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The Stripper Luna (1-6 Rewritten)

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Chapter 2

Walking out to the dance floor I saw that it was packed and there was a line waiting to get inside. This is why I opened up such a club. Unmated males and even mated males couldn't help themselves. I walked over to the on-floor VIP table to find Jack there. It's like he knew I was coming because he lifted the girl from his lap waiting for me to come over. I climbed on top of his lap and leaned down to kiss him.

"Uh oh, you kissed me first, that means you want something."

I never felt so guilty but he was right. I did want to butter him up.

"I think this requires an actual dance and a drink on the house before I do ask you."

I rose from his lap extending my hand to him to help him up. I Interlaced his hand in mine and walked up to the VIP and shoved him on the couch. Dropping down showing him my backside as I began to come up swaying my hips.

"This must be a deep favor because you're so aggressive." He joked.

I climbed onto his lap and rolled my body as his hands graced my ass. I would never let a client do that but he was the exception.

"It really is, so I have to make you vulnerable with hopes of a yes."

Nibbling on his ear which caused him to groan. I knew what he liked and how to get a rise out of him. We knew each other's body language to the T.

"You know you can just ask, there isn't much I wouldn't do for you. You do a lot for me."

I finally relaxed as we made eye contact.

"There is a wolf from a bad pack. Can you take her in and she will work for me?"

I saw his face fall.

"I know it's a lot to ask, but we do something for her and she helps me out. Please, it's just a white lie." He leaned his head back with a groan.

"Athena really? You know that if they find out I have to punish you since you aren't a high rank."

I bit on my lip knowing he was right. I sometimes had to understand there was only so much he could do without getting in trouble. I could respect that but there was no harm in asking.

"I will allow it, but if someone starts getting suspicious then she has to leave okay?" I nod my head and wrap my arms around him.

"Now I don't usually take bribes, but I think I will this time."

He stood up with me in his arms causing me to playfully yell,and walked me down to my office where I opened it up and his mouth connected with mine. He pressed me against the wall closing in the gap between us. I lifted his shirt over his head exposing his ripped abs. He was undeniably hot and it was hard to resist. I went to take my top off before he stopped me.

"Keep it on, I like it."

Attaching my lips back to his, he tore my bottoms leaving me bare. He began rubbing on my now wet core that was aching to be filled by him. I felt him shift under me as he pulled down his pants with never breaking his kiss with me.

"Hurry up." I demanded.

Jack inserted his member in me causing me to gasp. As his thrusts began to get rougher. I began suckling his neck leaving behind love marks that he loved so much. His hands were digging into my ass as he slammed in and out of me like he wasn't holding anything back. That beautiful Alpha rage that left me completely in a trance. Our bodies were in perfect harmony.

"God Athena, I love you." slipped as he finished inside me.

It's like he realized what came out of his mouth which stopped us both in our tracks.

"What did you say?" I questioned.

We both were in a trance not knowing how to get out of this awkward encounter. I let myself down from his grasp. I walked over to my desk still naked trying to gather myself.

"We are not mates Jack, you know that can't happen. You can't love me, please don't love me."

I looked at him as he pulled his bottoms up and rested his nervous hand in his hair.

"I'm sorry. I've felt like this for a while, but us not being mates is the reason I didn't. Sometimes, I think it is bullshit for us to gain feelings for each other when we are destined for other people. But it's been this long. When is the statute of limitation for us to stop waiting and choose?"

He wasn't wrong honestly. Some people don't find their mate until they are close to death. The Goddess seems to be absent.

"It can't be only me feeling this way. Please tell me it's not just me."

I looked at him trying to find the words to say but I couldn't. I reached into my locker and pulled out my clothes.

"One year."

Slipped from my mouth. I met his eyes again.

"If our mates don't come a year from now, then we choose each other."

The smile on his face said it all.

"I do think though we should put some space between us to try to stop the feelings ,should it happen. I think finding my mate knowing I have strong feelings for you won't help anyone."

He walked over to me before placing a passionate kiss on me.

"I agree, but it'll be so hard. I am leaving right now, don't fall in love with me" He joked.

He opened the door before looking back.

"I hope you don't find him."

With that, he left the air so pregnant and I felt myself slowly slipping.


It took everything in me to not fall for her. But it's rare to meet someone you connect with on such a personal level. There were a million reasons for me not to fall for her, but my wolf agreed that she is my soulmate. It's the late-night movie nights for me. She does this thing where she will throw her popcorn up and try to catch it each time. But fails most of the time. Or when she is drunk, her cheeks turn a pink color and her eyes glaze over. When we have pack retreats she is engaged with everyone and her personality shines over everyone. She isn't this sweet girl, but she is accepting. Even as a stripper, no one sees it. I told myself that this is just a fling but try telling my heart that. I dread the day her mate comes because then I would lose that. I would lose her either way. She had a personality that was rare to find, and I found her.

Why couldn't she be chosen for me? When she mentioned the year rule, my heart ached. It was going to be the hardest year. I hated that everything was chosen for us. Why couldn't we choose instead of the missing goddess doing it for us? She has been awol for a while. Has she forsaken us? All I know is once this year passes I will waste no time. She wants me as much as I want her. I don't think I could handle her being with someone else. She wasn't a damsel in distress with dead parents. She had great parents who work and love her. She had a little sister who is five. She was no secret weapon. She was just a regular woman who was independent and a hustler. I usually come here just so I can spend time with this beautiful person. Being not able to see her as often was for the best but I was going to hate it.
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