Lizzie loved her Teddy

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Okay she this probably isn't the best thing ever but I tried. English isn't my first language and I make lots of mistakes while writing. I would really like to improve so if do spot a mistake please tell me. :)

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Lizzie loved her Teddy

Lizzie loved her Teddy. She loved his honeycomb eyes that looked quite similar to her own. She loved his chic black coat and matching leather boots. She loved everything about him.

One day, soon after her return from nursery, something unbelievable happened.

Lizzie was telling Teddy everything her day at school like usual. "I wish you could talk back Teddy, " the little girl announced. That's when it all started. That's when Teddy first blinked. At first, lovely little Lizzie thought it was a figment of her imagination. Then it happened again.

"HI LIZZIE!!" Teddy said happly. " OMG. I CAN TALK."




"Lizzie. I like this game. Ahhhh, I can move too!" He got up from where he was sat and went to give the sweet girl a giant bear huge. She was super shocked that her favourite stuffed companion had come to life. Loving Liz thought she MUST tell her parents the wonderful news. Therefore, she rushed to the living room.

Her parents were comfortably sitting on the long, expensive couch stationed infrot of the fireplace. Her mother was reading a book while her father checked his emails. Neither looked up when Lizzie entered the room or even after she told them the wonderful news. Her mother simply told ger she has a splendid imagination and her father nodded in agreement.

They didn't believe her. Sure it was a little out of this world but they couldn't possibly think she was lying.

When she told Teddy, he ordered " Stay here. I'll be back quickly." And so she waited. As he had said he was back quickly. The tedious fella had brought her some chocolate.

A few moments later her mum walked in.
" Lizzie? What did you do to me and daddy's room?" She questioned sweetly.

" I didn't do anything."

" Come on sweet pie, we both know it was you."

" It wasn't."

" Really? Then who was it? Teddy?"


"Yeah. It was me."

Lizzie's mum froze in shock. The stuffed-bear-thing just talked. The stuffed-bear-thing moved. The stuffed-bear-thing wrecked havoc in her room. The stuffed-bear-thing was alive. She screamed for her husband at top of her lungs. He came running.

Sa soon as he realised the cause of his wife's fright he declared that the bear had got to go. So he grabbed it by its neck and stroded to the living room and through poor Teddy in fire. Lizzie screamed in protest.

Teddy's honeycomb eyes turned to puddles of plastic. His coat and shoes became friends with the ashes.His fur now a burnt black.

Lizzie was devastated. She couldn't stop crying. Lizzie loved her Teddy.
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