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A Dragons Soul

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Stormi was born with a dragons soul sealed within her. As she grows older and tragedy strikes, strange powers start to unleash. She must learn to control the power of the dragon as well as the position given to her.

Fantasy / Action
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Long ago, in a kingdom where people lived in clans of the symbolizing dragon. Fire, Ice, Lightening, Air, and Water. The people of each clan respected the dragons. Some were even lucky enough to form bonds with particular dragons and used them when in battle.

For many years the clans were at peace with each other, that was, until a dark and dangerous dragon had evolved. Storytellers say this particular dragon was capable of overruling the entire world and wiping out the people. This particular dragon was some how born being capable of using of the powers from each of the clans.

No one knows exactly how the dragon evolved, but People who were lucky enough to see this dragon and lived described it as a bone chilling sight.

It had a naturally vibrant purple eye color unless provoked, then it turned to a bright red. The scales were black. This dragon was said to be the biggest of all dragons. A lot of people believed it came straight from the underground, but even then, this dragon was too powerful to be from there.

The people named the dragon Viper. Once the dragon discovered its powers it started going through destroying and killing the villages property, people, and dragons. The people from the clans were tired of it destroying everything so the knew the only way of getting rid of it was to kill it.

The clans met up to describe a plan to defeat the dragon. They waited until the lunar eclipse to make their move. It wouldn't be easy but with thousands of trained warriors and angry people of the villages as well as other dragons, there was a chance to defeating the dragon.

The night of the eclipse, the clans met up in the forest and started shouting the dragons name to bring it to them. The dragon showed up within seconds and was already fighting off people. Hundreds of people were killed as well as dragons, but they finally defeated the beast.

Moments after killing the dragon a strange phenomenon happened after. The people who fought against it noticed a bright blue light shoot up out of the dragons body and towards the sky. The dragons body disappeared and the blue light vanished. The people were stunned and had no idea what just happened.

As the people of the Fire clan made their way back to the village, a loud scream of a woman came from the towns hospital. One of the men who fought in the battle remembered his brother, who was killed fighting the dragon, was expecting a baby.

He quickly made his way to the hospital pushing past everyone. When he got into the hospital he quickly shoved the nurses out of the way and stared at the babygirl laying in her moms arms. He looked around and noticed fear and shock on everyones faces. He turned back towards the babygirl and noticed strange, faded looking tattoos on the baby. Walking closer, the mother handed him the baby and he got a better look at the markings. Fear swept through him when he noticed a faded marking of a large dragon covered most of her body.

A man was called in who is known to be able to talk and read spirits, to check the newborn baby. When the man saw the markings on the baby girl the people in the room said he looked as white as a ghost.

Once he gathered himself, he continued to tell everyone the the spirit of Viper was living in the newborn baby. One of the nurses passed out from the news. The man proceeded to explain that once the girl was of age she needed to be sent to training to be a warrior. That would be the only way she could learn to control the dark spirit within her.

A dragons spirit living within one of the people was nothing new to these people, but a dragon of such dangerous intentions could be a problem.

The mother agreed and promised to send her daughter off to training once she was 18. The man nodded and left the hospital

The uncle stayed with her mother to help her with the baby and her older son. He felt it was his job to do so since the father was killed in the battle of the dangerous dragon.

Once the babygirl was about 10, the uncle fled. No one in the family knows where's he's at now.

The babygirl grew stronger day by day. Her temper constantly getting worse on occasion, the mother decided to keep her identity a secret and forced her daughter to wear clothes that covered her body. Whether it be a long dress or pants and a jacket just to cover her markings.

She didn't want the town knowing who her daughter was. Although the kids might not know who she was based on her markings, most of the parents would've known, especially if they fought in the battle.

This babygirl, who grey up with a natural lavender color hair, blue eyes, and tan skin, will grow up to be known as Stormi. The babygirl who will hopefully live in secrecy of what lives within her.
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