Black and Purple

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Chapter 5

Isabella’s pov

(Ten minutes before her shift)

Yes that is perfectly fine with me.” I say in a small voice. Alpha Nate gives me a small smile and turns to this man that has been watching me. He’s about 6” 2’, well built, light brown hair, with honey brown eyes. I would have to say he is in his mid to late thirties. Alpha Nate sees me looking at the man in the corner. “Isabella. This is my Beta Jonny. He is the one who found you last night.” I look over to his Beta “Thank you for finding me Beta Jonny.” I say with a small smile on my face. “Your welcome. I’m just glad that I found you and not a Rogue.” His voice was deep. “Jonny. I need to speak with you in the hallway.” Alpha Nate said. “Yes Alpha.” And with that they both leave my room.

Hello Isabella.” I heard a voice. “Ummm hello?” I respond out loud. The voice then giggles. “I’m inside your head silly girl.” Who ever this is sounds sweet. I think to myself. “Thank you my dear.” My eyes go wide. “You can hear my thoughts?” I said in my head. “Of course I can. I’m your wolf. My name is Zoey.” I’m shocked. “I finally get to meet you Zoey.” I say with excitement in my voice. “I don’t have long to explain much because in the next five minutes your going to shift.” Zoey says in a hurried tone. “Is it going to hurt?” I ask a little scared. “Yes. But, whatever you do don’t fight it. Just let me take control.” I just nod my head.


I’m in a lot of pain. My whole body is shaking. I can feel someone trying to hold me down. “Zoey. What’s happening to me?” I say with pain in my voice. “It’s time. Your starting to shift. Just try to relax your mind Isabella.” Zoey says in a calm voice. I try to do as she is telling me. But it was hard. I could feel all my bones break and break again. I can feel my skull elongate. I could feel my teeth get longer along with my finger nails. I was internally screaming. The pain was becoming to much. “I can’t take this pain much longer Zoey.” Zoey doesn’t reply. As I’m internally screaming my lungs out I hear Alpha Nate talking to me. “It’s okay Isabella. Don’t fight it.” I internally nod my head. I take a deep breath to try and relax. After what seemed like forever I finally open my eyes.

I see everyone in the room look at me with wide eyes. I wonder what they are starting at? Is there something wrong with me? Am I ugly? A lot of negative thoughts were running through my head. “Woah there Isabella. Nothing is wrong with us, and no. We are not ugly.” I hear Zoey speaking to me. I look over to the window to see our reflection. My eyes go wide “OMG. Zoey we look awesome! Our fur is a light purple and our eyes are pure white. Wait what is that mark on our shoulder?” I spot a blue flaming heart on my right shoulder. “That my dear Isabella. Is the mark of a true goddess.” I can tell that Zoey is smiling at me. Alpha Nate clears his throat pulling my attention to him. I see Alpha Nate turn to an elderly woman. She had white hair and blue eyes. She had some wrinkles on her face. “Elder Josie. Can we continue the ceremony while she is in her wolf form?” Alpha Nate says to the elderly woman. Oh. So that is her name. It’s lovely. I think to myself.

Yes. We can.” Elder Josie says in a sweet voice. Josie carefully walks over to me and says “My dear child I mean you no harm. If you can understand me just nod your head.” I take a minute to smell her sent. “It’s okay Isabella. She is telling the truth.” Zoey tells me. I nod my head. Elder Josie smiles at me and slowly walks back to Alpha Nate. “We can begin.”

After the ceremony was done I looked at Alpha Nate. “Alpha. How do I change back to my human self?” Nate just looks at me and smiles. His eyes glaze over “Just picture your human self.” His voice echoes in my mind. I’m a little startled. Nate, Jonny, and Josie all chuckle. “Just picture the color of your hair. Picture your fingers and toes.” Jonny’s voice was now in my head. I close my eyes and do as they told me. I heard the cracking of bones but there was no pain.After what seemed like hours I finally open my eyes again. I can see my feet. I look over to Nate and Jonny. Why are their backs turned to me? I look down at my body and my eyes go wide. Omg I’m naked.... I quickly grab my blanket and cover myself.

Umm can someone get me some clothes?” I ask with embarrassment. Jonny goes over to a cabinet and grabs a hospital gown. Still covering his eyes he tosses the gown my way. I catch it and quickly put it on. “Okay I’m dressed. You guys can turn around now.” Nate and Jonny slowly turn around. Their eyes go wide again. “What? Is there something on my face?” They shake their heads no. Elder Josie speaks after sometime “My child. What was your eye color before you shifted?” I look at her confused. “They are sea green. Why do you ask?” Elder Josie quickly leaves the room and comes back a few seconds later with a small mirror in her hand.

Take a look my child.” She hands me the mirror. I take the mirror and look at my eyes. I gasped and put my hand over my mouth.

My eyes are now a light purple color.
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