A Dragons Soul

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Chapter 14

It's the day of the ball and I'm making my way to the castle. Arthur told me that the king won't have any meetings today so I will just help out with decorating and standing on guard if anything happens.

Once I entered the castle a young maid came running up to me. "Stormi, do you mind coming to the ballroom to help with some of the decorations and cleaning?" She was out of breath, probably from running to finding someone. I had to walk in through the side entrance because the main one is closed off until tonight.

I followed the maid to the ball room. There was a large ladder sat in the middle and a man is up there polishing the chandelier. A painter is going around touching up any chipped paint. Then a polisher is going through an polishing all the wood. Maid are constantly going through and sweeping and mopping the flooring and the large rug on the stair case.

I got so caught up in what was going on around me I didn't realize the maid walked off. I looked to my right and she's walking back up to me with two rectangular boxes. When she was in front of me, she put the boxes down and opened them up. It looked liked there was banners inside.

" I was wondering if you could help decide what order we should put these in." She stood back up smiling while pulling out the two different kinds of banners. She unrolled them, one was black and the other was silver. Each banner looked to have all the allies names on them. "They'll go up between each of the windows."

I looked up at the windows. I decided to grab one of the black ones first and took a ladder and hug it up between the windows. I climbed down and grabbed and silver one and hung it up. After about an hour all 15 banners were placed on the wall. As I climbed down from the ladder the last time, I heard Arthur.

"It's about time someone did something different with those banners." I turned around and he was standing next to the maid while looking at them. "Usually they just put them in alphabetical order and it looks tacky." I made my way over to him to look up at them as well.

"So what's our positions going to be tonight? I'm sure they're going to need us all on guard duty with how many people are supposed to be here." Arthur pulled his attention from the banners and looked down at me.

"I'll be helping you guard the royal family. They specially requested for us to guard them." I shot him a confused look.

"Specially requested us?" Arthur just nodded his head. he turned attention away from me and began to look around the room.

"Oh, we're required to wear these for the ball. I meant to give you yours tomorrow." He pulled out a badge. It said 'Royal family escort' on the gold plate. I took it from Arthur, I noticed he already had his on, so I did the same.

We spent the remaining of the day decorating and making sure the ballroom was spotless for the guest. Once night fell all the guards went to the meeting room to discuss more where our positions were. I already knew where I was stationed. The maids took off to get changed into their uniforms to help serve drinks and food at the ball.


As the royal family was finishing getting ready, Arthur and I stood in front of the large double doors on the balcony that's over the ballroom. Just about everyone is here.

Women in large ballgowns and men in suits covered the entire floor. Everyone was gathered around simply just talking, drinking, and patiently waiting for the royal family.

The last group of people showed up and the door behind me peaked open. A maid that was in there was letting us know they were ready. I looked down at the personal group brought in for music and nodded my head to let them know they were ready. Loud trumpets and horns echoed through the room.

I looked over at Arthur giving him a small nod and we opened the large doors at the same time. We saluted at the king and queen as they walked through the doors. Their children followed not far behind. Once the king was at the railing and lifted his hand to start speaking the music stopped. I dropped the salute position as well as Arthur.

After the king welcomed everyone one and told them to enjoy their time it was very loud because of the crowd cheering. We had the lead the royal family to their thrones downstairs so people can come up to them to talk to them.

The ball has been going on for about an hour now and I'm started to get tired just standing in one spot. The guards aren't shift changing until every 3 hours. I feel like a statue just standing around. I'm not allowed to break stance either or it'd be considered disrespectful to the royal family.

"Stormi," the kings voice echoed. I quickly turned around.

"Your majesty?" I saluted while holding eye contact. Once he nodded I dropped stance.

"Can you please run to my office and get my other cape, I'm not really feeling the grey one and feel more comfortable with the black." He spoke with a sophisticated tone, but it sounded a bit off. I just nodded my head and made my way to his office.

I turned around as I was walking away and noticed the king whispering something to the queen before getting up. I have an uneasy feeling, but I brushed it off thinking it was just that I'm hungry.

I walked down the hallway where the covered picture is. I have this urge to want to take the cover off to expose the piece beneath it but I remember Arthur telling me it's forbidden.

I brush the urge off and walk to the kings office and found his black cape. I don't understand what's wrong with the grey one since that one was specifically made for tonight.

Walking past the covered piece once again, I stopped immediately and gripped the cape in my hand. A faint but loud voice kept repeating over and over in my head to uncover it. I looked around the room and noticed no one was there. Maybe I could take it off and quickly put it back since everyone is so busy with the ball.

Throwing on the kings cape temporarily I barely lifted the corner and it read " The Real Ruler". It spiked my interest more. What if the queen now is a fake?

Checking my surroundings once more, no one was still around. I gripped the covering over the picture frame and yanked it off. A thin coat of dust came off with it cause me to cough. I waved my hand in front of my face to fan away some of the dust.

I looked up at the picture. The girl in it had what looked like purple hair, but it was hard to see due to the built up dust. She had a crown and was holding a sword over her shoulder. A black off the shoulder gown laid perfectly against her. I walked up to it and gently wiped some of the dust off of the piece from her face to chest. I noticed the markings, they were my markings. The girl in the picture is me.

My thoughts were quickly stopped when I hear a blade being pulled. I luckily moved out of the way with a small dagger was thrown in front of my face and hit the wall at the end of the hallway. I lost my balance and hit the ground. I looked at the ground and noticed a small chunk of my hair laying there. Only a second later I heard a deep males voice.

"I had a feeling you were going to be the one to pull that curtain. You will regret doing that though." I looked to where the voice was coming from. When I saw who was there, I froze.
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