Black and Purple

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Chapter 8

Noah’s pov

I wake up and my head is pounding. What happened last night? I think to myself. As I lay there trying to remember the events that took place last night, Amber, the pack slut, come out of my bathroom. “Good morning baby.” She says in a seductive. I look at her confused and ask “What the hell are you doing here? Who who the fuck are you calling baby?” She looked at me surprised. “Oh that’s right you don’t remember anything from last night.” She started to giggle. Amber walks over and moves her hair to the left side of her neck “You asked me to be your chosen mate after you rejected your actual mate. Of course I said yes and then you marked me.” And there right where her neck meets her shoulder is my mark.

“No. No. No. no!” I put my arm over my eyes. I could feel Alex scratching at the wall I put up. I let it down but when I did I was met with a pissed off wolf “YOU DUMBASS! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?! TO OUR SWEET MATE! HOW COULD YOU CHOOSE THIS WHORE OVER OUR SWEET MATE! YOU WILL REGRET REJECTING HER! I DO NOT ACCEPT THE ONE YOU CHOSE! I AM NEVER TALKING TO YOU AGAIN! OH AND BY THE WAY OUR SWEET MATE HAS LEFT THE PACK HOUSE BECAUSE OF YOU!” I had nothing to say back to him. Without saying a word to Amber I jumped up and ran out of my room and to Isabella’s room.

I burst through her bedroom door just to find it empty. Her sent was still there but it wasn’t as strong. Even though I didn’t want a mate. I couldn’t keep her out of my mind. “Are you regretting what you did my son?” A sweet voice came from behind me. I turned around to see my mother standing there with disappointment in her eyes. “Mom. What do I do?” I said with a little bit of sadness in my voice. My mother just looked at me “You’ve made your bed. Now it’s time for you to lay in it.” That was all she said. She just turned around and walked away. “Son. I need you in my office right now.” My dad said through the link. “Yes sir.” Was all I said.

Once I had reached my fathers office I knocked on the door. “Come in Noah.” I could tell my father was not happy with me. I opened the door with my head hung low. “You wanted to see me sir.” I said a little scared. “Yes. Have a seat. And look at me when I’m talking to you.” I lifted my head and when I did my eyes met the beautiful purple eyes of my mate. I kept my mouth shut and took a seat next to Isabella. “The reason why I called the both of you here is quite clear.” Isabella said in a calm voice. My father and I looked at her “Go on my dear.” My dad said to her in a caring voice. “Uncle Nate. With your and Noah’s permission I would like to train my physical appearance, train in my wolf form, and to train my special abilities.” Why did she call dad Uncle? I thought to myself. Isabella looked at me and said “Because he treats me like family.” I look at her wide eyed.

My dad tries to hid his laughter but failed. “You have my permission to train. But, as for your special abilities I think it would be better to train in secret. If you need someone to practice on. Might I suggest the person who was supposed to love and cherish you for all eternity?” Dad looks at me. “! Fine.” I said defeated. Isabella stands up and with a beautiful smile she says “Thank you Uncle Nate. I’ll be sure to make you proud of me.” And with that she left. I looked back at my dad after she left. I was just about to say something when he raised his hand to me. “I think your little toy is looking for you.” I didn’t say a word I just left my dads office.

What am I gonna do? What will happen if I find my second chance mate? I thought to myself.

Sorry. I know this chapter is a little short. I’m just really tired from work. I will be posting chapter 9 tomorrow.

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