Black and Purple

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Bonus Chapter

Noah Waters POV

It’s been three years since my mother and I have been home. Since dad had to stay and take care of the hospital, mom went in his place. I have been looking for my mate while my mother has been helping my dad by making an alliance with the packs that we have visited. I was looking out of the plane window when I felt a gentle hand on mine. I look over to see my mother. “I bet you will find her back at home.” She says with a smile.

I smile back and go back to looking out the window. I really don’t care to find her now. I just hope my play toy hasn’t found her mate yet. I think to myself. “Why would you think something like that Noah. Don’t you want our mate?” My wolf Alex says. I just roll my eyes. “No. Not right now I don’t. I just wanna sleep around for right now.” I can feel Alex getting angry with me but I don’t care. I put up a block so he can’t bug me anymore. I let out a sigh and look at my mom. “Mom how much longer til we are home?” She looks at her watch and then at me. “We have another ten hours til we land. And then another two hours until we are home.” I let out another sigh and say “I guess I’ll try to get some sleep.” I lay my head back and close my eyes. It doesn’t take long for me to drift off to sleep.

I feel my mother shaking me gently “Noah sweetie. It’s time to wake up. We’ve landed back in Texas.” I open my eyes and rub the sleep from my eyes. I look out the window and see that we indeed have landed at the DFW airport. We make our way off the plane and to baggage claim. After grabbing our bags we head out to the car. We get in and start to head home. As we get closer to the small town of Waters Ridge Alex starts to go nuts. I take the walls down and ask in an irritated voice “Dude. What the hell is up with you?” He doesn’t answer right away. “I’m not gonna tell you.” I roll my eyes “Whatever dude.” With that I just ignored him.

Once we reach the pack house a delicious scent hits my nose. It smells like vanilla and brown sugar. What is that delicious smell? I think to myself. I just shake it off and head inside to my room. As I’m walking up the stairs to my room I smell it again but this time it’s stronger. I set my bags down and follow the scent. It leads me to a room at the end of the hallway. The scent became stronger. I knocked on the door “Just a minute.” I hard a voice like an angel on the other side.

As soon as the door opened I was greeted by a beautiful girl. She had long dirty blonde hair, her eyes were a light purple color. Her skin was tan, she was a little thin but has some curves.

Just then Alex said the one word I was dreading. “Mate.”
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