Black and Purple

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Bonus chapter- The Beginning Part one

~Third person~

300 hundred years ago there were 3 very powerful women. The witch Alice Greenwood, The Vampire Aria Bloodline, and the Werewolf Selene Bluemoon. These three women were close friends, but they feared for the lives of their people who lived amongst the humans. They had to stand by and watch as their people were hunted down and killed by hunters. So they came up with a plan to keep their people safe. They created a realm for each of their kind to live in peace. It’s was there that the three kingdoms were made. The witch’s had a Grand witch to lead them o e that Alice trusted. Her name was Agatha (Aggie) Mitchel. For the Vampire’s King Reed Smith and Queen Aria Smith (Aria Bloodline) ruled with a fair but firm hand over the vampires. Selene, however stayed on the sky as the moon goddess. Selene choose Alpha King Ren Snowmoon and Luna Queen Sarah Snowmoon to rule over the werewolves.

Alice and Selene stayed where they were to watch over their people. As the years went by Alice started to feel lonely as she watched everyone find their other half and have a family. Alice wanted that so bad. Alice told Selene that she wanted to see if she had a mate looking for her. Selene smiled and told her that she had to wait just a little bit longer because her mate was not of age yet. After waiting for too long Alice finally went down to the werewolf kingdom. As she walked around she heard a voice say “Mate”. When she turned around she was met with a pair of beautiful white eyes. The man before her was breath taking. Standing at about 6’5” brown hair, white eyes, tan skin, very muscular, and his voice was smooth and deep. She smiles and says “Hello. My name is Alice Greenwood. And you are?” He looks at her with a smile of his own and says “Hello. I’m Justin Black. I’m one of the future Alphas for the Black Moon pack.”

After a good while everything was perfect. Alice was marked and mated to her mate but the one thing that she did suspect was that there was another who wanted her. Alice didn’t know she was pregnant when her first shift came. Luckily nothing bad happened. Alice was not feeling well and when she went to see the pack doctor that’s when she found out that she was only 3 weeks pregnant. Happy she went to tell her mate, but her happiness quickly faded when she seen another woman in bed with her mate. Outraged Alice left and went to see her friend in the vampire kingdom. Alice told Aria everything that happened in those years. Aria told Alice that her mate was framed and that if she wanted she could make her own kingdom where people like her would live safe and happy. But Alice wanted more. She wanted to be the most powerful person in her kingdom. So with the help of Aria, Alice did a ritual that would make her immortal. The only thing she needed from Aria was her blood. Once the ritual was done Alice became the very first hybrid. And of course there was something that can kill her, but these things would have to mixed together in order for that to happen. You see for a witch there is a black rose call Nightshade that can kill a witch, with werewolves it’s silver and wolfsbane, and with vampires it’s vervain and a silver stake through the heart.

Not knowing this but Justin was looking all over for Alice. When he finally found her he knew something wasn’t right. Her eyes were two different colors. Her left eye was purple, but her right eye was a baby blue. Terrified he asked her what did she do. With a smirk she answered “I did what had to be done to protect my mate and my pups. We shall start our own kingdom for the hybrids that have no home.” And with that she remarked her mate to turn him into a hybrid also.

Years went by and the Hybrid Kingdom was a peaceful place. Alice had given birth to twins. A boy named Julian and a girl named Isabella. They were to become the crowned prince and princess on their 18th birthday, but disaster struck. Three years later Queen Alice and Princess Isabella were taken from their beds. The king and prince were devastated. They searched the whole kingdom for the girls but nothing was found. A few months later the king received a letter from the person that took his beautiful wife and precious daughter. This is what the letter said :
Hello brother,
I have your mate and your child. If you ever want to see them again give me the Alpha title of our pack. Don’t bother to give me the title as king of that revolting hybrid kingdom of your. I don’t want it. If you don’t hand over the Alpha title to me then I’m afraid that your mate will be stuck in a coma for the rest of her life while your daughter will be my personal slave for the rest of her life. Once you have decided. Meet me at the border of your pathetic kingdom.

Yours truly,

Justin meet his brother that night to give up his Alpha title. “I have given you the Alpha title. Now give me my girls.” Justin said with anger in his voice. Blake looked at Justin and smirked and evil smirk and said “Nah. I think I’ll keep them a little bit longer. I know that your mate is the most powerful hybrid and I want her power, but unfortunately since she is mated and marked to you I can’t do that. But, your daughter on the other hand. I can take her power once all three of her sides are fully awakened.” Blake turned away and started walking laughing as he walked.

Anger filled Justin. He couldn’t believe that his own brother did this to him. Still fuming with anger Justin went to the one person he knew that could help him keep his daughter safe.

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