A Dragons Soul

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Chapter 18

A bright light woke me up. Once my eyes focused, I got a look at my surroundings. I was no longer in the hut. I was outside of castle that looked dark and evil, but probably looks beautiful by day. I slowly stood up, realizing I was on a cobblestone path. I turned and looked all around me, I noticed I was on a cliff side. Below the castle was a village, it stretched from below the castle out to where the woods were. Confused with where I was I tried calling for charity and Mikey.

“Charity... Mikey... anyone here?” There wasn’t an answer from them. The wind blew, you could hear the tree branches crackly against the wind.

“Hello? Anyone here?” I tried again, this time speaking a bit louder. Still no answer. I happened to look down and noticed I wasn’t wearing what I wore to bed. I was in a silk black gown with a slit up to my hip, and my hair.... my hair!

I looked at it closely, the moon light shined just enough light on it to reveal that my hair was back to its original length, but half of it was black. Slowly starting to panic, I backed up toward the castle.

“Hello? Anyone here?” I asked again, louder. Finally I heard a door slowly open. I turned around immediately, a young women in a long gown with an apron above it looked out the door.

“Ma’ lady, you’re finally home.” She said with a bright smile. I was very confused, but before I got the chance to ask what was going on, the woman turned around and hollered, “the queen has returned!!”

Lights immediately shined bright on the castle, fire light on the torches and guards looked over from the top of the castle. The maid quickly grabbed my head and drug me through the castle, not giving me a chance to look at my surroundings.

When she finally stopped, we came upon a large black wooden door. She pushed the door open, the room was dark. She quickly grabbed a torch and handed it to me.

“Here ma’lady, light each torch. This is your throne.” I looked back into the room, but when I looked back over, she was gone.

Hesitantly, I slowly light each torch in the room. After lighting them, I took a step back and noticed all the weapons up along the walls. Several swords and daggers lines the walls, there was a couple of bow and arrows too.

Out of no where I felt a hot breath fuming down my neck. My breathing picked up and I slowly turned around. As I’m turning I hear a very low growl similar to a dragons. As I fully turned around I noticed the moon casting a fair light on a figure of a dragon. I noticed purple glowing eyes in the dark. I had backed up to a darker part of the room. I slowly backed up towards the more light area. The figure followed.

Once light hit it from the torches, it showed a fully black dragon, one of the largest I’ve ever seen. The dragon continued growl. I backed all the way into the large doors, the dragon released a very loud roar, enough to send fear through me and caused me to scream.


I woke up breathing hard. I checked my surroundings again and noticed I was back at the hut. Slowly calming down I realized it was just a bad dream. I saw through the cracks of the door, it was now morning.

I got up and went out side to the creek to wash up. I noticed I had a slight headache and ringing in my ears, but didn’t pay much attention to it.

I kneeled down by the creek and quickly splashed my face with water. The cool morning made the water have a slight chill, just enough to wake me up.

I took part of my gown and wiped my face. When I looked back down in the water I saw my reflection, then my hair. I sat and stared at my reflection in shock when I realized my hair matched the way in looked in my dream.

Hoping I was just seeing things I closed my eyes and took a few breaths. Opening back up I looked at my reflection once more, nothing changed from what I saw the first time. I looked down and grabbed the ends of my over night grown, past my waist length hair. I just stared.

After a few moments I heard a bucket hit the ground. I looked over in shock and noticed Charity looking at me the same way.

“Charity, what’s going on? Why is my hair like this? What was that dream? What did you make Mikey stop talking about last night?” The fear caused tears to roll down my face. Charity’s face quickly softened and came towards me. Kneeling down in front of me, she hugged me tightly and let me cry.

After I finally calmed down she pulled me away from her and took a rag she always kept with her and wiped the remaining tears.

“Oh dear child, I knew this time would come. I promise I’ll explain everything tonight.” She gently caressed my face trying to keep me calm. I gently nodded my head. “Don’t worry dear, everything will be just fine. Now come help me wash these clothes and get things start for food.”


I helped Charity the rest of the day. I had a really hard time staying focused on what we were doing, I think she noticed.

Back at the hut after a long day, she’s pouring everyone a bowl of her delicious soup she makes once a week. After everyone finished eating and cleaning our bowls, Charity called me over to her.

“Stormi dear, I think it’s time you know the truth about you”

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