A Dragons Soul

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Chapter 15

The king slowly made his way towards me, a devilish smile grew on his aged face. Confusion and anger coursed through my body.

"What are you talking about?" I looked up at the king and then turned my attention back to the portrait in front of me. "What is all of this?" I spoke in a low whisper tone. I wanted to know, but at the same time I didn't. I heard the kings low chuckle and I looked back at him. He drew his sword and placed the end right in front of my face.

"This," he shoved the sword closer to me, "and this," he pointed his sword to the painting. "Are the same damn thing," he placed the sword right on top of the painting and looked me dead in the eye. "Is a monster," he pulled his sword through the painting, ripping it.

I looked at the painting in shock, then back at the king I glared. "I don't understand, why is there a painting of me here?" I feel anger slowly growing within me, but I kept it contained.

"My brother was suppose to be king, but I despised him," I heard him take a breath. "I found out from my father that he was killed during the battle of that horrible, horrible dragon." That devilish smiled reappeared on his face.

"What does your brother have anything to do with me?" My voice started to shake from the anger building.

"My brother Stormi," he turned the end of his sword back to my face. "Is your father."

It all dawned on me. My father was killed, he said his brother was killed during the battle with the dragon. Then another thing hit me. "That means..." I paused looking at the king in fear. He knew what I was thinking because I heard a dark laugh come from him.

"That's right Stormi, I'm your uncle. I was the one there the night you were born." He glared intensely at me. " I noticed that monster sealed itself within you that night. I made it my responsibility to make sure you work in the kingdom once you were ready."

"But why?" I spat.

"Because, I wanted to have an excuse to get rid of you too." He pointed back toward the painting. "I knew you would pull that curtain, you're just as curious as your damn father." He pointed the sword back at me, this time squatting down in front of me, holding strong eye contact. "But don't worry, I won't kill you, I'll just banished from this kingdom."

We stared at each other for a good minute. Another dark smile came from the man in front of me. What's he planning now?

A second later he took the swords and cut his chest just enough for it to rip the clothing and caused him to bleed. He took the sword and dropped it in front of me as he fell to the ground.

"Guards! Guards! Help! This monster is trying to kill me!" He shouted. Fear quickly replaced the anger for a brief moment.

Immediately several guards came running in and noticed me and the bloody sword next to me. They quickly charged at me and two guards grabbed my arms and picked me up.

"Put me down! I didn't do anything, he's the real monster! He's trying to frame me!" I shouted while trying to kick out of the guards grip.

"Shut it you damn demon!" The guard at my right shouted while taking the handle part of his sword and jabbing it in my back. I let out a low groan from the pain.

I looked down at the king who was holding his shoulder and a bright red glare quickly glossed over his eyes. It shocked me, who is that man?

As the guard were dragging me out of the castle I continued to fight them. My anger quickly built up each time they gripped harder.

The walked right to the front gates of the kingdom, my anger hit completely boiling point and the anger I felt the same extreme power course through me like it did on the battle field.

"Ow.. shit!" I hear the guards that had a hold of me yell as the threw me out the gates. I looked back over at them and noticed them holding their sides. I remember grabbing them, but when they removed their hands I noticed the clothing around it was black and blood was pouring out. I looked at them in shock.

When I looked back down at my hands I noticed little sparks of firing showing up. I was beyond confused at this point. When I looked up two more guards came up to me and started to beat me.

"Stay away from here demon!" They shouted at me, people from the village started coming around and shouting it too.

"Mother!!!" I shouted over and over, tears quickly streamed down my face. Finally one of the guards came up to me with their sword right at my face.

"You better shut up you damn demon," he took his had and pointed it to a direction where another guard had my mother in a hold with his sword to her throat. "Or she will kill her," my breath was caught in my throat.

The woman in the guards hold was definitely my mother, but she looked lifeless. She acted like she didn't care what was going on. She just stared. It looked like it was at me, but she was really staring at nothing. The mother I knew, the one who would shout to help protect her children, wasn't there anymore. She was caught in her own thoughts, she lost her oldest child, she's still in shock, grieving.

It dawned on me she can't try to defend me anyways, one of us would be kills otherwise. I looked at the kingdom and the people blocking off the gates. Tears rolled down my cheeks one after one. The place I once called home, abandoned me.

"Get away from here demon, NOW!" The guards closest to me shouted. They charged like they were going to beat me. One ended up getting a kick in at my rib cage as I got up.

I quickly got up and took off running. I ran and I ran. I had no idea where I was going, but I kept running.

Reaching a dark forest, my body gave out. I had no clue how far from the kingdom I was, but it felt far enough. I ended up collapsing to my knee at a large oak tree and rest my head against it. Once I finally caught my breath, my body was weak. I eventually fell asleep.
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