A Dragons Soul

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Chapter 19

TW: Suicide, Read at your own Risk.

I waited patiently, noticing Charity becoming very uncomfortable. She finally looked at me, guilt flashing over her aged face. Her typical light in her eyes has faded and are now glossed over.

“I want to apologize for not saying anything sooner dear, I just wanted you to live a bit of a normal life before things started...” she stopped taking a breath. “Expressing themselves on who you truly are.” She looked down at the ground. Mikey say in silence as she spoke.

“Those markings on your body,” I glanced down then back up to her. “I’m sure you’ve heard the story of the terribly dragon that was killed the same year you were born.” I nodded my head. “That dragons soul lives in your body. Those markings indicate that he does live within you.”

Charity stopped talking for a moment, she must’ve realized that alone is a lot to take in. That dragon, the one that killed my father and several other villagers. Its soul lives within me? Maybe that’s what the king meant when he said I’m a monster. That dragon definitely was. The actions it took were completely unforgivable.

“There’s more,” Charity brought me out of my thoughts. “What happened with your hair was the definite answer that the dragons soul has fully set in your body. Your souls are different, but one at the same time.”

The dream, was that the dragon? Was that a sign that he soul has fully set with mine as well? Or was that just a coincidence?

“The dragon..” I spoke out breathlessly. Charity and Mikey gave me a questioning look. “I saw a dragon in my dream last night. He was huge. Scales the deepest black I’ve ever seen with purple eyes I saw turn red. w-was it him?” I knew my answer the moment I looked up. The expression from both of them gave me my answer. The dragon in my dreams is the one who caused so many issues for everyone. The one that lives within me.

“If you’ll excuse me, I think I’ve heard enough tonight. I’m going to go on a walk.” I got up not looking at Charity and Mikey.

“Mikey will go with you,” Charity tried pushing him to go.

“No, I want to be alone right now.” I spoke more sternly than usual. “I’ll be fine I promise, Ive got my swords.” I looked over finally, giving them a fake gentle smile. I turned and walked out of the hut before they could say anything else.

I walked further into the woods, looking in the sky I noticed it was a clear night. I would’ve loved to come out to enjoy the slight of the peace and beauty of the night like I use to, but I’ve got too much on my mind to be at peace.

Walking through, flashbacks of the night of the ball kept running through my mind. “You’re a monster”, was being repeated over and over. Maybe he was right. Even though I didn’t kill all of those people that night, the beast still lives within me.

That night, the night of the ball when I was being banned from the kingdom, they should’ve just killed me then. not only would it had avenged everyone who was killed, but it would also let me be at peace. Not guilt for other peoples grief, no fear of being seen as a monster. No more risk of anyone else getting hurt.

I know I’m gaining the powers of the dragon. That’s the only way to explain the ice and fire incidents. I really am a monster, maybe not a full one yet, but doesn’t mean I’m not becoming one.

Tears started rolling down my face when a light catches my attention. I look over and notice I’m at the waterfall and the moon is casting a bright glow on the land below it. Lighting everything that it reaches. I walk towards it, looking out at the view in front of me. I look down at my reflection. With just enough light I see myself. The scar on my left eye, the now black and purple hair, the markings. I see my swords and the thought hits me. Maybe, just maybe, I can make up the mistake of the dragon. Taking my life for the lives the dragons took.

The thought of killing myself never crossed my mind, even after watching Zeruko being murdered right in front of me. I knew he’d want me to live a happy life. Now that I know about the markings and the dragon, I can’t happily, it’d only be misery.

Maybe seeing this view one last time would put me at peace. I could go and be with Zeruko, Clover, even my brother. Peace, that’s what I want, not risking anymore suffering.

I broke down to my knees crying, grabbing my sword. Mikey and Charity came to mind, the people who took me in when I was banned. A split second there, I changed my mind, but those deaths came back to mind. I slid my sword out of the sheath. Both hands on the handle, I placed the blade just right in front of my chest. Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, allowing all my happy times in life run through my mind. I want to go peacefully. I took the sword and slammed it right into my chest. A deep cough came out. I looked down and noticed blood pouring down my body, droplets hitting the ground.

Within seconds it became hard to breath. My body was clearly going to a panic. I closed my eyes, but the moment I opened them, I saw them. Zeruko, Clover, and my brother. They were standing on the other side of the creek. Blood was coming out of my mouth, tears soaked my face, and blood soaked my gown. I smiled at them across the creek. Then a thought of Charity and Mikey came to mind, my smile faded. With my last bit of breath, I muttered out “I’m sorry.”

One last tear fell down my face as I fell to the ground, accepting the darkness to consume me.

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