What We Will Be.

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This is a cliche coming of age novel! Girl meets guy, they fall in love, a few bumps along the way, but ultimately they end up together, and of course live happily ever after....... Or do they? Coming of age; Pfft I’ve got this! Teenage angst; So not me! A whole new world; Bring it on I’m ready for anything! Life; Meh it is what it is! Cadence Falls; I did not see that coming! Love; I definitely didn’t see him coming!

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

The End

“Gabby let go!”
“I can’t!”
“Yes you can babe. I’m here, I’ve got you”
“It’s too much, I don’t know how long I can keep going.”
“I know baby girl, I know. You’ve been so brave and so strong, but you can let go now, we’re all here, we’ve got this”
‘We’ve got this’ those words were like music to my ears. My weary arms fell heavily to my sides, my body swayed and then pitched forward. But I didn’t hit the floor, no, I was caught by strong arms that pulled me close and held me tightly.
The last thing I saw was his face smiling down at me as he said: “You did good baby girl, you did good!”
I smiled as I allowed myself to succumb to the darkness pressing in on me, because I knew he had me and I was safe.

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