Black and Purple

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Bonas Chapter-Anna's Plan

Celeste’s POV

“Do you have a visual of them?” Alpha Frost asks. ”Yes sir. They are talking to the owner of the club. And by the looks of thing Isabella and the owner know each other.” I say back. You see the King and his brother have sent me out to keep an eye on their mate and their other brother just to make sure nothing goes wrong. I had to change my appearance and hid my scent just so they wouldn’t know that I am here. As I see them walking away from the floor I quickly say a small tracking spell so that way I can keep them in my sight at all times. I pull out my phone and there on the screen I can see that they are in the owners office.

As I am sitting at a table I feel the energy of a person I have not felt in 15 years. I look away from my phone and that’s when I see her. ”Hello dear friend.” she says with a smile. ”Hello. Alice. Long time no see.” I say back with a smile of my own. Alice takes the empty chair that is across from me and when she sits she looks at my screen and a sad smile crosses her face. ”So they finally found each other.” she says sadly. I look at my screen again and look back at her and ask ”What are you doing here Alice? You know who is out looking for you.” she lets out a long sigh and says. ”I know that is why I have placed a glimmer spell on me. Only the people who truly know me can see the real me. Everyone else just sees me as nerdy teenage girl. But I knew my sweet baby girl was going to be here so I can here to give her a message. So I need you help with that see that I can’t speak with her face to face.” I place both of my hands on hers and say ”Sure. How can I help?” She looks at me and slightly smiles. ” I need to mind-link her. Can you do that for me?” I give her a small smile and say ”Sure. Just close you eyes and think of who you are trying to mind-link.” she does as I told her too. I take a few deep breaths and start the spell.

After a few minutes have passed she opens her eyes and says ”Thank you Celeste. Now I need to go before someone figures out that I am gone.” and just like that she was gone. I go back to look at my screen and that is when I notice that Isabella’s necklace that usually glows a light green color has changed to a light blue. ”That sneaky little bitch. She changed the spell on the necklace.” I say out loud to no one in particular. As I am still sitting at the table I can hear the conversation that is going on behind me. ”So tell me why are we meeting here?” says an unknown man. ”Because the person that your young master is looking for is here with her mate.” an unknow woman says. ”Oh really? and tell me why are you doing this again Anna?” he says. ”Because I want her gone. She took something that was supposed to be mine. I had to put my stupid wolf to sleep so she wouldn’t take over and ruin my plans for that no good little whore.” Anna says with anger in her voice. I was starting to get a bad feeling that something bad was indeed going to happen tonight. “So let me get this straight. You want me to take this person, Who I don’t even know the name of, away from her mate. Give her to my young master that will sure to keep her away for I don't know how long. Just so you can get her mate? Did I leave anything out?" The man says trying to figure things out. "Yes. Well actually you will be taking her away from her mate's as in 2. One is an Alpha and the other is a Beta. and her name is Isabella."

When I heard her name my head shot up and my eyes went wide.

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