Black and Purple

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Chapter 17

Isabella’s POV

We get to this building that looks abandon. Still in my seat I look at AJ confused. “Babe. Why are we at an abandoned building?” AJ starts to chuckle and says “Look at the building again but with your wolf eyes.” I turn back around and do what he said. When I did the place looked really cool on the outside. There was a long line of people waiting to get in. And in big blue letters was the name of the club Blue Moon. AJ parks the car and we both get out. We head straight to a man that was very bulky and had a bald head. He had a tattoo going down his left arm. “Hey Donnie.” AJ says to the guy. He turns around and sticks his hand out “AJ my man. Long time no see.” AJ shakes Donnie’s hand and says “I know man. Aye. Is Jay here tonight? I want him to meet my mate.” AJ puts had arm around my shoulders and pulls me close. Donnie looks at me and back at AJ and say to me “Hello little one. I’m Donnie.”Hi Donnie. I’m Isabella, but you can call me Izzy.” I say in a shy tone.

Donnie’s eyes glazed over signifying that he was linking with someone. Once Donnie’s eyes cleared up he looks at me and AJ with a big smile on his face and says “Jay says come on in and everything is on him tonight.” Donnie opens the door for AJ and me. “Thanks bud. Oh and tell Jay to meet us by the bar.” AJ grabs my hand and walks inside the club. As soon as we walk into the club my mouth dropped. It was a two story building. On the main floor there were tables everywhere. A hug dance floor along with a stage was in the middle. A wall to wall bar took over the left side. The second floor was for VIP and from where I was standing I couldn’t see what was up there. AJ grabs my hand and we walk over to the bar but on our way a familiar scent hit my nose. “Zoey. Do you smell that?” I asked her with anger in my voice. “Yes I do Izzy. If he does anything let me take over. Okay.” Zoey says a little irritated. “You got it.”

I was so busy talking to Zoey I didn’t hear a thing AJ had said until he placed his hand on my cheek. “Baby girl.” I looked up at AJ and said “Sorry. I was talking with Zoey.” He looks at me a little worried. “Is everything okay?” I smiled slightly and said “Just keep me close to you. My Ex-mate is here with his “Luna”.” I put air quotes around the word Luna. AJ let’s out an irritated sigh. “Okay baby girl. If he tries anything with you tonight don’t worry. He will have to go through me.” I smile at AJ even more. He slowly starts to close the distance between us and just as his lips were about to touch mine someone comes up and taps AJ on his shoulder. “AJ mi hombre. Me alegro mucho de verte.” The man said. AJ turns around and that’s when I see him. This man stands at about 6”8’, he is a mirror image of me but he has more muscle mass than I do. But instead of having purple eyes like I do he has white eyes. I could feel Zoey wanting to get out but I couldn’t let that happen. “Zoe. Chill out girl.” I told her in a calm voice. “Izzy I can’t. I’ve missed him so much.” She says in a sad voice.Jay. Me alegro de verte también.” AJ says to the man and pulls him into a bro hug. “Isabella. This is Julian RedMoon. He is the owner of this place and he is also Alpha of the RedMoon pack.” I smile and stick my hand out “Hello Julian. I’m Isabella but you can call me Izzy or Bella.” Julian takes my hand and as soon as he does Zoey takes over.

Zoey’s POV

Ever since Izzy and I stepped into this club I felt a pull that I have not felt in a long time. No I’m not talking about a mate pull. This one is different. As AJ was talking to his friend Julian that’s when I felt the pull get stronger. And when Julian and Izzy touched that’s when it hit me and I took over right away. I looked at Julian and had a big smile on my face. “Fenris. Fenris is that really you?” I asked Julian. When he looked at me his eyes changed to a red color. I felt tears in my eyes when he spoke to me “Zoe Zoe. Oh my god.” Fenris wrapped me in his arms and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I cried my heart out. We heard a small growl from next to us. When I looked it was AJ and boy does he look hot when his mad. Me and Fenris pull apart and he looks at AJ. “I’m guessing this is your mate AJ.” Still mad AJ just nods his head. “AJ. Calm down bud. I’m not taking your mate. Why don’t we go to my office and talk.” Fenris leads AJ and I to his office.

Once we get inside we can finally hear each other better. Fenris takes a seat behind his desk and AJ sits in one of the chairs in front of Fenris. When I went to go and sit down next to AJ he quickly grabs me and sets me down in his lap. AJ wraps his arms around my waist making it hard for me to move. Like I would even do that. AJ places his face in my hair. He takes a deep breath to calm himself down. Once he is fully calm he is the first to speak. “Okay. Explain.” I look at Fenris and nod my head. Fenris let’s out a sigh and starts to speak. “AJ do you remember when I was younger. I had told you that I was looking for someone.” AJ nods his head. “Yeah you said you were looking for your twin sister. But you couldn’t remember her name or what she looks like.” Fenris nods his head as well. “That is correct. That is why I opened this club. I was hoping that I would be able to collect information about my sister. That is also why I became Alpha to RedMoon.” AJ and I stay silent. “I didn’t think I would succeed.” Fenris says and smiles at me. I can fell AJ looking at me and Fenris. It’s quite for what fells like forever but the silence is broken when AJ finally figured it out. “Holy shit. You mean to tell me that Izzy here is your twin sister.” Fenris and I nod our heads at the same time.

Shall we show him brother.” I say to Fenris with a smile. “I think we should.” Fenris says with the same smile. I get up from AJ’s lap and head to the bathroom. I don’t close the door all the way I leave enough space so I can use my nose to open the door. I quickly shift into my wolf form. I shake out my fur and head back to the guys. When I walk back over to AJ I see a pure white wolf with red eyes. I open a link with AJ and Fenris so that way AJ can hear me and Fenris. “AJ. When you look at me in my wolf form what do you see?” I asked though the link. AJ gets up and walks over to me. He circles around me before he sees it. “You have a mark of a blue heart with flames around it.” I nod my wolf head and look at Fenris. “Now. AJ when you look at me in my wolf form what do you see?” AJ walks over to Fenris and does the same he did with me. “Fenris you have a blue rose with flames around. It’s in the same spot at Izzy.” I made my way back to the bathroom and transformed back into my human self. “Hey Izzy are you okay sweetie.” I ask Isabella in a worried tone. I can hear her sniffling. “I have a brother Zoe. I can’t believe I have a twin brother.” she says in a broken voice. I’m sorry you had to find out this way. I thought to myself. I let out a small sigh and asked “Would you like to take back over Izzy?” “No! I need time to take all this in.” She says. “Okay. Just let me know when you want to take over again.” She didn’t say a word.

When I walk back out fully dressed I go and sit in AJ’s lap. I lay my head on his chest and wrap my arms around his waist. “Are you okay baby girl?” AJ asks in a worried voice. “Yeah. Oh and by the way I’m Zoey. Izzy’s wolf. Izzy doesn’t want to take control just yet. She’s wants to be alone for a little bit.” AJ wraps his arms around me and pulls me close. He rest his head on top of mine. “First, it’s very nice to meet you Zoey. And second, I know she is gonna be okay.” I close my eyes and take a deep breath of my mates scent. “So Izzy doesn’t want to talk to me.” I open my eyes and look over to Fenris or should I say Julian. I give him a small smile and say “She does want to talk to you. She is just a little upset right now.” He looks at me with sad eyes “Why?” I look at AJ and he gives me a smile and nods his head. I get up and stand next to Julian. “What I’m about to show you are Izzy’s memories from the age of 3 to 17. I need you to keep your mind open.” Julian nods his head in agreement. “Good. Now close your eyes and just relax.” He does what I told him to do.

I place both of my hands on his face and close my eyes. I’ve showed him all of her memories. Once that was done I opened my eyes and looked down at Julian. There were tears in his eyes. There was only on thing that came out of his mouth.

I’m gonna kill that son of a bitch!!!”

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