A Dragons Soul

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Chapter 7

2 years later....

"Zeruko, I'm so tired." I threw my arms over his head and rested my head on his shoulder.

"You're always tired." He snapped back jokingly.

"Hey, don't be so mean." I whined, catching myself yawning.

We had just finished warrior training and saying I'm exhausted is the easy way of putting it. I'm beyond tired. Since we've started training, they've worked us extremely hard. Especially me for some reason. I have to fight more than everyone.

After we all graduated from the academy, it was only 2 weeks later that we started training. I only see Rocky now when training since he went up in the ranks and is placed on the front line of the kingdom, he's hardly ever at home.

"Stormi, you've been becoming tired a lot more easily since the academy. Is everything okay?" Clover asked nicely sitting on the ground in front of Zeruko.

"Hmm, I think so. I don't feel sick or anything. I think it's just because they work us so hard." I responded.

"Well, that's probably true."

"Hey kids, the captain needs you all to meet him at his office." One of the other warriors came up to us and spoke. He's one ranking under the captain.

We all three got up and made our way over to the captains office. All the captains of each group is not far from the castle, so it took us a bit to get there.

We finally reached the captains building and we entered. We went to the trainee captions office and knocked on the door.

"Come in." A deep voice said, it was the captain. When we entered the captain was at his desk, two other gentleman stood in, they were also captain. This must be really important if two other captains are here.

"Captain Arshaw," me, Zeruko, and clover said in Unionism. We made sure to finish the salute, by drawing our swords, placing the one in the right hand across our chest and the one in our left across our lower back.

"Stand down warriors," the caption said sternly, we quickly placed our swords back in their holders and stood still in front of the captain.

"We have you all here because we need your help." One of the other captions spoke, walking over by Arshaw's desk. "It's been reported that the king has broken treaty with the Ice kingdom, so they're declaring war on the fire kingdom, us."

"We need as many soldiers as possible to fight in this war. You all head home, get some rest, and meet back before dawn at the academy. Make sure you pack bags of food and whatever else. We could be gone for weeks at a time." Arshaw spoke sternly. He looked at the other captain and they nodded back to him. "Meeting dismissed." He smacked a stack of papers of his desk. The captains left and me, Zeruko, and Clover saluted once more and left.

"Damn, we've only been training for 6 months and we are already going into our first battle." Clover said with fear written all over her face as we walked away from the office.

I looked over at Zeruko as well, he's hiding it, but I can easily see he's nervous too. I feel like I'm the only one not feeling that nervous.

"You guys, they're probably only bringing us for back up. There's no guarantee they'll even make us fight. I wouldn't think too much on it." I threw my arm over them. Well tried too, I'm much shorter than them, especially Zeruko, so it was more at their backs. "We will be fine I promise." I said with a smile as they both looked at me. They started laughing, I was able to notice them calming down instantly.

"Well this is where I part. I'll see you guys tomorrow." Clover said as well all stopped and waved bye to her. Me and Zeruko continued to walk to my house.

Once we reached my house I noticed my mom in her small flower patch in the front. She heard us coming and got up, taking her gloves off and whipping her hands on her apron.

"Hey sweetie," she said coming up to hug me. "Hello Zeruko!" She greeted him cheerfully, hugging him as well, with a smile on her face. "You would like to join us for dinner honey." She asked him.

"No ma'am, thank you though. I'm quite tired from an eventful day, I'd like to rest." Zeruko responded respectfully. My mom continued to smile at him.

"Oh, of course, maybe another time. Go get you some rest sweetie." She said hugging him once more. "I'll be in the house finishing up dinner, it'll be ready in about 5 minutes." She said to me before turning to head back into the house.

"Well I guess I'll see you early tomorrow morning Zeruko." I turned to smile up at him. He looked down at me, I could tell something was bothering him but I didn't ask. He's probably still nervous about tomorrow.

"Yea, get some rest Stormi, we all need it." I nodded at his response. "I'll see you tomorrow." He said smiling while ruffling my hair. I shot him a glare and he just laugh before turning to walk away.

I headed into the house and mom already had the dinner table set, placing food on the plates. I walked in filling my cup with water and sat down to start eating.

"So mom, I'll be leaving first this in the morning, wars been declared from the ice kingdom." Rocky mentioned hesitantly. My mom immediately dropped her fork, fear covered her face.

"They're wanting everyone to go, even the trainees. So I'll be going as well." I said looking down taking a bite out of my food.

"No! No Way! Both of my babies can't go!" My mom spoke with a shaky voice. We both looked at her and noticed tears streaming down her face. I looked at Rocky who was already looking at me. As if we both understood what we were thinking, we nodded our heads and stood up to hug our mom to help relax her.

"It's okay mom, I'm only there for back up," I tried to help make light of the situation. She looked up at me with tears heavily streaming down her face.

"That only helps a little Stormi, there's still that chance you could be thrown into battle. Rocky is guaranteed to fight because of his ranking." She took a minute to catch her breathe. "What would I ever do if I lost both of you?" She began crying harder.

"Mom, we will be fine. I promise. I'll make sure to take care of Stormi, and myself." Rocky tried to calm her. Mom just wrapped her arms around us both and hugged us. We sat like that for several minutes until she calmed down enough to finish eating. We went back to our spots to eat as well.

After dinner, I went back into my room and began packing extra clothes, treats for Red, a couple of pictures, and my blanket I take to the cliff side. It'll help keep me calm at night.

I took a step out of my room and noticed my mom asleep on the couch with a picture of us in her hands. I felt Rocky come up behind me and saw what I saw. He carefully when over, took the picture from and carried to her bed.

I went and took a shower and decided to crawl into bed and fall asleep. I hope everything ends okay with the war.
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