Black and Purple

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Chapter 4

Alpha Nate’s POV

“Alpha we have a problem.” Tom my Gamma says to me with worry in his voice. I quickly stand up “what’s wrong?” “It’s Miss Isabella. I don’t know how but someone got into her room and injured her even more.” My anger shot through the roof. “WHAT!?!?! HOW COULD YOU LET SOMETHING LIKE THAT HAPPEN????” Without waiting for an answer I rush out of the pack house and to the hospital. As soon as I enter the hospital a blood curdling scream was heard.

I run even faster to Isabella’s room and as soon as I enter Isabella was lying on the the ground. She was surrounded by a pool of her own blood. As I get closer I can see that her stitches on her head and wrist are cut open, and there is a fresh cut going from her chest down to her navel. I looked over to my Gamma and with anger in my voice I spoke. “How the hell did you let this happen.” He looked down to the ground. “I didn’t Alpha. I never left the door. It wasn’t until I heard her scream that I knew something was wrong.” He said in a small voice. “Do you smell any other sent besides ours?” I questioned him. He left his head and started to sniff. His eyes went wide “Yes Alpha.” Good now go to my office and let me know if you smell the same sent there as you do here.” I said in a more calm tone. Tom bowed his head and left the room.

Jonny, I need you to go and get me the emergency medical supplies I keep in the top cabinet.” I tell Jonny as I make my way over to Isabella. She had stopped screaming after a few minutes and that was starting to worry me. I have to see if she is still alive. I quickly try and find her pulse. Good her heart is still beating but it’s weak. I look at Isabella and start talking to her. “Bella. Bella, sweetie can you hear me?” I get no response.

Bella, if you can hear me move your left hand.” After a few seconds I see her left hand slowly move. “That’s good sweetie. Damn it Jonny hurry up!” After I said that Jonny quickly hands me the medical supplies. I quickly take the box and look at Jonny. His eyes are filled with tears. “Jonny. I need you to listen to me closely and do exactly as I tell you.” Jonny just nods his head. “Good. Now do you see where my fingers are?” I say in a calm voice. “Yes.” His voice was cracked. “I need you to put you fingers in the same spot. Tell me if you feel her heartbeat start to slow down more.” Without a word Jonny puts his fingers where mine were. I quickly get to work on patching up Isabella.

After what seemed like hours I was finally able to get Isabella in a sable condition. Now we just had to wait for her to wake up. I told Jonny to keep an eye on her inside of her room and I had another pack warrior stationed outside of her room as well. I was currently in my office in the hospital when my Gamma knocked on the door. “Enter.” Tom bowed his head. “Well report.” Alpha the scent that I smelled in Isabella’s room is the same in your office at the pack house. Me and two other trackers followed the smell and ended up on the outside of the Black Blood pack.” My blood started to boil. “Anything else?” I was trying to keep my calm. “Yes sir. That particular sent belongs to non other than the Alphas daughter.” That was the final straw.

I looked at Tom and spoke through clenched teeth. “Grab the elders. She is joining our pack tonight.” Tom bowed his head and left the room. That son of a b*tch planned this. I will personally end his life. I’m sitting in my office trying to calm down when Jonny’s voice echoes in my head. “Alpha Isabella is awake.” I get up from my desk and head towards Isabella’s room. Once I get there I knock on the door “Come in.” Isabella says in a sweet voice.

Once I enter her room a sad smile appears on her face. “How are you feeling Bella?” I say to her in a calm voice. “I’m alright I guess.” She says looking down at her feet. I walk closer to her and place a gentle hand on her shoulder. “Can you tell me what happened?” She looks at me with tears and a hint of fear in her eyes. She takes a deep shaky breath. “I was just sleeping when I heard my window open. When I woke up I had seen Anna Black hovering over me with a knife in her hand. Before I could scream for help she gaged me. That’s when she reopened my stitches and then cut me. She told me that no one would help me now and that she hopes I die this time. After that she removed the gag and fled out the window. I screamed and everything after that went black.” Her tears start to pour out of her eyes and she is shaking with fear.

I take a deep breath to try to calm myself and my wolf. I look over to Jonny who is shaking with anger. I look back at Isabella and calmly say “it’s a good thing my Gamma was standing outside your door. If he hadn’t then we would’ve lost you.” She looks up at me and I give her a smile. “Alpha.” Tom mindlinks me. “Yes what is it Tom?” I reply back. “Everything is set. The elders say we better get started in a few minutes.” I look down at my watch and it’s already close to midnight. I look at Isabella “ Isabella. We are having you join the pack tonight. Usually the ceremony takes place in a clearing but since you’re in this condition we are going to do it here in your room. Is that okay with you.” Isabella nods her head and says “Yes that is perfectly fine with me.”

It’s finally midnight. Me and Elder Josie head to Isabella’s room. As we enter I see Isabella shaking so violently that my Beta is holding her down. I quickly run to the bed and ask “What’s going on?” Jonny looks up at me and with a panicked voice he says “I think she is shifting.” With wide eyes I look back a Isabella and sure enough she is starting to shift. I look back at my Beta and say “Quick let her go.” We both take our hands off of her. I place my head next to hers and softly say “It’s okay Isabella. Don’t fight it. Just let the shift take place.” As soon as those words leave my lips she starts to calm down.

Within minutes Isabella has fully shifted. Her wolf is just beautiful and very rare. Her fur is a light purple. Her eyes are as white as the winter snow. She has a mark of a flaming heart on her right shoulder. “I know that mark.” Abe says out of nowhere. “What do you mean?” I ask him confused. “That is the mark of the goddesses.” My eyes go wide. I look at Elder Josie and my Beta. They both are surprised to see Isabella’s wolf. I clear my throat and start to speak. “Elder Josie can we continue with the ceremony while she is in wolf form?” Elder Josie looks at me and says “Yes. We can.” She carefully walks over to Isabella.

My dear child I mean you no harm. If you can understand what I’m saying just nod your head.” Elder Josie says in a sweet voice. Isabella looks at her, smells her, and finally nods her head. Elder Josie slowly walks back to me and says “we may begin.” I take my place next to Isabella. Elder Josie comes to both of us and places a gentle hand on mine and Isabella’s head. “Do you Isabella give your respect and loyalty to the Alpha and this pack?” Isabella nods her head. “Do you promise to give your life for this pack and it’s Alpha?” Again she nods. “And do you promise to never fight or disrespect this pack and it’s Alpha?” And for the last time Isabella nods.

Elder Josie turns to me and repeated the same thing to me. After that Elder Josie hands me a gold knife and I cut my hand letting the blood pool into our ritual bowl. I look over to Isabella and hold out my hand. She looks at me with confusion and fear in her eyes. I smile at her and say “It’s ok. Since your wolf has awakened you will heal quickly.” She hesitate for a second and then places her left paw in my hand. I quickly run the knife across her paw to let her blood do the same. After both of our blood is mixed into the bowl I hear a small voice in my head. “Alpha. How do I change back into my human self?”

I look at Isabella with a kind smile and say “Just picture your human self.”
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