A Dragons Soul

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Chapter 3

I walked into the classroom and noticed only about 13 other students. It seemed evenly split between boys and girls. An older Man, probably in his late 20s was up front reading over some papers.

I looked around the room to find an open seat. I finally noticed one right in the far back of the room. One of the seats at the table was already occupies by a guy with fairly long black hair. He had a scar running down the middle of his right eye, down his face. He looked like the type of guy you should stay away from, but unfortunately for me that was the only seat open.

I walked back to the table and sat in the open seat next to him. Luckily he seemed unfazed by me sitting with him.

Right as I sat my bag down the man up front stood up and got the classrooms attention. He had long white, probably shoulder length hair that was pulled back into a man bun. It seems like he has an undercut too, but it's hard to see from this distance.

"Okay everyone, welcome to the warrior academy." The man said taking his glasses off and setting them on the desk. "My name is Clovis Ancelot, but you can just Clovis. These next two years in warrior academy you will simply learn the history of being a warrior, the backstory of the dragons, as well as the importance of being a warrior in the kingdom." He looked back at the class after writing on the board. "We will sometimes go to the arena and work with your dragons, If you have one. As well as basic sword skills. Any questions?" Everyone turned the heads looking to see if anyone would ask anything.

Since no one had questions to ask, Clovis started the lesson. He said since it's was the first day, we just started off easy and got to know each other. I found out the name of the boy next to me, it was Zeruko Viderix. His voice was a lot nicer sounding than I expected, but he has a very cold personality.

Hopefully over the next two years he will open up a bit more, he seems nice overall. A couple of the other students seem nice too, but it seems like a lot of them already made friends either when they were younger or before I even got there.


The first day of warrior training was okay. After we did the introductions the teacher just let us have the rest of the day to get to know each other. I kinda just stayed quiet next to Zeruko. I had pulled a piece of paper and a pencil out and just sketched Red a couple of times. I noticed Zeruko peaking over, but he didn't say anything.

Once the class was dismissed I made my way to the arena to sign me and Red out. As soon as I walked in he noticed me and pounced his way towards me, causing me to laugh. We walked over to the booth from earlier and signed out.

I walked out of the facility and looked for Rocky. I noticed him standing with a couple of guys who I assumed walked with him over here. I walked up to him and the boys stopped talking and looked at me.

"Hey, you must be Rocky's younger sister." The one with bright red hair walked in front of me with a huge smile on his face. I shyly nodded my head at him.

"Hey Stormi," Rocky came up to me ruffling my hair, making me glare at him. "This Radcliff and Vince. They're in my training group and wanted to meet you, they'll be joining us for dinner tonight." I tried fixing my hair as he introduced me to his friends.

We all made our way to my house, the boys walking in front of me chatting while Red, as always, trailing right beside me.

Once we reached the house I quickly went inside and put my bag in my room. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a small chunk of meat to give to Red for dinner.

As soon I came back into the house I started setting the dinner table. It wasn't long after I was finished dinner was ready. We all sat around the table eating. Mom and Rocky questioned me about my first day. I kept it brief since much didn't happen, I just mentioned about who my teacher was and the boy I sit next to.

After dinner I quickly jumped in the shower. I got dressed and noticed there's still a fair amount of daylight outside. I grabbed a throw blanket off my bed and went outside to Red.

I decided to jump on Reds back and just fly to our favorite spot. The crisp air in the sky always has a way of relaxing me. My favorite part is being able to look over a good part of the kingdom. The sunset casted a golden glow among the buildings and surrounding water making it look beautiful.

Once Red landed at the cliff side I hopped off of him and threw the blanket on the ground. I sat down, Red laying down right next to me. We both sat and watch the final few minutes of the sunset.

The lower the sun got the more colors started to show. Pinks and purples began to splatter across the sky and reflect on the waters. As long as I remember I've always loved watching the sky go from day to night.

The color magically mixing and casting a beautiful work of art during the sunset, to little specks of white and purple mixing in the sky the darker it got.

Once night fell, me and Red walked out way back to the house. I walked in noticing Rocky's friends had already left.

I made my way to my room and started to fill out my journal. I want to be able to record my life from here on out.

A new chapter as started and I want to remember it all.
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