A Dragons Soul

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Chapter 8

We are currently waiting at the academy. Zeruko and Clover were already here by the time me and Rocky showed up. Everyone is around in there uniforms as well as thick capes to try to keep us warm. They warned us that the ice kingdom is currently having an extremely cold fall this year. Unlike us we still have fairly warm weather.

"Warriors!" The caption of each ranking stood in front of us. Everyone saluted until told otherwise.

"Stand down!" The royal guards caption shouted. Everyone dropped the salute and stood as still as boards with their hands to the side.

"Everyone here knows, war has been called on us from the ice kingdom. The king has discarded the treaty between them on shipping goods, they weren't happy. This is what led us to now." The front lines caption spoke. "Everyone will travel by foot with their dragons. Everyone on the front line will lead the group. Back up will follow behind. These warriors of the kingdom will be ready to fight once we cross the boarder. Back up will set up came not far from the battlefield." As soon as the front lines captain finished speaking, the all stood in line together.

"Soldiers, move out!" They all shouted in unionism. The front lines made their way to the front with their dragons. The captions got on their dragons and lead the pack. The rest of us followed behind.


Halfway to the ice kingdom I noticed the temperature dropping. Everyone was obviously cold but was handling it a lot better than I was.

"Stormi, are you alright?" Clover asked as I was walking, but shaking like crazy. I struggled to catch my breathe.

"Yea, I think it's just a big shock to my body with the cold." I said with chattering teeth.

I noticed Zeruko slow down to get behind me when he got into my bag. He grabbed my blanket it out and wrapped it over me. It took a few minutes, but I noticed myself feeling a little warmer.

"Thank you," I said with a shaky breathe. Zeruko just nodded and we continued to walk.

"Back up, halt!" One of the captains flew over head and told us to stop. His dragon landed in front of the group. "We will stop here for camp. The front lines are already making their way to the battlefield. Everyone take their tents and set up. Expect this to take awhile, but don't get comfortable. We could be forced to move at any given moment." He spoke sternly while grabbing his tent back off of his dragon.

Me, zeruko, and clover decided to set up camp next to each other. We took our tents off our dragons and began setting them up. We also had to take the front lines tents and set them up as well. They were placed all over the icy ground.


Night has fallen and we haven't heard anything about the battle going on, not far from us. We're able to hear shouting and cannon fires as if it were right next to us.

As the three of us were sitting and eating dinner, the messenger boy came up to us. He took off his hood and opened the small folded letter in his pocket.

"I was told to inform Clover Vandell, that she is needed at the front lines." We all instantly stopped eating and looked at the messenger boy and over at Clover. Fear was all over her face. She quickly put on a poker face and got up. Putting her sword belt on and her cape, she followed the boy to wherever she was needed.

I looked over at Zeruko and noticed him tense up. I went to go touch his shoulder to calm him but he just threw his food on the ground and stormed over to his tent closing it off. I know he's scared for Clover, but so am I. Hopefully she's okay out there.


It's the middle of the night I hear shouting. I crawled out of my tent and look over to see Zeruko coming out of his. It took me a minute to wake up before I was able to understand what was being shouted.

"Stormi Cloveland! Zeruko Viderix!" Was constantly shouted by the messenger boy. He was frantically looking around.

"Over here!" Zeruko shouted in a deep voice. He must still be half asleep too. The messenger boy heard him and made his way towards us quickly.

After checking it was us he told us to meet him outside our tents because he had something important to tell us.

"I hate to inform both of you, but your comrade Clover Vandell, has been killed in battle." He dropped his head after speaking. I just stared at him in shock, the only thing that kept me from shutting down was hearing Zeruko quickly get up and storm off to his tent once again.

"Zeruko?" I came off sounding more like I was questioning him. Once I looked back over at the messenger boy he had a look as if he had more to say. I raised a brow. He took a deep breath before speaking again.

"There's two more things. One specifically more for you Stormi." It felt like air was caught in my lungs at his words. I stayed quiet to let him finish. "You're brother Rocky Cleveland... was also killed in battle." I no longer felt like I could breath. Everything was sucked out of me.

"One last thing Stormi," he grabbed my shoulder bringing me out of my panic temporarily. "You and Zeruko are needed at the front lines this instant." Before I could say anything, Zeruko barged out of his tent.

"Don't worry, I was already on my way." He spoke coldly to the messenger boy. He quickly glanced my way, almost glaring at me. Then he started walking away with his dragon following him. I turned to the messenger boy, trying to keep my composure and thanked him for the information.

I quickly ran and got dressed into my uniform and cape, making sure my swords were with me. I ran out, grabbing Red. I took one last look at the campsite and made my way to the battle field.

Once I went behind our tents I noticed Zeruko had stopped. He turned around towards me, the stern look on his voice still there. Once he saw I was close to him he began walking again. At least he was nice enough to wait for me.
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