A Dragons Soul

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Chapter 17

I’m sitting in front of charity while she brushes my hair. I’ve already been here for about 20 minutes and she’s not even halfway done brushing it.

“Are you sure you want to cut it?” Charity asked, still brushing my hair.

“Yea, it’s been long all my life. I don’t ever remember a time it actually being short. So I want to try something new with it.” I heard her chuckle a little.

Just as charity was finishing up brushing my hair, the door to the hut opened. Mikey walked in with some more fire wood and some meat for dinner tonight. After he dropped down everything in their designated spots, he looked over at us.

“You’re finally cutting that bed worth of hair off like I told you ?” He asked sarcastically. I just rolled my eyes and laughed.

“Mikey come here.” I said, he walked over but stopped right in front of me. “No, here.” I pointed to the ground signaling for him to get closer to eye level.

Once he was closer to the ground. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him inches from my face. When I saw confusion written on his face I smiled.

“Mikey dear, I think you only want me to cut my hair short because you honestly like it long, but will never admit it. So to get over the fact you like my long hair you bash it and suggested I cut it.” I spoke in a flirty tone. I saw him swallow hard. I caught him off guard. I pulled him slightly closer, I noticed his breathing picking up, “Like I’d ever do anything for you. I’m actually doing this for myself ” I laughed and pushed him away.

Looking up at him I noticed his face turn red. Charity started laughing behind me. Mikey groaned and stormed out of the hut, causing me and charity to laugh even more.

“Okay dear, here I go.” Charity had my hair in her hand. It was wrapped in a tie. I didn’t want to go extremely short, so I settled with about a mid-back length.

Nodding my head, I hear the knife sawing through my hair. I clenched my teeth at the sound, but this is what I want, plus it’ll grow back eventually.

Once the hair was completely cut off, I felt weight off my shoulders immediately. Charity handed me the tied off hair she cut off. It shocked me at first with how much hair was actually in my hands. Charity got up and grabbed a hand mirror and showed me to the large mirror on the wall.

I didn’t recognize myself at first, but I liked the change. Cutting my hair never crossed my mind, so I guess in a way I’m glad Mikey brought it up to me.

Smiling at the big change in myself I look at charity in the mirror, who is standing right behind me. My smile instantly faded when I saw a worried expression on her face.

“Charity, is there something bothering you?” She looked up and saw me looking at her through the mirror. She quickly changed her expression to a smile.

“No dear, just tired. Been a long day and old age is catching up to me.” She forced a laugh and walked to the other room in the hut. I didn’t push it and decided to walk out of the hut for a little bit.

The creek is just on the back side of the hut so I went over there and sat next to the water. I looked at my reflection in the water. I noticed the very visible scar on my left eye. I must’ve been so caught up in my new hair that I didn’t realize how big it really is. Not having many mirrors around, I never got to see myself much. Luckily the wound healed up nicely, I’m just left with this terrible scar.

“Stormi,” a males voice spoke. I turned my head and saw Mikey. “Hmm, still should’ve cut it shorter.” He snarled. I just rolled my eyes and turned away. These two are starting to make me question if I can even trust them with how they act, but they have taken me in so I can’t complain too much.

“Dinners almost done, let’s go.” He spoke up again. I heard the door on the hut shut. I decided to go on ahead and get up as well.

I followed behind and closed the door to the hut. I sat down on the small pile of blankets I sleep on. Charity handed me a bowl of a certain soup I’ve never seen before. Like always I watch them take a bite first before eating it myself.

Once they both took a bite I began eating. The soup was actually really good. I’m sure charity is the one who made it and she’s a really good cook.

We mostly sat in silence and ate. Once we finished charity took my bowl and put it in the bucket by the door. She usually washed the dishes in the morning.

“Mikey dear, can you meet me outside? I need to talk to you about something.” Charity asked Mikey. He just nodded and walked out the door following behind her. What could be so important that I can’t listen to it?

After they were outside for about ten minutes, I realized they were probably going to be out there for a good while. I went over to a small bucket of water and rinsed my face off and borrowed charity’s brush and brushed out my hair. It’s definitely much easier to brush out now with it not being as long.

When I was finished, they were still outside. I messed with my blankets until I was satisfied and crawled under the large quilt. I watched the fire as it was slowly starting to go out. I began closing my eyes as I heard the hut to the door open.

I heard Mikey speak but I couldn’t figure out what he said because Charity quickly hushed him. I decided to ignore it and went to bed.
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