A Dragons Soul

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Chapter 9

Once we see the battle in range we immediately get ready to attack. Within a split second, the enemies dragon came charging right at me with ice. Luckily Red pushed me out of the way and attacked back with fire.

Me and Zeruko took a quick look at each other and nodded. Ready to risk dying we ran straight into the battle. Running up against the ice kingdom, there was always someone ready to fight you.

The battle field was full of cannon fires, swords smashing against each other. Loud screams of either pain or war cries. Blood was splatter all over the frozen ground. What once was probably white is now a mixture of blood, guts, flesh, bone, clothing, mud. With the dragons fire from our kingdom, it has helped melt some of the frozen ground.

While I fighting someone, one of my other comrades jumps in to help take control. Being a trainee there's still a lot I didn't get to learn before going to war.

There was a loud cannon fire, I look to my left. The moment I looked, the canon went straight through a comrades body, basically blowing it to pieces. Blood, guts, and everything splattered all over the ground and the people nearby.

Fear started sweeping over me, but I kept myself from losing it. Another one of the ice kingdoms warriors charged right at me. I threw my sword up and they clashed together so hard, sparks flew.

Going back and forth with the same person, we both ended up with cuts on us both. Blood was dripping over our bodies and uniforms were being torn. The weather might've been extremely cold, but constantly fighting, it felt like 100°. Everyone was getting tired.

Everyone was sweating, bleeding, some had so much sweat that the cold air from when the dragons would come through it would freeze the sweat.

Above us you can feel the heat and coolness of the dragons fighting each other. Ashes and snow was constant fall down.

I heard another cannon blow, again to my left. As soon as I put my sword up to shield myself. I quickly looked to see something I wish I never had to see. It was so close, I could see everything.

Zeruko's head was blown clear off. Blood, bone and brains were splatters everywhere. Blood gushed from the barely standing body as it fell to the ground I almost slow motion.

"ZERUKOO!! NOOOOO!" I screamed as loud as I could. Completely forgetting I was fighting someone I tried to run towards him. That when I felt a scratch down my left eye. Throwing my hand over it quickly, I pulled my hand away and noticed blood. I look up and see a small dragon with extremely sharp claws had blood on it.

Ignoring the pain I continued my way to where Zeruko was. There was nothing left of his head but the bits that were blown up. I fell to my knees by his body and felt tears quickly streaming down my face. I see zerukos name badge still on his uniform, covered in blood. I yanked it off and quickly put it on my belt.

I felt a sense of rage I have never felt before. Yelling to the point of it almost sounding like a loud roar. I took charge at the man I was fighting and quickly stabbed my sword through his heart. Not thinking anymore, I yanked it out.

From that moment on, anyone that came towards me I didn't even try to fight them. I quickly dodged their sword and would wrap to their side, slicing their throat along the way. Or I was somehow getting behind them and stabbing them from the back.

I had a quick moment to breath before another enemy ran up. I looked down for a split second and noticed I wasn't covered in just my blood anymore. Blood was still dripping from my face because my body temperature was so high, nothing froze it.

I looked off to the distance where they were firing cannons and I see they brought out another big wooden machine. I didn't get to look at it too well because 2 more enemies came at me at one time.

I quickly through my swords outwards and ran back at them. Them thinking. I was going to go head first and stab them, I ran past them, flipping my swords to my back and stabbed them both in the back at the same time.

As I tried to get another look at the machine, it was too late to figure it out a head of time when I see a large arrow shooting from it into the sky.

I quickly watch where it's going, the worst thing that could ever, and I mean ever happen to me. Did just right in front of my eyes .

A red dragon was stabbed in the side mid air. Puncturing right through the heart. Once it hit the ground, I noticed it wasn't just any ordinary red fire dragon. It was my dragon, my Red.

I slowly walked over towards it, disbelief all over my face. Anyone seeing me walk would think I was some sort of bloody zombie. Seeing that it was, in fact, Red. I collapsed to the ground. My last hope, the one thing that brought joy to my life since I was little, is gone.

I leaned against Red's lifeless body and cried. I cried and cried, not caring if I was killed either.

That was until, a strange feeling of strong power and anger coursed through my body. Completely forgetting who I am. I stood up, opened my eyes, everything was a blur. I'm seeing blurry shadows raging towards me. My breathing increased heavily.

I let out the loudest possible scream ever from pain and anger. The faster the blurry shadows approached the angrier I got. My body was boiling, it felt like literally flames were coming off of my body.

When it seemed like everyone was too close, I quickly threw my hands forwards, then quickly slammed them to the ground. The shadows stopped moving. My vision was still blurry.

I hit my knees as my body grew weak. The world around me quickly grew dark.
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