A Dragons Soul

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Chapter 4

The first two weeks of warrior training have been interesting. We've learned a lot in such a short amount of time of the history of being a warrior. I've actually managed to make 2 friends in these two weeks. One being Zeruko, surprisingly, but I guess sitting next to him and being paired up with him helps.

I met a girl named Clover, she has short bright pink hair and eyes that are a dark shade of purple like the night sky. She's very laid back but much more bright natured than Zeruko.


I made my way into the arena to sign me and Red in. Giving Red his usual pats and treat before leaving, I made my way to the class.

I walked over to my usual spot, but I noticed Zeruko not here today. I wonder where he's at? He hasn't missed yet. I also noticed Clover missing too.

Just when Clovis was about to start the lesson, I see Clover walking in. Once she saw me I gave her a big cheerful smile and waved. She laughed and waved at me. Instead of sitting in her usual seat, she came and sat next to me.

"Where's Zeruko?" She asked while placing her bag on the ground.

"Not sure, maybe he's sick" I responded shrugging my shoulders. She shrugged her back. Just then Clovis started speaking.

"Okay everyone, today we will be going to the arena and working on basic handling with one sword. By the time you're fully training, you'll be using two full sized swords." Clovis paused to reach down and grabbed a fairly big box. "You all will just be using this wooden swords. Now come up here, grab one sword, and head to the arena." Everyone got up and one by one grabbed a wooden sword from the box.

Once we were at the arena, Red found me and I patted his head. Clovis instructed us on what to do and what not to do and everyone got to practicing on handling the wooden sword. Red sat, like a dog, and watched me practice.


The academy decided to let us out early beings the warriors needed the arena to hold a meeting to talking about the upcoming festival.

After me and Red got home I decided to go for a walk through the market to grab a few things for the house. There was still a lot of daylight left so I knew if I quickly got the things I could go hang out in mine and Reds spot.

I hurried home and put away the stuff I bought, mostly some vegetables and bread for mom to cook dinner this week. We specially order our meats for a month, but we have to double order it because of Red.

I decided to get my shower out of the way so I can spend more time outside. I grabbed my bag, putting a few treats and snacks in it and a blanket. I headed out to Red and hopped on him.

We landed at our spot and I placed the blanket on the ground. I looked through my bag to find a treat for Red and I noticed a book in there that I forgot I had. Giving my dragon his treat I grabbed the book and laid down to read it.

I must've fallen asleep because I woke up to the sound of tree branches breaking. I quickly popped up from my laying position and looked around. Red was right at my side ready to attack.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you. I didn't think anyone actually came up here." A familiar males voice said. I looked over and see Zeruko coming out from behind one of the trees.

"Oh, Zeruko. It's fine, I come up here quite a bit actually. I didn't think anyone knew of this place." I said dropping my guard. Red noticed me calming down so he decided to lay down next to me with his head on my lap.

"I don't mean to disturb you, I'll leave" he said, turning away.

"Wait!" I shouted, he turned around to look back at me. "You can join me. I'm sure Red would be okay with some extra company." I said smiling at him. I might have become friends with him, but I still notice that he's hesitant around me.

"Uh... okay." He walked over towards me. Just as he was about to sit on the ground I moved over and patted the ground for him to sit next to me on the blanket. He thought about it for a second and took my offer.

It was quiet for a moment before Zeruko spoke up. "So, this is your dragon?" He questioned looking down at Red. Red yawned still laying his head on my lap.

"Yea, this is Red. I think that he thinks he's a dog more than a dragon though." I patted his head while laughing. I heard a small, yet deep chuckle come from Zeruko. It brought a smile to my face knowing he's slowly starting to open his shell around me.

"So I noticed you weren't at school today. Are you okay?" I questioned. I noticed Zeruko tensing before relaxing almost a second later. He didn't seem to want to answer the question do I didn't push it.

"My dad needed some help repairing something on our house so I couldn't go." Zeruko finally responded. I looked at him, I could tell he was lying, but I left it be. I just nodded my head and went back to looking at the skyline.

"So you come here a lot?" He questioned. I nodded my head.

"Yea, me and Red come here just about everyday. The times vary though. I've been coming here since I was a little girl too." I looked over at him when I spoke and this time Zeruko actually held eye contact with me.

"Hmm, still surprises me I never see you here. I've been coming here since I was a kid too." He looked back at the horizon when speaking.

"RED! STORMI! DINNER!" I could hear my mother shouting for us. Red immediately popped up and starting bouncing his front in receiving a laugh from me.

"Well, looks like I gotta get going." Me and Zeruko got up as I spoke. I quickly folded the blanket with his help and put it in my bag.

"Feel free to join me here whenever," I gave Zeruko a playful smile, in which I got a small smile
back from him. "Bye!" I quickly said as me and Red took off for the house for our usual race home.
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