A Dragons Soul

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Chapter 6

It's finally the night of the festival and I'm trying to decide what to wear. I told Zeruko to meet me at our spot about an hour before the festival started.

I settled with an off the shoulder gown with a double slit up to the thighs. It'll be dark so people really shouldn't see my markings. I put on the gown and quickly brushed my hair.

Grabbing my bag, I left the house with Red walking by my side to our spot.

Once I reached the cliff side I noticed Zeruko already there. He was wearing his typical all black outfit with a little bit of a baby blue. He faintly smiled when he saw me walking up.

"You read-," he paused looking closely at me. The sun is still barely up but there's enough light to see my markings. Fear swept over me thinking he's going to make fun of me.

"Those markings are beautiful. I've heard of people having them in the kingdoms, but I have yet to see one in person. Let alone one so big." His words caught me off guard.

"You're not going to make fun of me for them?" I was beyond nervous at this point. I was also still in shock at him complimenting me for them. Red must've notice my fear, so he came up behind me resting his head on my back.

"I don't see why anyone would make fun of something as beautiful as those markings. Legends say the people with a marking of a dragon have a deeper connection with the dragons. Some have even said that they can communicate with them." I was never told anything like that before, so I know for a fact my face as red as a strawberry.

"We should probably get going, the festival will be starting shortly." Zeruko said while turning back towards the sky and seeing the sun has fully set. He took off walking before me.

"Thank you." I said as I turned around to his direction. He stopped and turned around giving me a gentle smile. He put his hand out and I jogged up to him grabbing his hand. We linked our arms and headed our way to the festival. Red followed right behind us.

Once we reach the festival it was swarmed with lights, people, and the smell of different foods. We decided to grab something to eat before the show.

After eating we walked over to the academy. The show they're holding is being held there. We got there just in time too because there was a good seat right in the front row.

The lights finally went down and flames shot up from the ground. The flame came from one of the dragons above. An older gentle man stood in the middle of the flames. He introduced himself and began the performance.

The show consisted of different fire dragons and the tricks the man taught them. It was a beautiful performance, especially with the dragon with the blue flames.

We made our way out of the arena and stopped to grab snacks.

"Hey, you know, we've know each other for a couple of weeks now and I noticed you don't have a dragon." I stopped in my tracks looking at Zeruko eating my ice cream. He stopped as well. "Unless you have one and you don't bring it to school" I quickly added, hoping to not make him uncomfortable.

"No I don't have one yet." He said shyly. Looking away towards the festival and not at me. I tilted my head getting his attention again.

"You know you can adopt a dragon at these festivals right?" I asked, he nodded his head taking a bite out of his desert.

"That's kind of another reason why I asked you to come with me?" He rubbed the back of his neck. "You have Red, maybe you and him can help me pick a good one. I kinda would like it to be one Red can get along with." He said with a slight smile on his face. Red pushed his head between us and gently pushed Zeruko. That made us both laugh.

"Well the festival will be open for another hour or so. If we head to the adoption area now I'm sure we can get you one. The good thing is, we don't have to pay to adopt these dragons. Most of them end up getting donated to the academy anyways for training purposes." I shrugged my shoulders. Zeruko nodded his head and we made our way to the adoption area.

Once we got to the adoption area, there was six aisles of dragons to choose from. We carefully went through one by one and reading the description of each of them. Then we let Red go through and he was able to tell if they were a good match for him or not.

About 20 minutes later and I think Zeruko found the one. It has dark green scales, blue eyes, and is not much bigger than Red. Zeruko and I, as well as Red of course, agreed that this was the one.

We made our way to the both and Zeruko told the gentleman behind the table which dragon he wanted to adopt. The man gave Zeruko the paper work and he began filling it out.

We had to wait a couple of minutes for the people to inspect it. Once we got the all clear, we headed over to the dragon and took the harness off. Zeruko had a Personal crystal to put out the dragons neck.

Everyone that owns a dragon must place an ownership crystal around the necks of their dragon. It's to help let the people know that, that dragon is tamed and owned by someone.

After the dragon war several years ago with the demon dragon, people felt more safe with this idea.

Zeruko and I made our way to our spot at the cliffside. The festival wasn't going to be open much longer so there was no point in staying.

"I had fun tonight, thank you for joining me and helping me pick a dragon." Zeruko said while we laid on our backs watching the stars.

"Of course, I had a lot of fun too." I heard a yawn after I spoke and looked to my right and noticed Red yawning. I laughed a little. "We better get going, Red seems pretty tired and I'm kinda getting tired myself." Zeruko and I got up and folded my blanket.

Waving goodbye to Zeruko, Red and I made our way back home.
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