Black and Purple

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Chapter 6

Isabella’s pov

My eyes are now a purple color. “Zoey. Why are my eyes purple now?” I ask in total confusion. “That’s because of the goddess blood that is in you. I can’t explain it to much. The only person that can tell you more is your mother.” Zoey replied. I hand the mirror back to Josie. I look at all three of them and ask “what time is it?” Nate looks at his watch “It’s 2:30 in the morning.” I nod my head “Wow Isabella looks even more beautiful.” Jonny’s voice rings in my head.

I look over to him and smile “Thanks Beta Jonny.” His eyes go wide. “I didn’t say anything.” I look at him confused. “Didn’t you mindlink me?” Jonny shakes his head. Nate looks at Jonny and says “Jonny. What were you thinking about?” Jonny looks at Nate and says “I was thinking of how beautiful Isabella looks with her purple eyes.” Nate then looks at me “Can you read people’s minds?” I shrugged my shoulders “Yes we can read people’s minds Isabella. It’s one of the powers that the moon goddess has given us.” Zoey says with a proud voice. I look at Nate with wide eyes. “According to Zoey, my wolf, she says that I can read people’s minds.” I said to Nate

I let out a big yawn. “I think it’s time to let you rest Isabella. We can talk more in the morning.” Nate says in a fatherly tone. I nod my head and lay back down. But before I drift off to sleep I hear a voice that is all to familiar to me. “I will definitely kill that b*tch tonight while she sleeps.” Anna’s voice is clear and full of anger. I sit up and look at Nate. “Alpha. I should tell you that Anna is just outside the hospital. She is waiting for me to fall asleep so she can try to kill me again.” I said to him in our mindlink. Nate nods his head and looks at Jonny. Jonny then leaves the room and Nate says “I will have my Gamma and two other pack members look after you tonight. If you hear anything else let me know immediately.” I bow my head and say “Yes Alpha.” Nate smiles and leaves my room.

A few minutes later I hear someone scream. I know it’s Anna. I lay back down and close my eyes. It doesn’t take long til I’m welcomed to a dreamless sleep.

The Next morning
(A few hours before Noah)

I wake up to the smell of bacon, eggs, sausage, and toast. I open my sleepy eyes to find a tray of food in front of me along with a glass of orange juice. I look around my room and find no one there. I wonder who brought me this... I think to myself. I was planning on mindliking Nate to ask him but before I go to there was knock on my door. “Come in.” I say in a sleepy voice. The door opens and Jonny walks in holding a shopping bag. Jonny looks at me with a kind smile. “Good morning Isabella.” I smile back and say “Good morning Beta Jonny and please you can call me either Izzy or Bella.” His smile falters a little bit. “Okay Izzy then please just call me Jonny. It would make me very happy.” I lower my head and say “I’m sorry. I was always told to address people with a high rank by their tittle or else I would get a beating.” I could feel that Jonny was getting mad.

He walks over to me and puts two fingers under my chin to left my head up. I was now looking him in the eye. “You don’t have to do that here. As far as I know the Alpha and myself see you as a daughter to us. So as of today you can call me Uncle Jonny.” He says in a sweet voice. A gentle smile appears on my face and a single tear falls. Jonny wipes away the single tear and says “Why haven’t you eaten yet? The Alpha wants you to eat so you can gain some weight.” I look at the tray and start to eat. Mmmm this is so good... I think to myself. As I’m eating I look at Jonny. “What’s in the bag?” I ask after chewing my food. “Alpha asked one of the Omegas to get you some clothes. At the moment you and her are the same size. But....” Jonny was cut off by a knock on the door.

Come in.” Jonny says because my mouth is full of food. Nate walks in with a smile. “Good morning Isabella. Good morning Jonny.” Good morning Alpha.” Me and Jonny say at the same time. Nate looks at me and says “Isabella. How many times do I need to tell you to call me Nate?” He says in a fatherly tone. “Sorry Nate. It’s a habit of mine and you want you can cell me either Izzy or Bella.” Nate walks over to me and gently places a hand on my head. “It’s okay Bella. Would it make you feel better if you called me Uncle Nate?” I looked at him with wide eyes. “If that’s okay with you.” I ask in an unsure tone. Nate just smiles at me. “I see that your eating. That’s good. Now let me check your wounds.” Once he looks me over he tells me “It looks like you wounds have healed rather quickly. I can take the stitches out right now. The cast and the sling can come off as well.” His tone of voice switched real quick.

After Nate removed my stitches, my cast, and the sling I was finally able to take a shower and put on some real clothes. As I walked into the bathroom I almost jumped out of my skin. I almost didn’t recognize myself in the mirror. My hair was longer, my skin a little pale, my body was a little thinner than before, my chest was two sizes bigger, and my butt was a little bigger as well. I really do need to gain some weight and some muscle mass.... I think to myself. After looking at myself in the mirror I finally turned on the shower. When I got the temperature to how I like it I climbed into the shower.
Once I got in I washed my hair and my body. It felt really good to be clean. I got out of the shower, dried off and put on the clothes that Jonny brought me. Once I was dressed I looked at myself one more time in the mirror. I had on a cute pink short sleeve shirt, and a pair of ripped blue jeans. I made sure that the necklace that my Aunt Lilly gave me was still around my neck.

When I finally walked out of the bathroom Jonny was standing by the hospital bed. “I didn’t know you were still here Uncle Jonny.” He jumped as soon as he heard me. He looks over at me and stands up. He looks me up and down nodding his head. “That omega did a good job at pick that outfit. But something is missing.” He says tapping his chin. I look down and noticed that I have no shoes. I look back at Jonny and say “” He snapped his fingers in an ‘Ah Ha’ moment. “That’s right shoes.” I start to giggle. Jonny walks over to me with a box in his hands. “This is a gift to you from our Luna.” I smile and open the box. I gasp as I look at the shoes. In the box was a pair of Air Jordan 4 retro OG’s in a fire red. “You said the Luna got me these?” Jonny nods his head “Yeah. She said that you would probably like them. Was she right?” I nodded my head excitedly.

As I was putting on my new shoes Jonny spoke again. “Oh! Before I forget. Alpha wanted me to show you to your room in the pack house.” After I put on my shoes I got up and walked around for a little bit. “Okay. So I’m being discharged from here.” Jonny nodded his head. With a smile on my face I say “Well lead the way.”Jonny smiles back “Alright.” He holds his arm out and I take it. We make our way out of the pack hospital. Which was a small building of it own. With our arms linked my and Jonny walked to the pack house in a comfortable silence. As we were getting closer to the pack house Zoey started to go crazy. “Zoey what’s wrong?” I asked her concerned. “I just have a feeling that something big is gonna happen today.” Zoey says in a confused voice. I just leave it at that.

The pack house was huge. Jonny told me that there are 4 floors and my room is on the 4th floor. Which is for the Alpha family and their special guests. Me and Jonny walk up to the 4th floor and to the end of the hallway. My room was the last room on the right. I opened the door and was taken by surprise. The room had red walls, the carpet was black. There was queen size bed in the middle of the room with red and black bedding. There was a set of double doors of the right that lead to a balcony. A red coach with black pillows face a wall with a flat screen tv minted to the wall. To the left were a few more doors. I looked at Jonny who is in the doorway. “One set of doors leads to the bathroom. And the other set is your closet. There is a laundry shoot in your closet for your dirt clothes.” I just nodded my head because I don’t trust my voice at the moment.

Jonny clears his throat and says “I would show you around the pack house but I’m needed in the Alpha’s office. Do you want to stay here until I come and get you or do you want to go with me?” I think about it for a few seconds and say “I can wait til your done.” Jonny smiles at me and says “Okay. Well link me if you get bored.” With that he leaves my room while closing the door behind him.

After about 20 minutes there is a knock on my door. “Do you smell that Zoey?” “Yes it smells like warm apple pie.” Zoey tells me with excitement in her voice. “Just a minute.” I say out loud. Get up off my bed and head to the door. When I open it a strong wave of that sweet smell fills my nose. Standing in front of me a handsome man. He looked like a younger version of Nate but with dark blue eyes.

That’s when Zoey says the one word I was hoping to hear Mate”

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