Black and Purple

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Chapter 20


It has been a month since I have been in the Vampire Kingdom. Angelo has been by my side the entire time. He was appointed as my personal guard while I am here and whenever I come to visit. I'll fill you in on what happened with in the month. First I meet the Queen, Aria, she was very nice. Well come to find out that her, my Aunt Lilly, and my mother (who I still don't know) are close friends and that they call each other sister so that makes Queen Aria my aunt as well. Then I meet King Reed and he was very handsome. He stood a foot taller that me with a slim body build, black hair, and blood red eyes. Apparently, only the members of the royal family have the blood red eyes while everyone else has their natural eye but when they are mad or ready to feed their eye color turns to a bright light blue. I was not able to get in contact with Zoey and I was worried. Aunt Aria told me that she has been put to sleep until my other side has awakened. Anyway, the second day I was at the castle Angelo showed me around. To say this place is huge would be an understatement. It has a total of 45 guest room with attached bathrooms (20 on the first floor and 25 on the second floor) , the royal family has the entire 5th floor form themselves, there is an indoor swimming pool on the 1st floor, one huge game room on the 1st floor, a theater room (which look like an actual movie theater) on the 1th floor, a dance studio on the 3rd floor, and a recording studio also on the 3rd floor.

Julian has been keeping me updated on what has been happing with my mates. Aaron and AJ do not agree with Ashton. You see the night I was "taken" there was a note that was sent to Ashton that same day. It said to make Anna his Luna or he will receive my bloody body parts for each day he waists. Well he had no choice and so he has taken Anna as his Luna, but he refuses to mate and mark her only because he doesn't want to put me through the pain I felt when Noah was with that other she-wolf. He is just so sweet. Celeste has also been coming to see me. She told me that she put a spell on Anna to think that Ashton has mated and marked her already. I couldn't help but laugh when she told me that she made Anna's real mate look like Ashton and Ashton look like Anna's mate. Well that is everything that has happened in the month I have been here. Oh I finally went through my first heat last week and that was pure torture and pure embarrassment. Queen Aria came to me the night before my heat came. She gave me a "toy" to help me out a little bit. She told me "It may not be the real thing but it should help with your needs. I got you this to kind of help but you should also try to cool yourself down with a cold bath after you have your fun." I was so embarrassed after she left my room that night, but then again I was grateful that she got me Mr. Pinky (that is the name of my new toy).

Angelo and I are on our way to meet with King Reed and Queen Aria. They wanted to talk to me about something important. AS we are walking to the meeting room Angelo stopped and looked at me "Bella. Can I ask you something?" I looked up at him with a confused look "Sure Angle what's up?" He let out a sigh and says "I know that we have known each other for a long time. So I was just wondering if you have ever developed feeling for me?" I was shocked by his question. So I answered him with honesty. " Angle. I'm gonna be completely honest with you." I took a deep breath, grabbed both of his hands in mine, and looked him in his eyes. "No. The only feeling that I have for you are that of the feelings a sister has for her brother. I love you like an older brother and I see you as an older brother." He let out a sigh of relief and said "Good. Because I feel the same about you Bella. I love you like a little sister and I will always protect you as my little sister. Even though I know that you have found your twin brother I will still be your older brother." He smiles at me and wraps me in a hug. Once he lets go we continue to the meeting room. After walking a faire distance we finally reach the room. As Angelo was about to knock King Reed spoke "Come in Angelo and Isabella." We open the door and walk inside. We both bow are heads in respect and say at the same time "Hello my King and Queen." As we are still bowed King Reed spoke again "You my rise. Angelo thank you for bringing Isabella to us. You may leave. I will let you know when we are done with Isabella." Angelo bowed again and left the room.

When Angelo was completely gone I looked at King Reed and said "Uncle Reed. How may times do I have to tell you to call me either Izzy or Bella?" He let out a small chuckle and said "Izzy, I can't call you that in public, but behind closed doors I will gladly do so. And did you just call me Uncle?" I blushed a little bit and said "Yes sir I did. I called you Uncle because Aunt Aria is like a sister to my mom and she asked me to call her Ant. I hope that it's okay that I call you Uncle behind closed doors?" I looked down at my feet when I heard him say "It's okay with me Izzy." I looked back up at him and smiled. "Bella, sweetheart. The reason why we called you here is because we heard that you are very talented. You can play the guitar and that you have a wonderful singing voice." Aunt Aria said with a smile. I looked at her and said "Yes ma'am I can and I do." "Perfect. We would like for you to preform at our ball next month. Every new moon we hold a party for the newly transformed vampires. We invite both the witch and the werewolf kingdoms to come and celebrate with us. We also hope that your people will find their mates while at this party. Do you accept this task?" Uncle Reed asked me. I looked at him with worry in my eyes "I would love to Uncle Reed, but are the three Kings of the werewolf kingdom be there?" He nodded his head yes and then asked "Why wouldn't they be? I have a feeling that King Aaron and King AJ will find their mates that night." I was a little sad about what he said but I just shook it off and said "Then I will do it Uncle Reed."

I will show my mates that I am fine and that I miss them very much. I thought to myself.

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