A Dragons Soul

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Chapter 11

"Stormi honey wake up!" I quickly jump up. My mom had her hand gently on my shoulder while she was sitting on my bed. A look of worry was spread across her face and I tried to slow my breathing. "Bad dream?" I simply nodded my head, still trying to focus on reality.

She sat in silence next to me before deciding to speak again. "Breakfast is ready if you want to come out and eat. It'll probably make you feel a little better eating at home." I nodded my head once more before she got up a left.

I finally calmed myself down completely and made my way to the dining room. I sat in my usual seat that use to be next to Rocky. Mom might've been right about eating at home instead of at the battle field, but it felt empty. As I continued to eat breakfast, I felt tears roll down my cheeks.

I barely ate half of my breakfast. I wasn't really that hungry, but I didn't want to worry my mom. I know she's going through enough as it is losing one of her children.

I got my shower and went into my room to grab my bag and a book with a few snacks. Captain Arshaw said I needed to rest, so there's no better place to rest than the cliff side.

It felt weird walking there by myself. I'm so use to Red being there right next to me the whole time. It threw me off more though when I got there and felt how lonely I truly am. Clover is gone, Zeruko is gone, Red is gone, even Rocky is gone. I lost them all with in a time span of a few days. I even watched some of the die right in front of me.

Trying to brush away the thoughts, I took a blanket out of my bag and laid it on the ground. I grabbed my journal first and decided to write my thoughts and feelings in it first. I don't want to put the burden on my mom with how I'm feeling, but I can try to write them.

Once I finished I grabbed my book and began to read. It's one of my favorite stories I've loved since I was younger. It was a cute little fantasy story of a young girl who only had one best friend which was her dragon. The bond between her and her dragon reminded me a lot of me and Red, maybe that's why I loved it so much.


I must've fallen asleep while reading. I opened my eyes and see a couple of small birds only a couple of inches from my face pecking at the ground trying to find worms.

I silently laid there watching them, not moving or making a sound so I don't startle them. It was very comforting hearing their little chirps before digging their beaks into the ground. The sound of the lake was quite loud today because of the wind, making it sound very peaceful.

After the birds flew away I noticed the sun was almost completely set. I decided to pack my things and headed home.

By the time I walked into the house I see my mom finishing up dinner. I quickly put my bag in my room and went back into the kitchen to help my mom, I figured she needs a bit of a distraction too.

We both sat down and ate quietly. I want to talk to her, but I'm not sure about what. I'm afraid to say something and make her cry again.

"Would you like to join me on a walk through town?" I decided to finally speak up.

"Hmm, not this time. I'm quite tired, I'll probably lounge around before bed. Be careful if you decide to go." She had already finished her dinner and was putting her dishes in the sink. It bothered me a bit when she said she didn't want to go. I was hoping to get her out of the house so she could get some fresh air.

Once I finished eating I put my dishes in the sink and began to wash them. My mom was sitting in her rocking chair in the living room reading a book.

I went to my room and grabbed my bag. I headed out the door taking one last look at my mom before going on a walk. She didn't even look up at me once. I guess she's really into that book.

The sun was starting to set, casting a golden hue across town. Not having anywhere to go in particular I decided to walk to the academy.

As soon as I got there I found myself a seat right next to a large tree just right inside the entrance. Not being too far from the market place I can smell all kinds of foods being baked. It was a relaxing smell.

"Oh, Stormi, I wasn't expecting to see you here." I heard a males voice speak, causing me to open my eyes. "Shouldn't you be home resting?" Captain Arshaw questioned me, taking a seat at the other spot of the tree, giving me space.

"I'm still technically resting," I said with a faint chuckle. "It's just staying in that house is too gloomy for me right now. I'm trying to wrap my head around everything still. I know my mother is too, but I just don't know what to do for her if I don't know what to do for myself either." I rested my head against the trees trunk, looking up into the leaves to see the little bits of the sky's beautiful colors peaking through.

"Just be there for her Stormi. I'm sure she feels the same. You were in battle and saw a lot, lost a lot." He stopped for a minute. I barely turned my head to be able to see him. He too rested his head back against the tree, closing his eyes. "Just remember one thing, there's beauty and light even in darkness. Don't let your light die out just because others have."

For some reason his words make complete sense. I'm still alive even though I went into war. There's still peace in the kingdom even though families are grieving of lost ones.

"Thank you, captain Arshaw." I turned back to look up between the leaves. He hummed in a questioning tune. "For allowing me to talk to you, I've only been able to write how I feel in my journal." I heard him chuckle and felt him place a reassuring hand on my shoulder. I feel a little more at peace with myself after getting to actually talk to someone, even though it wasn't everything that I feel.
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