The Demon Witch's Deal

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To Blythe, age is just a number. But the signs of aging are worst than death. Over two hundred years prior, Blythe made a deal with a Demon Witch. Blythe will supply parts for spells, and the Demon Witch will keep her young forever. However, when the Demon Witch makes an outrageous request, it sends Blythe down a path that she never thought she would descend. Love and passion reignites the flames in her eyes, but will it be enough to keep her happy? Or will she sacrifice her flame in order to stay young forever?

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Chapter 1

Blythe stared at the dead body that laid on her silver table. The light hanging above him caused his many wrinkles to cast shadows, giving him the illusion that he was older than what his birth certificate indicated.

Adjusting the white cloth across his body, Blythe gave out a sigh. She had just finished the process of removing all his bodily fluids, next was replacing it with formalin.

She cracked her neck and got to work. The process was long and tedious, making Blythe dose off here and there.

After her third sleeping nod, she jerked herself back and turned away. She glanced over her shoulder to make sure everything was running smoothly before ripping her gloves off and walking to the back office to drink another cup of black coffee.

She stretched as she watched the coffee pot fill up. It could not fill up fast enough.

Blythe leaned against the counter and stared at the old man. Her lips pulled up into sneer.

“Disgusting.” She spat out, her hatred finally taking over. She pushed herself off the counter and walked quickly over to him. She gripped the cold table, fighting the urge to grab his skin and stretch it forcibly.

“Ugly! I cannot stand to look at you! How dare you get old!” She screamed at the dead man.

The man did not move. The only sound was the machines working to pump the new fluids inside him.

Blythe let out a frustrated huff, throwing her hands in the air. Shooting one last glare at the man, she returned to her coffee that was finally finished.

The hot coffee helped soothe her anger. Since she had to wait for her next cigarette, this was the next best thing. Blythe brought the cup up under nose and inhaled deeply. A tingle ran through her body at the warm scent.

‘Calm… I have to stay calm.’ She thought to herself as she slowly drank her coffee.

Just as she swallowed the last sip, the machine peeped, indicating that the replacement of fluid in the veins was done.

Walking over to her computer, Blythe pulled up the history of the old man.

Name: Timothy Morris

D.O.B: 1-23-1933

Cause of Death: Pneumonia

Hmm,’ thought Blythe. ’So, his lungs are not an option. Kidneys?’

Blythe researched his medical chart, making sure that at least one organ of his was healthy.

Blowing out breath, Blythe stood up and walked back to the body.

Grabbing the surgical knife, she made a small incision in the lower abdomen. Putting down the knife, she looked around the room. It was nighttime, so no one but her and the dead bodies were in the morgue.

Taking a deep breath, she plunged her hand into the abdomen. The squelch of the innards made her stomach turn slightly. No matter how many times she has done this, she can never get over the sounds of the flesh.

Being careful not to tear the incision, she gently pushed in further. She maneuvered her fingers around the intestine.

Angling down and towards the back, she pushed further.

‘Thank god my arms and hands are on the small side.’ She thought. Finally, at elbow deep, she was able to grab a ureter. With a sharp tug, she pulled out the ureter and kidney.

Blythe grabbed a pair of surgical scissors and cut the ureter, then quickly tucked it back inside. Looking around again, she quickly walked to her small Styrofoam cooler and plopped the kidney in.

Feeling relief that that part was over; she went back to taking care of the final touches of making the corpse look acceptable.

Blythe leaned against the scratchy brick building, enjoying the warm air and the cigarette in between her fingers.

Bringing the cigarette back to her lips, she inhaled deeply then held it, watching the smoke drizzle out of her mouth.

“You know, those things are going to kill you soon with the way you suck them down.” A voice teased at her.

Blythe looked out of the corner of her eye to see her colleague, Jason, watching her with a small smirk tugging at his lips.

Not bothering to acknowledge him, she continued to smoke.

He coughed awkwardly.

Finally, she put out the cigarette and turned to him. “What?”

He nervously rubbed the back of his neck. “Wanna come over tonight? I can make dinner and provide some very nice Cognac which I know is your favorite.”

Blythe stared at him, waiting for him to get to the point.

Clearing his throat, he added, “then maybe we can warm up my bed.” He gave her a sexy look, trying to appeal to her.

Blythe studied him.

His black hair was a curly mess, sticking up at all angles. His dark brown eyes pleaded with her, reminding her of a begging puppy. His round cheeks had small dimples in them, which she found to be quite cute. He was not a bad looking man, he was actually adorable to most woman, but Blythe did not care for adorable. She was bored of such things.

Living for so long can do that to you.

“No.” Blythe answered. “I have things to do tonight.” It was the night of a full moon, she could not afford to miss her trip.

Jason’s smile instantly disappeared. His eyes held sadness for a second before it was replaced with anger.

“What about tomorrow night?” He asked with some forcefulness.

“I have things to do tomorrow night too.” She stated without a hint of emotion.

He breathed out through his nose heavily before forcing a smile. “Let me know when you’re available then.” He turned and stiffly walked away.

Blythe watched him go, not understanding why he was so angry. They had sex a few times, only because she was lonely and horney. She had zero feelings for the man.

‘He deserves better,’ She thought, ‘It’s time to pull back anyways. I have been here too long.’

She regarded the building in front of her and glared at it. She hated the old. She hated the idea of becoming wrinkly and barely able to move or function without help. The hatred ran deep, so deep that she did everything she could to prevent herself from becoming old.

A car honked on the busy street, bringing her back to reality.

She looked at her phone and realized she needed to get home and prepare.

But more importantly, she needed to grab another coffee, for tonight was going to be a long night in the mythical realm.

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