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Everyone has a guardian angel except Kaito. He has a guardian demon who deals with things in a much more violent fashion, but it's much more effective. COVER BY ME

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Kaito wasn’t a very social person, nor did he like to meet new people. So, at the age of 6, when his mother divorced his father and she found a new husband, he was terrified. That man was slowly taking the person Kaito’s mother used to be, and turning her into someone else. She was more distant to Kaito than before she met this man. But, Kaito really hated him because of the way he treated him. He would kick, push, beat and do anything else that would hurt Kaito emotionally and physically. He never told anyone though, afraid of what he might do to him.
A few years later, Kaito was taken to a facility where they would interpret who his guardian angel would be. As his mother held his hand and walked down the cold and lonely hallways, one of the staff members told her to follow him. He led them to a room where Kaito’s mother would wait and then told Kaito to follow him into another room, where he would get to meet his guardian angel. Or so he thought.

“What’s your name, kid?” The man asked as he opened a drawer and pulled out a rock. The rock had several words on it that Kaito couldn’t understand.

“It’s Kaito,” he said. The man nodded and placed the rock in his hand. Kaito looked at the rock in confusion.

“What do I do with the rock?” He asked.

“Just run your fingers over the words and say them. It’s simple, really.” Sounds more like I’m summoning a demon Kaito thought. He did as he was told and nothing happened. He turned towards the man, who told him to be patient. Kaito waited a little longer and still, nothing happened.

“Kaito, how about this. I leave the room and see what happens. Call me when something does happen. I’ll be in the room next door,” the man told him. Kaito nodded and sat on one of the chairs. He held the rock in his hand and his fingers traced the words once more but nothing happened. After a while, he thought he saw something, so he went out into the hall and got the man. They walked back to the room and there was nothing there.

“Maybe now isn’t the right time. How about you come back later and try again,” the man suggested. Kaito nodded and walked back to his mother with the man. She stood up from her seat and discussed things with the man while Kaito waited by the door. He stared out the glass windows and sighed.

“Maybe I just don’t have a guardian angel,” he mumbled. Little did he know, he did have a guardian, but not the kind anyone would expect. The thing is, this particular demon did not like to show himself to anyone. Not even Kaito, unless he was in serious danger. You might be thinking, well, what about the times when Kaito’s stepfather would beat him? Those were the times when the demon didn’t know Kaito that well and didn’t see why he should be helping him. All guardians, whether they are demons or angels, are given a limited amount of information about who they are supposed to be guarding. Over time, they will receive more information but on their own.

"Kaito, it's time to go."

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