Maiden's sword

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When Marchioness Randalph, her adoptive mother accepts an outrageous marriage proposal on her behalf, Lady Gisel is quick to ask her to go back on her word. But the Marchioness refuses and Gisel believes she has no other choice but to kill the dratted husband on the wedding night...

Fantasy / Romance
Kayla Rose
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Marriage proposal

"Destiny can be playful, roll with it."
Gisel bit her lower lip as she remembered the parting words her mentor had uttered. Yes, destiny could be playful, but this man in front of her certainly had nothing to do with destiny. Alexis Reuben was feared by the ton, grimaces and scowls following him in his wake. And for good reason, the scoundrel had taken no less than ten wives this year, one after the other. Women who all died mysteriously. Ladies of reputable families, maids and even beggars on the street. As long as he fancied their appearance, they became his companion. And now this scoundrel was setting his sights on her. Gisel wanted to scowl. But she was in the presence of the head maid and the lady of the house so she refrained herself. It had been three years since she had taken Marquess Randalph up on his offer of adoption. Before becoming lady Gisel of the house of Randalph, she was Rowena, a maid rescued from danger in the forest near the marquess's summer estate. She had been grateful since then. And had even swore her loyalty to the Marquess. How foolish had she been at the time.
- Gisel.
The tone drew her back from her reminiscing and she offered a polite smile.
- Yes mother.
- Were you listening to what the baron has been saying? The marchioness asked from behind her fan.
Tch. If it wasn't for the marquess's gambling, we wouldn't be here with baron Reuben of all people. Gisel thought. Before smiling even wider.
- Baron Reuben wishes to marry me, is that correct?
- Yes my dear that is correct replied the baron with a smirk that immediately disgusted her.
She imagined herself beating him up, tearing his body to shreds, stabbing him repeatedly, gouging his eyes out and many a scene each with much more gory details than the last. Her mentor would have approved.
- It would be my honor to become milord's baroness.
Honor, ha! What honor? It didn't matter a single bit to her anymore. She was being sold to a man twice the age of her own step-father. Gisel remembered when she had first heard of the absurd situation. She had gone to the Marchioness to ask that she rethink her decision. But her step-mother had met her pleas with a cold glare. Gisel had been surprised.
- Do you think we have been feeding and taking care of you all these years out of the kindness of our heart? Ha! Your stupidity knows no bounds. A mere child from God knows where dare to ask me to rethink my decision? Who do you think you are? You shall marry baron Reuben, lest I drag you by the hair and sell you to the brothel, mark my words!
The Marchioness was right. Who did she think she was? Wearing fancy dresses and attending balls didn't make her a lady.
She was no lady in the slightest. She could murder in cold blood and still play the part of a meek individual. She was no lady. She was acting one. And she had them fooled all this time. Very well. Gisel thought. The baron shall have a taste of my blade.
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