A Dragons Soul

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Chapter 5

I walked into the academy the next day and I immediately see Zeruko in his usual spot. Seeing him at class made me feel better.

"Zeruko!!" I shouted his name and waved. When he looked at me I started giggling. I noticed a small smile form on his face and he shyly waved. I made my way over to my seat next to him.

"I'm so glad you're here today." I looked at him smiling. I noticed his face glow a faded shade of pink. Maybe he's just not use to the attention and got embarrassed.

Clovis gathered the classes attention and began the lesson.


As I was making my way to get Red, I felt a tap at my shoulder. I turned around and noticed Zeruko.

"Can you meet me before sun set at ummm.." Zeruko paused, his face started to turn red again. "At our spot?" He looked away asking the last part. Once he finally looked at me I smiled.

"Of course!" I responded. Red was now behind me and we were making our way home from the academy. Maybe Zeruko isn't really cold and maybe he's just shy.

I quickly made my way home and ate the dinner my mom had already prepared. Once I finished I went to my room and grabbed my blanket.

I went to Red and patted his head. Looking at the sky I realized it was just right before sunset. I started walking. I wanted to make sure I gave Zeruko enough to get there too since he probably lives a bit further.

We reached the spot at the cliff side and I placed the blanket on the ground. It was long before Zeruko showed up. He walked over and sat on the blanket next to me. Red being his curious self and chasing bugs around.

"So, you know the festival coming up right?" Zeruko finally broke the silence.

"Yea, what about it?" I turned my attention to Zeruko.

"Umm... I was wondering if you wanted to go with me?" He looked away while questioned.

"Zeruko... are you asking me on a date?" I asked playfully.

"I, uh-, no, yes, I mean.." his face was as red as a freshly picked strawberry. "I mean.. as a friend date. If that's what it's called. I've never gone with anyone before." He finally held eye contact with me for the first time when talking. I smiled at him.

"I'd love to go with you. I usually go with my brother, but I'd much rather give you company."

We sat in silence for a bit longer just watching the sun start to set.

"Have you ever ridden a dragon before?" I broke the silence this time.

"Yea, but it's been awhi-," I cut Zeruko off by quickly standing and grabbing his hand. Red hopped up quickly too knowing what I was about to do. I quickly jumped in Red, bringing Zeruko up with me.

"Head to the base of the cliff Red." He quickly took off in the air, then leveled himself out. Zeruko was hugging me tightly. Red decided to sit in the air for a bit. I noticed Zeruko starting to loosen his grip as he looked into the sky.

"It's so beautiful up here." He said in awe. After a couple more minutes of admiring the view. I whistled at Red. He immediately started diving down to the ground below us. Zeruko tightened his grip again and hid his face in my hair.

"You can loosen up now. We've landed." I said while laughing. Zeruko let go and looked out. There was a huge lake at the bottom of the lake with almost a beach like land area next to it.

"I didn't even know there was water below the lake." He said while getting off of Red. I hoped off right after him and patted Red for being good.

"Yea me and Red discovered it, sorta, when we were out flying one day." I walked out of the shadowed area where Red landed. Zeruko was already out by the water. He turned towards me and just stared me as the sun light was hitting my skin. The wind blew gently, causing my long hair to flow with it. I continued my way to Zeruko.

"Beautiful down here isn't it?" I questioned Zeruko while still looking out at the water.

"One of the most beautiful things I've seen." I sensed him looking at me as he spoke. I tried as hard as possible to hide my face turning red.

"I love how the sun cast off a golden glow while splattering bits of color across the sky. If I could afford paints, and if I could paint, this is definitely something I'd want to capture." I changed the subject a bit to keep my composure.

We sat out at the water until darkness fell across the sky. Once we felt it was late enough we made our way back up to the cliff side and I grabbed my blanket.

"Hey Zeruko, you need us to keep you company on your way home?" I noticed him tense at my question, but he looked up at me giving a gentle smile.

"No, but thank you. I have a shortcut trail I can take that'll get me home faster." He said handing me the folded blanket.

"Okay, be careful getting home then." I threw him a fake smile hoping he didn't notice it was fake. Me and Red began walking our way home. I took one last look behind me and noticed Zeruko already gone. Did he take off running?

Once I reached my house I went in and jumped in the shower. I got dressed and brushed my teeth.

I made my way to my room and grabbed my journal and sat in the window space and watched the night sky for a minute. As memories from today ran through my head I was writing them down.

After writing everything down I closed my journal and crawled into bed. I blew out my lamp light and went to bed.
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