A Dragons Soul

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Chapter 20

I opened my eyes feeling oddly cold. I look down and see a blanket on it. After a few seconds of waking up, it dawned on me, lasts nights events must've just been a dream.

Yea, a dream that's all. Just a dream. I constantly repeated those words in my head. I would've never actually tried to kill myself. Does this mean that everything Charity and Mikey talked about was fake too? I sure hope so.

Finally calming my nerves I looked around and noticed the hut seems very empty and quiet. Usually Charity comes and wakes me up with food. I smell no food and I hear not noise whatsoever besides the wind and the birds singing.

Fear spiked and I sensed that maybe they were in trouble, but the moment I quickly tried to moved, I slammed back down the ground crying in pain. The pain was in my chest. It started becoming hard to breath with the pain.

As I lifted the covers to see my chest was bandaged with dry blood seeping through, the door to the hut busted open. In cams Charity and Mikey with fear wiped across their faces.

Charity quickly came down to my side. "Shh dear child, you're severely injured. Don't move too quickly." She gently laid her hand against the bandages and when I met her eyes again I could see she had been crying. Her eyes were Puffy and bloodshot with slight rosy cheeks. When she met my gaze her eyes started to water again.

"Charity.. w-what happened?" I stuttered over the pain still shooting through my chest. Now that I'm laying back down it's slowly easing the pain. She looked to the ground and wiped a stray tear that started rolling down her face.

"We discussed about the dragons soul that lives within you last night. You said you were going to go for a walk," she took a slow shaky breath. "But then it had been hours and you still hadn't come back, so we searched for you. That's when we found you by the waterfall, lifeless. It was a horrifying scene. It seems as though you stabbed yourself in your chest with your sword." She was now fully crying.

With her holding my hand, just letting her cry, everything hit me. It wasn't a dream last night. That monsters soul does live within me. I did see them last night, my brother, Zeruko, Clover. It wasn't a dream at all.

Charity brought me out of my thoughts asking if I was hungry. I just lightly nodded my head and closed my eyes for a bit. After all that, even though it wasn't a lot, I found myself extremely tired.


I felt someone lightly shaking me, I slowly open my eyes to see Charity in front of my with a bowl with some sort of soul she made. I could smell peppers and potatoes. Luckily she grows her own fruits and vegetables so she doesn't have to buy them.

She gave me a soft smile, then gently placed the bowl on the ground. Wrapping one arm around me and grabbing a pillow, she slowly helped me sit up so I could eat.

"How long was I asleep?" I asked rubbing my eyes to help wake up.

"Only about an hour," she grabbed the bowl and handed it to me. "Just long enough to make the soup." Giving me a soft smile I took the bowl from Charity and gave a thank you and slowly began eating.

The warmth from the soup was already helping me feel better. Realizing I shouldn't be able to eat, I through Charity a questioning look.

"What is it dear, do you not like the soup?" She asked putting her bowl down, ready to get up to make me something else. I put my hand up and shook my head. She sat back down.

"How am I able to eat, if I stabbed myself in the chest shouldn't I not be able to eat. Shouldn't I be dead?" I saw pain quickly gloss over her face. She make a look to Mikey and he just nodded. Confused by their mind reading language they've got going on. I just kept looking between them.

"There's more you need to know about yourself dear." I sat my bowl of soup down so I could pay close attention.

"You're not dead.... Because you can't die." Can't die? That's the most unrealistic thing I've ever heard, everyone dies at some point. She spoke up again, pushing away my thoughts. "The dragons souls that lives within you, in immortal. Which makes you immortal as well since it lives within you." Immortal, so I can't and never will die. I'll always suffer and be seen as a monster.

"You're body is also capable of healing itself quickly," she hesitated. I saw guilt show on her face, deep guilt. "You've been lied too, all this time about that dragon. He's no monster, the true monster is the dragons twin brother. The dragon that lives within you, is the healer dragon."

I was caught up in what I was just told, if the dragon that lives within me is the "healer dragon" then why was I called a monster at the ball.

"Then.. at the ball, the king, why did he call me a monster?" She sighed deeply at my question. Almost as if she didn't want to continue. Maybe I should leave it be for tonight and allow her to tell me things when she pleases.

"Actually never mind, we can discuss that another time. Thank you again for the soup." I gave her a fake smile and began eating again. It was irritated to not be able to know more, but i didn't want to push Charity into spilling everything to me in one setting. She probably is scared that too much information would cause me to do what I did last night. I wouldn't want to put her through that again anyways.


The rest of the day I just lounged around and rested as much as possible. Charity helped me to the creek to help me clean my wounds and bathe before rewrapping them. Hopefully this wound heals soon so I don't have to be such a burden to Charity.

Back into my spot on the floor in the hut, I just gently closed my eyes and let my mind wonder.

It seems like my life will be taking a major change before too long.

I need to make sure to continue to journal everything.
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