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The Stripper Luna (1-6 Rewritten)

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26-year-old Athena has lived her life normally. In a pack where everyone has to do some kind of work, she takes pleasure in her strip club that she also dances in. Being her Alpha's little toy she can't help but fall for him. After meeting her mate she can't help but try to stop the mate bond as she has feelings for her Alpha. She is struggling with the natural order of things and being a woman who gets to decide her own fate.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 1

You know, things aren't what they used to be in the world of supernatural characters. Before, in my pack, everyone strived for dignity and pride where our leaders were about the pack. But slowly in this new day age, it was all about what you have to offer. My pack was doing what they could to survive. You had to make your own purpose. What was my purpose? That's how I ended up here. I wasn't good at anything but causing issues. Elders and kids were the only ones who didn't have to do their part because they are either too young or too old. Being in the Kangston pack meant that we had a name to uphold.

The pack was known for being successful everywhere because they think we all had to agree to be where we are. They said we needed to find a career by a certain date or they chose for you. There was only one thing that I was known for and that was my killer curves. Curves that kill and that could carry a good pup for when it's needed. Imagine that being your only calling. So I did what I knew best, I opened up a strip club that I currently dance at as well. When people found out there was an outrage and it caused a town meeting to be called to try to close it down. But the Alpha thought it was a glorious idea and it would make them a lot of money when I paid my dues. If anything, I think he enjoyed it more than anyone.

He was a single man, so any chance he got he would come down just so he could feel my waist as I danced on him. I knew that if I wanted to be a part of something I had to use what I had. And you know I love it. Being desired and wanted. God forbid after 28 years I stopped wondering if my mate was out there looking for me. Through these new years, most people never waited and I was part of those. As I let my Alpha have me a few times. I think it's crazy to determine you're celibate until your mate comes. As a woman, you have desires, and especially once our time of the month finally ends our hormones are crazy. Alpha Jack was attractive and single so why not? Not to mention we were good friends because of this. There were no feelings attached and we had fun.

We could hang out normally and just enjoy each other's company. I think deep down we both have some sort of feelings but should our mate come we don't want to be too far deep and end in broken heart. The best part about Jack is he never saw me as disgusting or a slut for what I do. He says he respects it because I was comfortable with my body and was good at what I do. Plus it made him money. It was five in the afternoon and it was time to open my club to get the night started. I walked to the front door and put the key in as the girls were waiting for me to open it.

"Athena, I swear if you don't open that door faster I will break it down. It is freezing!" Layla had demanded.

It was a colder night than most, even as a wolf. I finally pushed the door open and was almost ran over. I couldn't help but laugh as everyone scrambled in. The club didn't open for about an hour, but most like to get in early so they can get a song pick. If you get in later then you have to dance to whatever you is on.

My girls were taken care of really well, and most men are respectful except when the youngins get really drunk. Making my way over to my office to get everything prepared.

"Hey Athena, how are you?" Jack had walked in sitting in the chair across from me.

"Good, just getting payroll in order. Why are you here so early? I can't serve you right now."

He laughed at my comment which made me lookup.

"I just wanted to ask you if there was a chance you could make a last-minute VIP space next week. I know you have to ask months in advance but it's important."

I looked at him in distaste. He knew the rules but then again he was the Alpha. I stopped what I was doing, stood up, and walked over to my calendar hanging on the wall.

"I have two birthday parties that day. It's really packed. But for how many people?"

I looked at him as he had the softest guilty look on his face.

"My brothers are coming down for my sister's birthdays. I want all of them to relax as lately they've been busy with their packs."

I stood there thinking of what I could do.

"All 16 brothers are coming?" I asked.

He answered with a nod. I let out a sigh because he was my Alpha and I couldn't say no.

"I will close that day for just VIP's and have you both upstairs with complimentary dances."

He rose from his seat, laying a kiss on my cheek.

"Thank you. I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important."

I let my eyes meet the back of my head.

"Don't think for a sec that you won't get out of tipping my girls or me. You may be my Alpha but we all got bills to pay."

He placed his hands on my waist and placed a kiss on my lips.

"I don't know I may rent you for the rest of the night."

I slapped his chest which caused him to laugh out loud.

"I have a lot of work to do, so unless you want to get paid then you should go," I demanded. He started pouting before kissing me again and headed for the door.

It took me a few hours to finally finish what I had to do before I knew that I wanted to dance the stress away. I stood and reached for my locker to open it. Pulling out my laced underwear that hugged my ass. And my see-through top. The door opened up.

"Hey Athena, are you busy?"

I turned around to see Kenzie, one of the dancers was behind me.

"I am about to go on, but I can spare a few minutes. What's up?"

I reached my chair to sit as I put my platforms on.

"I hate to put you in an awkward position. But I have a friend who ran from her pack due to violence and is seeking refuge. Since she is not from this pack she can't get a regular job, and I was hoping that you'd give her a chance and I will teach her everything since you audition everyone. Please, you're her last hope."

I let out a heavy sigh as she is putting me in a bad position. Packs should never interfere in other pack's business. But I understand that this may be her last hope and have to be subjected to more pain.

"You do realize my entire club can be shut down and I can get into a lot of trouble, should the Alpha find out?"

I looked at her which caused her to look at me in guilt.

"I know you are the Alpha's favorite, can you talk to him? I just want to help her."

I buckled the last strap and stood up.

"You're lucky he owes me one, and I am getting ready to dance. This is not a definite answer, I will tell you later."

I grabbed my money bag and locked the door behind us. Nothing like being the Alpha's pet.
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