Black and Purple

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Bonus chapter- The Beginning Part two

~Third Person~

Selene was the only one that could help Justin. It took him three days to finally find her. He followed the directions that were given to him by Queen Aria. She told him to go to the outskirts of the werewolf kingdom, travel two days down a rock path, there he will find a small cottage. That is where Selene stays during the day. Extremely tired and hungry, Justin made his way on shaky legs to the front door of the small fairy tale like cottage. Before he could knock on the door it opened. A woman about 5” 2’ with long white hair, she had ebony colored skin, her eyes were a light blue, and she was covered in strange white markings. ”Hello Justin. We have been waiting for you. Why don’t you come inside. You should eat and rest before we begin the spell.” The woman says. Confused Justin goes inside the cottage. When gets inside he is hit with the delicious smell of food. As if on que his stomach rumbles to show just how hungry he really is. The woman with white hair walks past him and into a small kitchen. ”Justin my dear boy. Please take a seat at the dinner table. The food is almost ready.” A different voice spoke to him and without any questions he takes a seat at the small dinner table. ”I think that woman with white hair is a witch.” says Luther (Justin’s Vampire) ”I agree Luther.” says Conri (Justin’s wolf).

It wasn’t long until a woman with long black hair, glowing green eyes, and skin as white as the snow comes out of the kitchen. My wolf and I bowed our heads in respect to her. For she is the Moon Goddess. ”Eat, and rest Justin. We have a lot to do and so little time. Once you are feed Celeste here.” She pointed over the the woman with white hair ”Will show you to your room. After you get a goodnights sleep we will start the spell.” Justin looks at the plate in front of him. His mouth watered as he looked at the medium rare stake with mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, macaroni and cheese, and two dinner rolls. He looks up at the Moon Goddess and waited for her to take the first bite, but she looked back at him and said ”You take the first bite. I would like to know if its good or not before I eat. That’s how I do things in my own home. My guests eat first.” She was smiling at him when his face showed confusion. Justin took his fork and knife in his hands and cut a small piece of the stake. Once he put the stake in his mouth he let out a small moan. The stake was melt in your mouth delicious. Without another word he dug into his food. He ate everything on his plate and then some.

After he finished his food and wiped his mouth he looked at the Moon Goddess and spoke. ”How did you know I was coming Moon Goddess? I know I should rest but how can I with what is going on?” Selene lets out a small sigh and says ”Celeste is a good friend of mine and the others. She is a witch and was gifted with the power of sight. She can see the past, present, and future. She came to me about a month ago and told me what will happen to Alice. She also told me that you would come to me seeking for help. And please call me Selene.” Taking in everything he was just told Justin had one more question. ”How do I sleep with my mate and daughter missing?” This time there was a little bit of anger in his voice. “There was a speical herb that I used in the green beans you just ate. It will take effect in about 5 minutes. It is not dangerous. It will help calm your mind and body. You shall be able to sleep peacefully.” Celeste said. Justin started to feel his mind and body relax just like Celeste said. Without a word Selene and Celeste helped Justin out of his chair and guided him to a room in the back of the cottage.

The next morning Justin woke up feeling like has slept for three days straight. With food in his stomach and fully rested he was ready to do the spell, but what he wasn’t expecting surprised him. Celeste and Selene were waiting for him outside in a garden. ”In order for the spell to work you must be willing to put yourself to sleep until the day Isabella turns 19. Aria has already put Lucinda, Isabella's vampire, to sleep. And I have already put Zoey, Isabella's wolf, to sleep as well. Zoey will fully awaken when Isabella turns 18, but she will meet Zoey when she turns 6. Lucinda will awaken on the full moon on Isabella's 19th birthday. I know that Hybrids age very slowly so technically speaking when Isabella is 319 years old. That is when you and Alice will be fully awake." Selene tells Justin. "What do you mean me and Alice will be fully awake?" Justin asks confused. "When Isabella turns 4 her witch side will be awaken, but she will not have her powers. Alice's witch side will be awake and she will be able to use some of her powers. When Isabella turns 18 her wolf Zoey will be fully awake. And so will yours and Alice's wolf. And when Isabella turns 19 her vampire will be awake. And on that day so will yours and Alice's." This time Celeste was the one that spoke. With no more questions Justin looked at both of the women and said "When do we start?" With just a smile on their face both Selene and Celeste started the spell. Feeling weak and dizzy Justin was over come by darkness.

The spell was done.

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