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The Lonely Girl

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Prologue/Luna & Ash

WARNING: Explicit language , violence and steamy scenes

Luna and Ash's storylines go side by side with events happening to both of them around the same time as they are the same age.


In the middle of the night I could hear their muffled voices. The faint sound of my mother's sobs seeping through the walls of our two bedroom apartment. The low rumble of my father's voice draws me out of bed. I crept towards the crack in my door as their voices started becoming clearer.

The living room came into view, my mother sits with her head in her hands. I watch as her shoulders shake from her quiet crying. My father comes in and out of view pacing the room back and forth.

"Can you at least give me a decent explanation of why we are doing this? Luna is only five, what if something goes wrong?" My mother pleaded. My father sits across from her and grabs her hands.

"You know exactly why we are doing this Violeta, do not argue with me. You will leave first, and I will follow. Everything will go according to plan." My dad said pulling her into his lap. "You know I will always protect you and Luna. I would die for you both my love. We can stop hiding, and go wherever you want no questions asked."

"Anywhere I want?" My mom asked raising her eyebrows.

"Anywhere in the world love" my dad said pulling my mom in closer to him. "I am happy as long as I have you and Luna."

"I want to go everywhere, we will take Luna and go from place to place. Let's see the world and show her too" my mom said grasping my father's face and leaning in close. They started kissing. I scrunched my nose and quietly went back to my bed wondering what is going on.

A few moments later my mom came in my room. I quickly shut my eyes pretending to be asleep. She walked over quietly and crawled under the covers and hugged me. She leaned her mouth close to my ear and squeezed me tight.

"Oh my sweet lovely Luna, I love you so much. Soon we are going to see the world and I will buy you a souvenir from every single place. Your papa and I will be back soon my beautiful baby" and with that said she squeezed me tight one last time, kissed my forehead and moved slowly out of my bed.

"I love you too mommy" I said clutching her hand. She looked back and smiled at me. She lunged and attacked my face with kisses. I laughed until my stomach hurt. She pulled away and whispered "My dear girl, there is much you still need to learn about this world and about yourself. You must be brave and wait for our return. Your papa and I will explain it all once we are far from here."

I looked at her with my face twisting in confusion "What do you mean? Are we going somewhere? Where is papa? What is there to learn about me? I don't understand..." I said in a soft whisper. My mother looked at me with sadness and fear in her eyes "There is much danger in this world Luna especially for someone as special as you. You must trust no one but your papa and me. We will always protect you. Your father is getting things ready for us to leave because we can no longer stay here. I have much to tell you but for now I want you to sleep. We will have a long day ahead of us tomorrow." "Okay mama" I sighed. She kissed my head and pulled my blanket up under my chin.

I turned towards my window and looked out at the stars and moon closing my eyes. My mother stopped in the doorway looking at me as I fall asleep she whispered so quietly I could barely hear "You are so special my Luna, truly one of a kind." She closed the door and I heard her muffled voice getting further away. I started to drift asleep when I heard a loud bang and a low growls floating in the air. Sounds of a struggle and commotion happening just outside my door.

A loud slam against my door had me snapping my eyes open clutching my covers. A shrill scream filling the air among the growls and crashes. "STAY AWAY FROM HER!!" I hear my mother growl from just outside my room as the door starts to glow blue. "LUCIEN!! WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!" My mother yells as the blue hue around the door starts to fade. I hid under my blanket as my door started to shake as someone tried to come in unable to open the door. Shaking with fear I listened closely as whoever was on the other side gave up with a sharp growl banging on the door. "LEAVE MY DAUGHTER ALONE!" I heard my dad's booming voice bounce off the walls as more growls sounded.

I could no longer stand to hear the screams and growls covering my ears as the sounds started to drift away. Staring at the door in fear, it begun to glow blue again as my mother barged in eyes wide with fear covered in blood and gashes. I ran to her and she picked me up in her arms holding me tight. "I'm so sorry Luna, we should have prepared you more. We don't have much time, your papa is holding them off." She waved her hand and instantly a bag appeared in front of her.

I looked in amazement never seeing her do something like this before. My mother kneeled down grabbed me by the shoulders looking me in the eyes "Luna listen to me very carefully, the people outside will stop at nothing until we are all dead, we must run now. If anything were to happen to me or papa, you must find Sirena Black. Remember that name and never forget it. Do you understand?" I nodded my head unable to speak.

She put the bag around my shoulders and picked me up. My papa bursting into the room drenched in blood panting hard.

"I lead them astray but it won't last long Violeta, we must leave NOW!" My father said in a hurry leaning against the door. My mother giving a curt nod and opened my window. My father scooped us both up jumping out the window of our three story building and running into the forest behind with such speed the surroundings starting to blur. A loud howl ripping through the night. "Lucien, they're coming!" My mother said panic on her face. "I know Violeta, we are almost there. The river will wash our scents and they will lose the trail." My dad said never once slowing down or looking back.

The sound of water splashing as my father reached the river. "Submerge yourselves quickly, we must keep going." My mother took me under the water with her coming up after a few seconds. My father grabbing us both and running again. "The water will only mask our trail for a while. We must get to the boat only then will we be able to get away." My father breaking through the clearing revealing a small dock and cove leading out to the ocean.

Running down the dock my father reached the boat at the end setting us inside. "Get down Luna under the bench and do not come out." My father stated. I obeyed immediately moving as my mother gasped. I looked to see what spooked her and saw shadows in the form of people and wolves coming out of the forest. "Hurry Lucien!!" "I'm going Violeta, I'm going!" As my father pushed the boat from the dock , I watched as a single shadow stepped forward, silver flashing in the night. "Papa look out!" I shouted pointing as my father turned around quickly.

My mother moving to cover me as the silver came closer moving too quickly for my papa to grab it. I closed my eyes as my mother's body shielded me. She gasped as wetness hit my face. I opened my eyes to see hers staring into mine wide with shock and pain blood starting to seep from the corner of her mouth. "Mama! Are you okay?!?" I asked scared i already knew the answer to my question."Luna...remember what I told you...never forget..your bag holds everything you need to know..I love you.." she whispered quickly as my dad roared "NOOO!!! VIOLETA!!" My dad grabbing her gently avoiding the spear protruding from her body.

Quickly breaking off the back laying her down shaking his head mumbling to himself. "No not you my love, not you. Don't leave me please. Don't leave us. Please no.." He begged her. "Lucien...don't let them take her.." she croaked out turning paler by the second. Blood seeping out of her body soaking the boat beneath her. "I will protect her Violeta you have my word. No harm will come to her, I promise!" "I love you Lucien.." "As I love you Violeta, now hush don't talk I must stop the bleeding." He said ripping off his shirt and tying it around her body above the spearhead still sticking out. Taking out his knife to cut the burnt flesh around the wound.

"It's no use...my love..I can feel my spirit fading, it's been poisoned...R-Remember your promise...." my mother said as I watched the light leave her eyes. A flash of blue and white rippling through the night blowing my hair back. "No no no no, Violeta!! Stay with me! NOOO!!" I watched as my father wailed crying out towards the sky. Turning quickly as dark laughter filled the air the shadowed figures sliding back into the forest except one standing at the beginning of the dock stalking closer and closer. My dad roaring with a fury so loud it rocked the boat shaking me to my core. I watched as he leapt onto the dock running full speed at the strange man with so much force he pushed the boat further away from the dock. The dark figure coming towards him with his arms outstretched to his sides. "I will make you pay for what you did to my Violeta!" My dad shouted as he raked his nails across his chest.

My eyes widened in fear. It didn't even faze him I thought to myself..the sounds of their fight was like two boulders crashing against each other. Blow after blow sickening sounds of their bodies colliding sent shivers down my spine. The boat slowly drifting further away from the dock. I became terrified for my father not wanting to be alone in this world I knew nothing about. Closing my eyes I prayed silently to whoever was listening to help my papa, don't let him suffer the same fate as my mother whose blood I'm now sitting in.

"I'm sorry Violeta. I've let you down..I love you Luna.." It was just the tiniest whisper of my father's voice carried by the wind that had me opening my eyes to see the strangers arm going right through his chest ripping his heart out while the other arm grabbed his hair and ripped his head clean off coating the stranger in my father's blood.

"PAPA!! NOOOO!!!" I shouted tears streaming down my face as I watched my father's body drop to the ground. Looking up to stare at my parent's killer all I could see was a flash of piercing ruby red eyes before a loud thump on the boat drew my attention away. My papa's severed head right next to my mom's dead body. I screamed like no other absolutely terrified and alone. Bending down to the floor of the boat trying my best to hide myself and wished to be anywhere but here.

"I will have you child..And when I do you will wish you were NEVER BORN!" He shouted at me as the boat started to shake and glow blue. Nervously I looked up to see him stalking towards the end of the dock ready to dive in the water. Suddenly the blue glow started to get stronger encasing the whole boat and in an instant everything was gone.

I was in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight. "What just happened...?" I said to myself. Looking down at my mother's dead body and my father's bleeding head. I closed my eyes tight hugging myself while sobbing uncontrollably. Those menacing red eyes and chilling words forever etched into my brain haunting me.

I woke up in a sweat an uncomfortable almost unbearable ache in my chest, dreams of a girl covered in blood crying on a boat in the middle of the ocean still lingering in my mind. Something about that girl feels so familiar I thought to myself. I don't know where I would know her from because I don't remember her being from our pack. I am only five but I am the Alpha's son and I never forget a face. There was also a bloodied severed head and a dead body with a spear sticking out. I need to stop watching scary movies at night. My imagination is starting to get the best of me.

Shaking my head I turned to look at the clock on my nightstand. 5:00am flashing in my face in a neon blue light had me covering my head. Training with my father starts in two hours and I feel like I haven't gotten any sleep at all. Everyone says I am too smart for my age but my parents told me that I am special because the moon goddess blessed me. Not only are we the last pack of werewolf -witch hybrids around, I have more powers than normal. I could practice magic before my first shift and no one has ever done that before.

My mom says I will be the greatest warrior to ever live and that is why the moon goddess blessed me. I am destined to do great things but only I will be able to figure out what I am meant to do. My dad says he can sense the wolf in me charged with power waiting to come out after my first shift. I am so excited and can't wait to meet him.

Loud banging downstairs brought me out of my thoughts. Curiosity making me climb out of bed to see what was going on. Quietly making my way down the hall the voices of my parents hushed voices floating in the air. I paused wanting to hear what they were upset about.

"They are coming for us Leo, I felt Violeta's death didn't you?" I heard my mom say to my father. "Of course I felt it Katya, I am the Alpha. Let's just hope Lucien made it out alive and is on his way here." Violeta?? Lucien?? I don't remember anyone from the pack named Violeta or Lucien. I wonder who they are talking about. My mom seemed really upset about this.

"We need to prepare the pack now more than ever but Ash is still just a boy. He needs us!" "Keep your voice down Katya you'll wake him up!" My father gritted through his teeth. I decided to walk forward coming into view of the kitchen. "Too late I'm already up..who is coming for us Dad? And whose Violeta and Lucien?" I looked at my dad because I knew my mom would try to hide the answer from me. She never liked me asking questions about things she didn't want me to know. Sighing my dad walked over to me and picked me up setting me on the counter.

"Ash listen to me very carefully now... Katya will you stop pacing! You're putting me on edge!" My mom looked up from her twisting hand stopping mid stride "Sorry honey, I'm just nervous" "I know my love just sit down everything will be okay." Nodding her head she sat down at the table.

Turning back to me my dad continued to answer my questions "Okay Ash now I know you are only just five but you are so advanced and I am not going to hide anything from you. There are people who want your power, who want you and not only you..they want a girl with powers just as great as yours if not greater." I widened my eyes in shock "Greater than mine??" "Yes Ash, she will be most powerful and the two of you together an unstoppable force. Her mother is the woman we were just talking about, Violeta."

"But I don't remember her" "You wouldn't remember because she fled the pack with her mate before you were born. You see Violeta was blessed with a different kind of mate." "What do you mean different dad?" "Violeta's mate Lucien is a vampire." I gasped in shock. Vampires hated us why would the moon goddess give her a vampire mate if we didn't get along.

"I know what you're thinking Ash but Lucien is different. He would never harm Violeta or any of us. He loved Violeta and loved the pack. It is no wonder they were together because she was made for Lucien." He sighed running his hand down his face. "However, Lucien's coven was no ordinary one. He is the son of the Vampire King. The oldest Vampire to ever live. He did not deny Lucien of being with Violeta as long as he never brought her back to the coven." "He doesn't sound too bad then. He let them be together even though we have a history of not getting along." I said confidently as my dad ruffled my hair.

"That's not all my son, the King not only banned them from his coven but forbid them from ever having children even though he knew they couldn't as the vampire and wolf genes would fight each other. He had no idea Violeta was no plain wolf but a werewolf-witch hybrid. The witch blood acted as a barrier between the two genes fusing them together in perfect harmony. Making their child the first ever trihybrid to ever be born. They tried to hide it from the King but he has his ways of gathering information and found out. They have been running from him ever since." He looked out the window as the sun was starting to rise.

"He will not stop until he kills their child ridding the so called "abomination" from the world. Even his own daughter disagreed with him and fled the coven as she had the gift of sight. She could see the future and told him how gifted and kind their daughter would be. How she would be the strongest being of all bringing peace to all species. The king did not like that one bit ripping out his own daughter's eyes crushing them in his hand as punishment, he does not want peace and knowing she would be stronger than him pissed him off even more. He believes vampires are the superior species and everyone else should bow down to them."

"That's not right!" I exclaimed getting angry. Who does this king think he is?!? We are just as powerful as vampires! My anger rising inside me slowly. "I agree but that vision only angered him and he began hunting them down with his own pack of servant wolves doing his dark bidding. Lucien knew how to escape them and throw them off. They never stayed in one place for long always moving one step ahead the king until now." My dad looked at me with sadness in his eyes as he spoke.

"I heard you guys saying Violeta died..does that mean they are all dead now? If they killed them why would they come after us?" My question coming in a soft whisper. "I am not sure Ash, Violeta had a closer connection to the pack and Lucien and their child never got the chance to make that connection and join the pack fully. The king wants to use you Ash, he wants to use your powers for evil. He will stop at nothing until he has every powerful creature doing his dirty work. You my son are truly gifted, the only were-witch with an affinity for all the elements. As well as a strength like no other."

"But dad I am not that strong, I get my butt kicked in training every day." I pouted. "That's because you haven't met your wolf yet but once you do your strength will increase immensely." My dad eyes glazed over as someone from the pack was mind linking him. Tension filled the air as my dad straighten up and my mother gasped.

"They're here Leo! We are under attack!" My mother rushed over to me and grabbed me while my dad was running towards the front door. He ripped the door open almost ripping it off it hinges as it slammed against the wall. "Take him to the safe room Katya! Do not come out no matter what!" My dad shouted ripping off his clothes. "I'm not leaving you Leo! We can fight together!" "I'm not asking you Katya I'm telling you!!" With that said my dad fully shifted his wolf bigger than most and black as night. Growling and running off towards the sounds of battle. My mother rushed away towards the secret room underneath the floor I never knew we had.

I looked in wonder at the steel walls and my mother pushed me inside. I looked back to see her typing something on a keypad. She pressed her hand into it and revealed a camera set up showing all of the pack lands. "Mom look there's dad!" "Where?!?" My mother snapped her head towards the screens to see my dad ripping another wolf's throat out, turning to face two others. Wolves fighting in wolf form and skin against other wolves and vampires.

I noticed one man just standing at the edge with a smirk on his face snapping necks and squishing heads with such force and quickness I knew he had to be the vampire king making his way to my father. I was so engrossed in the video feed I didn't realize my mother slipped out of the room and started to lock me inside. I ran to the door closing.

"Mom what are you doing?!? Where are you going?? Don't leave! Take me with you!" I whined banging on the steel. "Everything is going to be okay Ash, you are safe now. No one can penetrate this room not with the protection spells I've cast. Only you can open the door from the inside and you mustn't do so. Not until your dad and I come back for you. If something happens to us you must find Sirena Black, she is Lucien's sister okay??" "But why mom??? I want to come with you!!" I pleaded banging on the wall.

"Ash you have to be very quiet now or someone will know you're here. Remember what I have told you. I love you very much my son. You're destined to do great things sweetheart. Never forget that!" "I love you too mom!! Don't leave me here!" I cried as her footsteps sounded above me starting to run away. I ran back towards the monitors looking for my mom and dad.

I could see my dad back in skin form slicing his claws through a wolf's belly and tearing another wolf's spine out of its back. Covered in blood he looked back to see my mom running towards him ripping a frozen vampire open mounting him and tearing the head off smashing it between her hands with her strength and power.

Convinced she will hold her own, I watched my father make his way to the King. Wolves flying away with the snap of his hand starting to unleash his power. “Why are you here Mabuz?!!?!” My dad roared shaking the ground beneath him. The air around him starting to turn into a blue hue. “The little one got away from me unfortunately. I’ve come for your son, with their connection he will lead me right towards little Luna.” He said completely unfazed and disinterested in my father’s display of power.

“You’ll never have him! I won’t allow it! LEAVE NOW!! And take your pathetic horde of minions with you before I kill you all!!!” My dad yelled waving his hand producing a power blast so strong he decapitated all the vampires defending the king. He snapped and all their bodies bursted coating the king in blood and organs.

The king stepped forward his eyes blazing red “I am not going anywhere and you can’t kill me so easily Wolf! I AM MABUZ!! RULER OF DEATH CASTLE!! YOU CANT STOP ME! I AM DEATH WALKING!!” He charged for my father but my mom came from the side in wolf form tackling him from the side raking her claws across his neck and face. They rolled around and my mom went flying back towards my dad.

She got up growling at Mabuz glowing blue shifting to skin form. “Even if you kill us you will never have Ash! We knew you would come! We sent him away! You’ll never find him!!” My mom growled out sending boulders flying towards him. Mabuz cut through them with a slice of his arm running towards my parents so quick I blinked and he was in front of my mom grabbing her by the neck. My dad ripped his arm off but the grip kept tightening around my mom’s throat as my dad tried to pry the fingers away. “Silly wolf I can control my limbs even if they’re detached! I’m not like these puny vampires you so easily killed!! I am the beginning! I am your end!!!” He shouted as his arm started flying back to his arm reattaching itself covered in blood.

My mom holding her throat blood seeping down her chest as she fell to her knees. “KATYA!!” My dad kneeling next to her applying more pressure to her throat. Tears starting to stream down her face as her glow started to fade. I stared in shock at the monitor as my dad stood growling taking a protective stance in front of my mom. “I WILL KILL YOU MABUZ! YOU KNOW NOTHING OF MY POWER!! I WILL PROTECT MY FAMILY AND MY PACK UNTIL MY VERY LAST BREATH!!”

“Well let’s get the show on the road then wolf, I tire of these games.” Mabuz wiped the blood off his hand. I stared in complete shock. He doesn’t look injured at all the rips in his face already healed, the tears in his shirt showing completely healed skin underneath. A dark laugh escaping his mouth as he pulled a silver dagger from his back. My dad faltered before charging towards him.

They met blow for blow, my dad slicing into him with ease as the dagger slices and burns his flesh preventing him from healing. Blood seeping out of his wounds my father started to glow blue before flames emerged from his skin burning the king and making him stumble back from the burst of power radiating from my dad. I heard footsteps above me making my eyes widen in fear.

I was so busy watching my parents I didn't look to see anyone coming near the house. They were speaking in a language I didn't understand so I knew they weren't part of the pack. They walked back and forth up and down the stairs turning everything upside down. I could hear the furniture breaking and thudding to the floor. I knew they would never find me. I didn’t even find this room and I lived here. I wonder if other pack members had places like this in their houses. Nervously I looked back towards the monitors to see my dad and the king still fighting covered in blood.

I noticed movement behind the fight and saw pack members picking up my mom and running away. I hope she’s okay. I could see the grass thickly coated with blood. Grimacing I looked away back towards my dad no longer worried about my mom. The pack will take care of her.

I could see the fighting getting more intense, the flames around my dad starting to turn blue as he kicks up the heat. They move with such speed they become a blur and I can’t tell who is who anymore just flashes of blue and black. Suddenly I hear a load roar and my eyes almost bulge out of my head.

The silver dagger is lodged in my dads throat and the king has his arm inside my dad’s chest. I watch wide eyed fear in my heart for my dad. “I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!” The king yelled ripping my dad’s heart out, his arm and hand completely charred and burned from my dad’s power. My dad drops to the ground a huge hole in his chest, eyes still wide open with shock. Tears flowing freely down my face as I watch the king devour his heart. Rage boiling beneath my skin, I swear to myself I will kill him! Once I have my wolf and gain my strength I will hunt him down and avenge my dad and the members of the pack that have fallen at the hands of this sadistic monster.

My hands trembling, silent sobs taking over my body, I watch as three people appear before him and speak so quietly I can’t pick up what they are saying. The king looks absolutely furious and kicks my dad’s dead body across the field. In a flash he is gone, destroying all the trees in his path. The three men look at each other and disappear after the king. I slid down to the floor. Sad and broken, my dad is gone..what am I supposed to do now? I have to go find my mom I thought to myself. I run to the keypad remembering what my mom said. I hesitated looking back at the monitors before opening the door.

Slowly I start to look outside listening for movement when I notice a tunnel. Instead of climbing back out towards my house I start to follow the tunnel. As I’m nearing the end of the tunnel I can hear hushed voices talking quickly. “We have to save Luna Katya Doc, Alpha Leo has been killed by that monster!” “I know I know! I’m doing the best I can, but she’s lost too much blood. Her body isn’t healing properly, there’s something wrong.” “Figure it out Doc and fast!” I start to look around there has to be a hatch door here somewhere, something to get into this room. My fingers touch and trace the symbol of our pack. I press down and a square hatch opens up above me and light floods in.

I jump up boosting myself with air to make it up and out the hatch. Coming face to face with my dad’s friend Beta Charlie. “Damn it Ash! You nearly scared me half to death!” He said looking at my surprised. “Where’s my mom?? Is she okay?? She locked me in a room and I saw everything! Where is she?!? I want to see her!!” I said quickly looking around him trying to find my mom. “Calm down boy, she is with Doc. She is not doing good, something is wrong.” He says leading me into the room where she is laying on a surgical table.

I run to her grabbing her hand as she looks at me. Tears welling and flowing from her eyes. She raises her hand to my face and I hold it there tightly crying. I can see the shredded muscle and skin of her throat trying to patch itself together as she continues to bleed out. “R-Re-Remember....” she croaks out as Doc looks at her sharply. “Do not talk Luna Katya! You will cause more damage and I cannot stop the blood flow!” He said pumping more blood into my mom through two IVs. “Beta Charlie where is the healer?!? I need help!” He yelled as my mom looked towards me again pulling me closer to her.

“The healer is dead Doc, the wolves teamed up on her when she was trying to go to the Luna.” Beta Charlie said switching the empty blood bag for a full new one. “Fuck! Oops sorry Ash, I forgot you were here..” Doc looked at me sheepishly before putting my mom’s blood in different vials trying to figure out why her healing is slowing down. Shaking his head he starts to pour blood directly into the hole that used to be my mom’s throat but it starts to drip out beneath her because he throat has not fully closed blood dripping off the table staining my clothes and feet. “Nothing is working Doc! She’s still not healing!” Beta Charlie yells at him. “A-Ash...” my mom croaked drawing my attention to her. “Luna! Please stop trying to talk!” Doc yells covering her throat as more blood poured out. “S-Si-Sirena...G-Go...” my mom said squeezing my face. "I love you Ash" my mom said but her mouth wasn't moving. I realized I'm hearing her in my head, she just mind-linked me.

I looked down at her as she brought me close to her face and kissed my forehead. She started glowing blue and I felt warmth flood in from her into me. The light started to fade and Doc gasped his eyes glazed over as if he was talking to someone in his mind. "Oh Luna..." he sighed stopping everything he was doing. I looked at him confused when I felt my mother's hand go limp and slip from my face.

I looked at my mom pale as a ghost, eyes closed, lips starting to turn blue. "Mom? Mom! Open your eyes! Mom!! Wake up! I need you mom! Please don't leave me too! MOOOMMMM!!!" Sobbing uncontrollably I screamed at her clutching her bloodstained shirt shaking her. Doc put his hand on my shoulder “Ash she is gone...you have no idea what she just did..” he said looking at me with sadness in his eyes. “What do you mean Doc? What did she do?” I turned to look at him waiting for an explanation.

He paused before speaking “Your mother transferred her magic to you...right before she passed she mind-linked me to explain. She decided to give her magic and what was left of her life force to you. She felt that this was your destiny and the moon goddess has a plan for you. Giving you her magic just boosted your own powerful abilities ten-fold but you need to be careful and let no one know. Transferring magic between were-witches is forbidden.” “Why is it forbidden?? How come I have never heard of this?” I asked my tears dried on my face.

“You have never heard of it because it was your father’s wish for no one to ever know about it and it has been stripped from all history books and everyone who knows about it was under Alpha command to never speak of it again.” He explained while cleaning up the room and my mom. “I don’t understand. Why? Is it really that bad?” “Yes Ash, because a were-witch’s life force is tied to their magic. When you give your power away, you are giving your life away and that is why the power becomes so strong. That is why it is forbidden because people will want to take other were-witches power away. So your father burned and erased all knowledge of how to transfer magic, making everyone who knew how swear to never tell or show how. If you did it was considered a crime punishable by death.”

I looked at him completely flabbergasted. “Is that why we are the only we’re-witch pack left??” “Yes, the other packs ended up destroying themselves, consumed with absorbing the power of others. What they didn’t know was that if you absorb too much power it begins to eat away at you from the inside and you will die very painfully...” He admitted with a sad lost look on his face. “Wow...wait how can you talk about it now?? I thought you said everyone was under Alpha command??” I asked perplexed my face scrunching up in confusion.

“Because....your father.. my Alpha..is dead.. the command is no more” he looked at me grief and sympathy all over his face..
”Oh......yeah....” I looked down fresh tears forming in my eyes streaming down my face. I lost both my parents today...I am all alone..All because of that girl..Luna..I hate her and I don’t even know her..I will find her though I promised myself. I will find her and use her to draw out the vampire king and then kill him, avenging my parents deaths and my packs.
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