the eye. And you are not trespassing on my land. You are injured and I like to help people who are hurt. Now can you please tell me what happened and how you ended up here?” Alpha Nate took a seat next to me and looked me in the eyes. I took a deep breath and started to speak. “Well Alpha Nate it is a disturbing story.” I say while looking at my hands. Alpha Nate gently places his hand on top of mine. “It’s okay honey. You are in a safe place.” I look Alpha Nate in the eyes.

I take another deep breath and start to speak. “Well, the Alpha family that I belong to is not my actual family. The Alpha and his wife and their daughter abused me and starved me. And everything started when I was only three years old.” I stopped to take a breath as it was getting harder to talk. I didn’t know that my tears started to fall. I look up at Nate and you could see anger in his eyes. I quickly looked away and kept speaking. “The mateless males tried to sexually abuse me at the age of sixteen. But, Alpha Black wouldn’t allow it. He would tell them not to touch me that way because he needed me to stay pure. I don’t know why he told them that. All in all I am an unloved waste of space.” My voice was cracked while I cried.

After I started to calm down Alpha Nate finally spoke. “So let me see if I have this right. You were taken when you were a child, at the age of three you were being abused and starved. At the age of sixteen you go out of being sexually abused. Well that explains all the bruises and fractured bones and how your as small as a toothpick. But there is one question that is still unanswered. How did you get into the condition that your are in?” I laid my head back on the pillow to try and recall what happened. “The last thing I can remember is my so called sister yelling at me on the top of the stairs. I remember she pushed me down the stairs with a smile on her face. After that everything went black.” I didn’t realize that I was squeezing Alpha Nate’s hand until he spoke.

For a girl who doesn’t have her wolf you sure do have one hell of a grip.” Confused I looked down. I quickly let go of his hand and bowed my head out of respect. “My apologies Alpha Nate I didn’t mean to.” I say in a small voice. “Please my child just call me Nate.” my head shot up with wide eyes but I hissed in pain Ouch! That wasn’t a very good thing to do. Now my head is pounding. I think to myself. Alpha Nate was quick to stand and place his hand on my head. “You need to be a little more careful. I think you have reopened your stitches.” Alpha Nate moves away from me to head to a small cabinet across the room. After a few minutes he comes back with some medical stuff that I don’t know what it is for.

What are those things for? I think to myself with confusion all over my face. As if he was reading my mind Alpha Nate looks at me with a kind smile. “I am going to stitch your wound and change your bandage. Do you have any questions for me while I am doing this?” I started to think but the only question that kept running throughout my mind was this “Why do I have bandages on my wrists?” I felt Alpha Nate freeze. He slowly removed his hands from my head and looked at me. “Ummm, how can I put this...When one of my pack members found you in the woods he told me that it looked like someone was trying to make it look like a suicide. But, they had cut way to deep.” My eyes started to sting with tears. They tried to kill me? They really don’t care for me. They are right. I am just a useless waste of space that no one will love. I don’t even have my wolf yet. All type of negative thoughts ran through my mind. I couldn’t stop the tears from running.

As I sit there bawling my eyes out I felt a gentle hand on my shoulders. “My dear child. Everything will be okay now. I will not let those people hurt you any longer. If you would like you can stay here on my pack land and, if you are willing to you can join my pack.” Without a second thought I quickly replay “I would love that. But, would everyone welcome a girl who has no wolf?” Alpha Nate looks at my with kindness in his eyes. “Yes my dear. Here in my pack we treat each other equally. No one in this pack dares to treat someone with disrespect because the punishment is much worse.” Alpha Nate warned me.

Yes sir.” I said in a small voice. Then in realization I looked back at Alpha Nate and asked one more question. “Ummm Nate. When is the next full moon?” He looked at me confused but answered my question. “The next full moon is tonight. Why do you ask my dear?”

I lean back against the bed with a smile on my face. I finally get to meet my wolf by tonight.

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