A Dragons Soul

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Chapter 12

Weeks have passed and I have a meeting with the captain of the royal guard today. He's suppose to come by my training to talk to me afterwards. According to captain Arshaw he's just suppose to tell me about when I start and give me my new uniform.

I'm at the warrior training grounds, currently waiting my turn to go against the guy who has yet to lose in practicing. His sword skills are very precise, always knowing when to block and hit, obviously without hurting anyone.

"Stormi you're up" the eldest of the group spoke, I don't exactly remember her name. I've seen her train with Rocky a few times, I think he told me her name once. Oh well, I've never been good with names anyways.

I made my way to the very tall and broad man. He looked down at me with a playful smirk. I returned on back with my arms crossed over my chest. I'm just casually letting him know I won't let him win without a fight.

"Salute!" The eldest hollered. Me and the man in front of me did the typical salute we've had to practice until it was burned in our brains. "Fight!" She yelled only a couple seconds later. I heard she's one of the best fighters from Rocky, hopefully one day I'll get to practice with her once.

We dropped out salute position and crossed out swords across each other with a quick nod to one another. He swiped first in which I immediately threw might right sword up blocking, throwing my left sword up I tried to put pressure behind his knee to cause it to buckle, he quickly dodged it.

We went at it for a few minutes, starting to get irritated I decided to try and pull a quick move I've never tried before. It's training so if it fails it's fine, I'll have time to work on it.

I waited for the man to to swing his left sword at me, which I quickly dodged to the right of it. I threw a quickly glance at him seeing him freeze in place with a shock on his face. Not really thinking much on his reaction I quickly placed my swords in their slots and took his left arm pulling it behind him and throwing him to the ground quickly by making him lose balance. Taking the sword in his hand Of the arm in holding I point it at his back. Waiting for the eldest to call the fight, i noticed complete silence.

Out of confusion and curiosity I look to my side to see everyone in complete shock looking at me, even the eldest. I made me confused seeing everyone's reaction.

I quickly released the man and lifted him up, he wiped his hands on his uniform trying to clean some of the dirt off.

"Why are they looking at me like that?" I questioned, although I was more questions myself, but the man heard me.

"I would be shocked too if I see something that fast happen." I looked at him in confusion.

"What do you mean, I just knocked you off balance?" I was becoming more confused by the minute.

"It was the speed you did it at, was almost at the speed of light. That wasn't the only thing though."

"What else," I look up at him with a pleading look to continue.

"You had this-."

"Stormi!" He was cut off my captain Arshaw hollering for me. The man next to him must be the captain of the royal guards. I wanted to ask the guy next to me what he was going to say, but it was rude to leave the higher ups wait. I decided to ignore it and walked over to the captains.

I saluted as usual until they told me to stand down. The captain of the royal guard had a box in his hand.

"Stormi, this is the royal guards captain, Joshua." Captain Arshaw introduced me. I saluted once more quickly out of respect.

"Hi Stormi, here's your new uniform," he handed me the box. " you are to wear it to perfection when on duty. I'd rather not be disciplined by the king because his guards don't look professional." I nodded at joshuas words.

"Thank you for the introduction Arshaw, I'll take it from here," the men shook hands and Joshua turned his attention back to me. "Follow me, I'll show you where to meet me tomorrow morning. Your first day on duty will be first thing tomorrow morning." He started walking and I followed behind him.

As we were walking he continued to talk about everything. "You will work from sunrise to sundown. Obviously you'll switch for food breaks and stuff. As long as you have a someone to hold your spot you can go and use the restroom whenever."

We finally reached the castle and he stopped to turn to me. "You will meet me here. I'll introduce you to one of the guards and they will give you a tour of the castle. Make sure to listen to them closely. The king doesn't play about personal guards of the kingdom." He spoke sternly but I know it was make sure I understood.

"Now go home and get some rest, you will need it." I saluted once more to Joshua and turned away heading home.

I decided to stop in the market and grab my moms favorite sweet bread and fruit so she can make us a desert for dinner. I hope she'll feel a little more at peace with me being a royal guard.

Once I walked into the house I noticed the house was dark. She wasn't at her usual spot at the stove fixing dinner for us around this time. I looked around the house trying to find her, not having any luck I started to panic.

I walked past the living room and the moonlight was hitting right in the direction of her rocking chair. There she was asleep in the chair with a book still in hand.

I made my way over to her. I gently woke her and led her to bed. Once my nerves were calm I decided to go into the kitchen and just fix something to eat, saving left overs just in case she gets hungry in the middle of the night.
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