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A Dragons Soul

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Chapter 1

"Red!!" I hollered for my dragon. Red immediately flew up above the cliff side. I threw some of the left over meat from last night's dinner up to him. He quickly blew a ball of fire at it before eating it, he likes his meals a little extra crispy.

The wind started blowing, I inhaled the fresh spring breeze. This has always been my favorite time of year. Fresh blooming plants, warmer weather that you can open your windows to allow it to come in, and the fact you can actually go out and do things.


I look over at Red who sneezed because he got curious about the white fluffy things floating in the air and decided to smell them. I laughed at him. Okay, so maybe there's a flaw to spring and that's allergies. I sat down in the grass and continued to watch Red smell all the freshly bloomed flowers, occasionally sneezing or snorting flames after sniffing up a bee in his nose.

"Stormi! Breakfast is ready! Come eat!" I heard my mother yell. The cliff side is just right out side the village and through the woods. Luckily we live at the end of the village so I come here quite often, its only about a 10 minute walk.

I quickly look at Red, gaining his attention. "Want to race back to the house?" I question him while crossing my arms and raising a brow. He quickly pounces down lowering his from end and wagging his tail like a dog. "Ready.....GO!" I shouted as I got up and took off running. A big blow of wind hit my back as Red took off flying.

I quickly ran through the forest, weaving in and out between the trees and jumping over logs. I would occasionally look up and see Red hovering just above the trees right over me. I decided to pick up speed, running as fast as I possibly could back to the house. Just as I was about to reach the house, Red landed right in front of me causing me to collide into him and fall.

After I opened my eyes after that impact, Red was hovering over me with his head tilted.

"Red, are you sure you're even a dragon?" I look over and see my mom standing by the door shaking her head and laughing. Red walked over to her and she gently patted his head. "Come on birthday girl, it's time to eat your breakfast." I quickly got up, briefly forgetting today was my 18th birthday.

I ran inside and washed my hands. I then grabbed the plates and silverware from the cabinets to help my mom set up breakfast. As I finished putting the last fork down a hand was placed on my head and ruffled my hair.

"Happy birthday baby sis." Rocky said while removing his hand.

"Hey! Don't mess up my hair!" I complained to him while trying to fix it. He just laughed and went to grab some of the food to set it on the table.

"Sorry Stormi, but your hair was already a mess." Rocky walked passed me sniffing me, "you also need a shower. You smell like fresh cut grass." I shot him a glare and he just chuckled at me. In return I rolled my eyes.

"Okay you two, stop fighting and eat." Mom gave us the frightening mom glare.

"Sorry mom," we said at the same time. We finished grabbing the rest of the food and drinks. Finally we sat down and started eating.

"So Stormi, are you reading to start warrior schooling tomorrow?" Mom asked. I finished biting a piece of bacon and quickly nodded my head with a cheesy smile. I heard her giggle.

"Stormi you are still such a child." I look over at Rocky who is giving me a mocking look.

"Hey! I'm not a child. I'm just really excited. Becoming a warrior for this kingdom has always been a dream of mine. Maybe one day I can be a royal guard." I spoke enthusiastically. "Hey Rocky, don't you go to warrior training too?" I asked taking another bite from my bacon.

"Heck yea! But unfortunately since I'm older than you and I've been training longer, we won't be seeing each other. Besides before and after training." He said proudly.

"Yea yea you dummy, I know that." I glared at him, pointing my bacon at him. Before I could react Rocky quickly took a bite of my bacon. "HEY! That was my last piece!" I shouted at Rocky.

"That's enough you two," we both looked over at mom because of her serious tone. "Now finish eating and clean up the kitchen. Then you're free to do whatever. Rocky I need you to go to the market to get a few things for dinner tonight. Got it?" she spoke sternly.

"Got it mom!" We both said in unionism again. We faked smile at mom as she got up and left the kitchen. Once she was gone me and Rocky threw challenging glares at each other.

"Last one to clear the table does the dishes." Rocky said quickly before getting up. He's 20 and does that, but yet he calls me a child. I rolled my eyes and quickly got up and raced him to clearing the table.

*Later That Night*

After beating Rocky, I had gotten a shower and just walked around town for a bit. A few of the people I knew personally gave me small gifts, mostly my favorite snack, for my birthday. I'm not very well known here because I've always just stayed at home or to myself, but I'm glad I know a few good people.

It's now night time and I'm laying out my clothes for tomorrow. My first day of warrior training, I'm excited but nervous. I hope I get along with everyone, it'd be nice to have a few more friends.

After laying out my clothes I went and brushed my teeth.

Walking back into my room I sat on my wide window ledge and looked at the stars. Ever since I was little I've done this. Something about watching the night sky calms down.

I yawned and decided to crawl into bed. I grabbed the picture of my dad from off my bedside table and smiled at it. "Wish me luck tomorrow daddy, I promise I'll be the best warrior I can be." Placing the picture frame back in its place I turned off the lamp and fell asleep.
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