A Sword of Greed and Envy: A Nokturn Rising Novel

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Lark Kravinoff knows what it takes to be a skilled huntress and a feared warrior. She has worked hard, training for the human uprising against the vicious creatures of the night called Nokturns. Nokturns could be Vampires, Werewolves, or Reapers, all of which give a human plenty of reason to be terrified. But, when a twist of fate forces Lark to fight for her own survival, she finds her life colliding with that of the Nokturns. Her life becomes entangled with a Nokturn who calls himself ‘Ash’ and she begins to see a different side of the monsters she has learned to hate. When Lark realizes she isn’t so ordinary after all, and not knowing who she can trust, she has no one to turn to but Ash. As tensions rise between the four factions and civil war seems inevitable, Lark must face difficult decisions that bring her own humanity into question. She must choose to rebel with the human faction, or turn her back on them, leaving their fate in the hands of their predators and possibly sending humans into extinction. Can Lark survive the fall of the blade that threatens the fragile hierarchy of Nokturns? Or will greed and envy consume her?

Fantasy / Romance
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Twigs snap beneath my feet as I trudge through the thick forest. I hesitate, waiting before I take another step, wondering if I’ve made too much noise. When no sound follows, I continue on, careful of my steps. When I reach the old grist mill, long abandoned and now crumbling from disuse, I let out a sigh of relief. I take a step out of the thicket and hands encircle my small throat. I gasp out and claw at the hands of my assailant. He shoves me to the ground, releasing me from his hold and I scramble backwards, into the clearing. I look up at Garrison as he looms over me, looking disappointed.

“Your steps are too heavy, you’re careless,” he says coldly.

“I’m sorry,” I sputter.

“Apologies are for the weak!” he barks, “Are you weak, Lark?”

I shake my head, “No, I am not weak.”

“I didn’t think so,” he says, “Now, again!”

We start back over from the beginning, he, giving me a five-minute head start into the woods before plunging in to track me. The goal? Reach the grist mill without being captured. We’ve repeated this lesson at least a hundred times, and every time, Garrison catches me. No matter how light my steps, no matter how little noise I make or how shallow I breathe, he still manages to reach me before I get to the mill. Garrison promises that if I master this lesson, he will then teach me to shoot a bow and arrow. I badly want to learn to shoot. I want to become the greatest warrior Maldara has ever seen. I will be cunning. I will be brave. I will be dangerous. I will be defiant in the face of my enemies, and I have plenty of those.

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