Black and Purple

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Chapter 3

Alpha Nate’s pov

She just leaned back with a smile on her face.
“There is something special about this girl. I can feel it.” My wolf Abe says to me. “What do you mean?” My voice was laced in confusion. “I don’t know but I have a feeling that she is going to be a powerful she-wolf.” After that Abe disappeared to the back of my mind.
What did he mean by that? I start to think. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

My Beta Jonny walks in and bowes his head. “My apologies for interrupting Alpha.” I place my hand on his shoulder. “It’s alright Jonny. What can I help you with?” Jonny looks up and me and speaks “Everyone has been trying to mindlink you but we got no answer.” I look at him confused “I’m sorry I blocked my mindlink so I could focus on Miss Isabella here. What’s wrong? Are we being attacked?” Jonny looks over to Isabella and smiles kindly at her. He looks back at me and says “I think it would be better if I told you alone.” He said with a bit of worry in his voice.

I opened my mindlink and looked at Jonny. “Tell me what is going on?” I was starting to get annoyed “Alpha you have some visitors here. Alpha And Luna Black are here looking for Isabella. They claim that she is a danger to everyone and want her returned to them safely.” Jonny replied looking somewhat concerned. I understand that Jonny would feel this way. I mean who wouldn’t feel like that if you were the one to find someone so close to death. “Jonny, you have nothing to worry about. Isabella is not going anywhere. She has claimed sanctuary.” Jonny looks at me with wide eyes. “Why would she do that?” I looked at Jonny with anger. “Because she is not safe there. Her old pack abused and starved her. They are monsters. And to put the icing on the cake. Alpha and Luna Black aren’t even her real parents.”

After finishing my statement my blood was boiling. I was so mad that someone could do this to someone. I didn’t know that my Alpha aura was rolling off of me. Jonny was bearing his neck to me and Isabella was hiding under the blanket. I need to calm down. I started thinking. I took deep breaths to calm myself. After a few minutes I looked at Jonny and said “let me finish with Miss Isabella and I’ll be right there.” Jonny nodded his head and looked at Isabella. With a kind voice he said “I will see you soon Miss Isabella.” With that he left the room.

After Jonny left Isabella looks at me and spoke with a small voice. “Who was that man? And what do you have to do?” I looked at her and said “That was my Beta. His name is Jonny. He was the one that found you last night. Now if there is nothing else I have to go and deal with some pack business. If you need anything just call Crystal. Okay.” Isabella nodded her head with a smile.

After checking on a few more patients I head out of the pack hospital and make my way to the pack house. I don’t think we should leave her alone.” Abe tells me. I let out a sigh “Your right Abe. I’ll get my gamma to look after her.” Abe doesn’t say anything after that. I start to mindlink my gamma Tom. “Tom.” It doesn’t take long for him to answer. “Yes Alpha?” I need you to go to the pack hospital and make sure that only crystal is allowed to enter Miss Isabella’s room.” I say in my Alpha tone. “Yes Alpha.” Tom quickly answers.

When I enter the pack house I could feel the tension in the air. “Somethings not right.” Abe says in a worry tone. “I know I feel it too.” I replay back. I make my way to my office and as soon as I open the door a wave of darkness hits me. It’s so strong that it almost knocks me back. I enter my office and see Alpha Black and his Luna sitting on the couch. My Beta Jonny is in the corner glaring at them. I put a fake smile on my face and say “Alpha Black it’s a surprise to see you here. What can I help you with?” I walk towards him with my hand out. Alpha Black stands up and shakes my hand. “Alpha Waters, I’m sorry for coming without an invitation but, it is kinda urgent.” Alpha Black says with a fake smile.

He takes his seat next to his Luna and I take mine behind my desk. I look over to My Beta “Jonny, do me a favor and go get my amulet.” I ask him though our mindlink. Without a word Jonny nods his head and leaves the room. I look at Alpha Black and his Luna. “So what can I do for you?” Alpha Black let’s out a big sigh. “Well you see Alpha Waters. Our sweet baby girl went missing the other day. My trackers followed her sent to your land. You see Alpha Waters our daughter Isabella isn’t all there. We need to get her home so we can give her the medicine that she needs.” Alpha Black looks to his Luna who is ‘crying’ and pulls her close. Wow such good actors. I say to myself.

Before I say another word Jonny enters my office and hands me my amulet. You see in our world there are magical objects. The magical object that I possess is called the amulet of truth. It gives the person who possesses it the gift of hearing the truth that other people are trying to hid. I look at Jonny and nod to him. I take the amulet and place it in my hands. I look at Alpha Black and start to speak “So you say that your daughter is mentally ill.” Alpha Black nods his head. No she’s not mentally ill you idiot. I just want her back so I can drain her blood. I want the power that she possesses. Alpha Blacks voice rings through my head. “We just want to take our sweet baby home.” Luna Black finally spoke with a cracked voice. I really don’t care if that b*tch is alive or dead right now. Luna Blacks voice rings out loud and clear.

I look at the two with discuss on my face. I look at Alpha Black and say “Sorry to say this but she has claimed sanctuary. And you know that if a wolf claims sanctuary that we cannot go against it.” Alpha Black looks at me with rage in his eyes. “I understand.” He says through clenched teeth. He looks at his wife and says “Come my dear. There is nothing we can do right now.” They both stand and go to leave my office. But, before they leave Alpha Black looks at me and says “Just so you know. I will get her back at any means necessary.” With that he leaves.

I let out a breath of relief. As I’m putting the amulet back into the box when Tom sends me a mindlink. “Alpha we have a problem.”
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