A Dragons Soul

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Chapter 13

I'm walking up to the castles front entrance where I see captain Joshua. I remembered to put on the new uniform instead of the old one. This one is an all black body suit. It has a silver and white stash that goes across the shoulder. The sword holder is also black to back the suit. A pin was in the box that was labeled "royal guard", it's on the opposite side of where the sash lays across my chest. Luckily I'm still able to wear my boots that go halfway up my calves.

The closer I get, I notice a younger male next to Joshua, he has the same uniform on. He must be the guard Joshua was talking about yesterday that would show me around the castle.

Once I approach them, I stopped and saluted at Joshua. After he nodded his head I dropped my position.

"This here is the head guard of the castle, Arthur." I turned to Arthur and nodded my head, he returned the favor. "He will be showing your around the castle" Joshua said before turning to whisper something to Arthur. Joshua turned and left leaving me with Arthur.

"Are you ready?" Arthur asked with a smile. He seemed so cold a quiet a second ago. I guess you have to learn to be that way to guard the royal family. I simply nodded my head to Arthur and he took me into the castle.

The moment you walk in, it's a huge ballroom. Dark marble covers the floor, really dark wood with almost a red tint covers the pillars and stair case. There's a silver and white rug going down the grand stair case. Looking up I see one large chandelier having from the ceiling with several small lights having above that. Most of the light coming into the ballroom though is from the large windows allowing in sunlight.

Arthur made his way to the large staircase and I followed right behind. Taking me down one hallway, he showed me where some of the guest bedrooms were and the room for the maids.

After showing me where the kitchen, meeting rooms and the families bedrooms were, the important locations of the castle, he led me down da other hallway. There was several pictures up on the wall, but I noticed one was covered. I made my way to it and stopped.

"Why is this one covered?" I looked up at it, there was a large red, almost blanket type material hanging over it.

"Not sure, we were never told why. Just told to never look under it." Arthur said while looking at it as well standing next to me. "Well we should get going, I need to show you the room where the guards go on break to eat." He took a breath and began walking, I followed behind him again.

He took us to a fairly large room with some tables and couches. There was guards sitting around talking, I'm assuming they're on their break. Arthur went and took a seat and an empty table, I walked over and sat across from him.

"Your position will stand at the kings office. You pretty much just go there when he has meetings. I'll have you a copy of his meeting times for you tomorrow." Arthur told me my position. It almost sounds boring really.

"What will I do when he doesn't have a meeting?" I really wanted to know, I know I don't want to just sit around all day.

"After his meetings and the guest are escorting out, you can walk around the castle to help out. There a huge ball coming up in a week, so he will be quite busy with meetings. If he doesn't have meetings they'll probably ask you to help set up the place." I just sat quietly as Arthur spoke. At least I can do something while I'm here when the king isn't in meetings.

"Can I ask you something?" Arthur brought me out of my thoughts.

"Umm... I guess so," I said with confusion in my voice.

"Did you know Zeruko?" It felt like air was snatched right from my lungs when he asked that. I put my head down, that day came to mind at the sound of his name.

"Yea..." I said quietly, but hopefully he heard it.

"Did you know much about him?" Now that he asked, I realized I didn't know much about him. Zeruko was cold and quiet until he got to know me, we also shared the same spot, but I never knew him personally. His life or family.

"No, not really. We just went to the academy together and shared the same spot at the cliffside." I saw a small smile creep on Arthur's face. I felt ashamed for never getting to know him.

" I'm glad to know he had you as a friend." The smile was still on his face, but you could see a hint of sadness underneath.

"Did you know him?" I asked, Arthur nodded his head.

"Our families were really close. We're actually not from this kingdom." He just stared down at the table when speaking.

"Where are you from?"

"You remember learning about the evil dragon, Viper?" I nodded my head so he could continue talking. He took a quick breath. "The kingdom we lived in wasn't big. Not many people knew about it. Me and Zeruko were practically brothers with how close our families were." He took another moment to pause. "Well, that dragon came to kingdom and practically wiped us all out. Mine and zerukos parents were killed trying to protect us from the dragon." I see Arthur trying to fight back tears. "Once we found out the fire kingdom killed the dragon, I decided to move me and Zeruko here. Unfortunately he was so upset about his parents he practically kicked me out of his life. I would bring him food, but he wouldn't touch it. Then once he started the academy, he started coming around. That's when he started talking to me, it was mostly about you though."

"About me?" I asked in shock.

"You were his first true friend besides me. I'm grateful to know he had someone beside him until his final day." He looked at me, tears strolling down his face one after another. It took everything in me to keep from crying, but I felt one slip anyways. "Well feel free to roam the kingdom until your shift is over. I'll see you around Stormi." He said with a smile on his face. I nodded and got up.

I decided to just roam the kingdom more. I passed the covered pictures again, it built my curiosity more when I walked past it again.
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