A Dragons Soul

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Chapter 2

I woke up to the sound of a woodpecker tapping on my window. Aren't those things suppose to peck on wood?

I crawled out of bed, noticing the sun rising. I figured it was early enough for me to get up and start getting ready. I start warrior trainer and I'm both excited and nervous.

I walked to the kitchen where I found my mom and Rocky setting things up for breakfast. Rocky must've heard me because he looked up from setting the plates on the table.

"Awe, looks like the little grape is finally away." He said while laughing. I shot him a glare.

"Shut up Rocky, it's too early for your games." I snarled back. Mother turned around from working on breakfast to shoot us both a look. A look that tells us to stop bickering.

I walked over to the table, noticing mother was putting food on the plates. I grabbed my cup and filled it up with water. We all sat down and began eating.

I noticed my mom and Rocky being more quiet and breakfast than usual.

"Is everything okay? You all usually aren't this quiet." I finally decided to speak up. I noticed Rocky and mother looking at each other. Rocky when back to eating his breakfast.

"I guess you can say we're a little nervous about you going to warrior training." Mother said with a worrisome smile on her face. I gave her a questioning look.

"Warrior training can be intense and I just don't want you getting hurt honey." She sounded a bit more serious, but I still feel she's hiding something. I decide to not push it though.

After breakfast I went into my room and got changed into the trainee uniform I was given when I registered. It was a full, long sleeve body suit that zipped in the front. I placed my shoes on as well as my belt with sword holders. Trainees don't get swords until the graduate from the Academy.

I walked into the bathroom and spent about 10 minutes brushing out my purple hair that goes past my butt. Then I brushed my teeth. After fixing my bangs a little I grabbed my bag and was ready to leave when my mom stopped me.

"Stormi honey, come here please." She said from the kitchen, washing the dishes. I placed my bag down by the doorway and I walked over to her.

"Yes?" I questioned. She dried her hands off and grabbed a pair of gloves off the counter and handed them to me.

"What are these for?" I questioned. She looked like she debated to tell me momentarily before looking back up at me.

"Please keep these on at all times. You know the rule Stormi, you must keep those markings covered." I sighed then nodded. Every since I was little I was told to keep my markings covered. My mother didn't want me to be made fun of over them. She said people might think I'm part dragon or something, although being born with a dragon birthmark isn't rare in the kingdom. Apparently I have the biggest one though.

I carefully put on the gloves and proceeded to kiss my mom on the cheek. I went back over to the door and grabbed my bag. "Bye mom" I waved at her before leaving, closing the door behind me.

Rocky left not long before me, he trains with the actual warriors so he has to leave earlier.

Red was waiting for me outside the door. I reached into my backpack and opened a package of raw meat, tossing it in the air so he can blow fire and "cook" his food and eat it. After he ate it I patted his head and began walking to the academy with Red beside me.

The academy allows students to train with their dragons, if they already have one. Once they graduate though, if they don't have a dragon, they're required to get one before they can train with actual warriors.

I reached the entry gates to the academy and stopped. I looked at the huge structure in awe. Looking over at Red, I see him looking at the building too. I looked all the way up and saw the name of the academy at the top: "Ableloth Warrior Academy".

I was brought out of my thoughts when a pair of hands covered my eyes. I quickly turned my hand into a fist and turned to try and hit the person, but they quickly stopped me. I heard a male chuckling. I looked up and saw it was my best friend Kovu. I looked up at him smiling and giggling. I quickly jumped onto him, hugging while he spun me around.

"Sorry I didn't get to see you yesterday for your birthday Stormi. My dad was forcing me to work on a little bit of training before coming here today." Kovu said while setting me down.

"Oh don't worry about it," I said waving my hand at him while laughing. " I figured you were busy, it's not like you to miss a birthday of mine. We've been friend since we were 4, that's the only birthday you've missed." I reassured him.

"Yea, I still feel bad about it though," he was nervously laughing while rubbing the back of his neck. "But I got something for you, turn around and close your eyes." He put his hand in his pocket as I was turning around. I closed my eyes, wondering what he was about to do.

I senses his hands coming next to my head before the were pulled back again. He then lifted up my hair.

"Okay now open." He said. I opened my eyes and looked down and noticed and purple crystal wrapped around in silver wire on a small chain around my neck.

I turned around and looked at him.

"I was walking around the market late last night and saw this lady selling crystal jewelry. I saw the purple crystal and it reminded me of your hair so I got it." He sounded nervous when speaking, avoiding eye contact. I quickly walked up to him placing my head on his chest since he's so tall, giving him a hug.

"Thank you, it's beautiful" I said while looking up at him, still hugging him. We stood there in the position for a minute before the large bell at the top of the building rang at the academy. We pulled away from each other.

"Let's go Red, or we will be late." I said while walking away. Red immediately popped up and trotted behind me. I took a quick glance back and Kovu was following not far behind me.

Once we got into the building I took Red to the arena area with the other dragons. I quickly signed in at the booth area, Red still right beside me. The lady behind the desk gave me the all clear and I walked away from the booth.

"Okay Red, I'm going to head to class. Behave and try to get along with the other dragons here. They could possibly be your comrades later on." I told him while petting him. I took my backpack off, reaching in and grabbing him a small treat.

Petting him once more, I picked up my bag again, placing it over my shoulder. I turned away and walked to class.

Hopefully things go well and I can graduate within the next two years and train to be a full fledge warrior like my dad and Rocky.
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