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A Fight too Far

Damien's P.O.V

It can’t be possible! This hasn’t happened in centuries, or at least I don’t think so. How can Hayley possibly be able to unleash the Magic of Life? Not that I’m underestimating her or anything! She is fucking powerful to do an element spell in less than 5 seconds without really negative emotions. Technically, the Magic of Life, was used last in Earth so it might be possible that she was able to unlock it because of that. Ok, I know that that’s not true and that something wonderful just happened to her.

“Um… What the hell is happening!” Hayley asked as all the plants started growing.

“I don’t know but I think you’re doing what we both think you’re doing!”

Hayley's P.O.V

“Really? Cause I think that I just unleashed the freaking Magic of Life!” I replied. “I need to stop this!”

“No, don’t! There is a huge chance that all of your powers would go with the Magic of Life!”

“O-K! So how do I stop it?” I asked as the plants grew even more, almost turning into roses.

“You can’t stop it, but I think I can,” Damien said as he closed his eyes. I could feel the power radiating from him. Wow… Just wow! It’s breath-taking. I could feel exactly how powerful he is. Then slowly, the light from my hand dimmed and it completely disappeared.

“How did you- What did you- How- “ I stuttered as I stood up.

“Are you ever going to finish any of those questions?” I shot him a ‘really?’ look. “Plus, I’m pretty sure that I’m supposed to ask those questions.”

“How did you stop the light?”

“How did you unleash the Magic of Life? The most powerful warlocks (including myself) and witches tried to bring that Magic back, but you…” He took a second to look at me from head to toe which (I know it shouldn’t) made me blush, “No offence but, you unleashed it without even trying! You need to know who you really are… You are the Blessed One!”

“What? There’s no way that’s possible! If it were, shouldn’t I be that powerful my whole life?” The Blessed One is the most powerful witch! Her mate would be the Blessed warlock. The rest of the world (paranormal or not) is nothing against them. So, there is now way in hell, that a screw up like me is the Blessed One!

“The thing is that, it had a trigger. To find out whether you’re the Blessed One or not, you have to reach deep down in yourself and find something that satisfies you. Something that helps you through bad times. Something that only you have. Something that makes you, you!” My mind was blown by what Damien just said. Wait a fucking sec! No way!

“Wait! This means that you’re the Blessed warlock! So, technically, you knew about this?” I asked.


“Now, that sounded like a question instead of an answer!” I teased, remembering the first time we had a normal, non-embarrassing conversation.

He smirked and said, “You can’t be forced or told that you are the Blessed one. You can only unlock it, if you satisfied with your life. So, what are you exactly so satisfied about, Cupcake?” His tone changed into a sexy one as he asked the last question. I can literally feel my whole-body blushing! Ok! I need to win this challenge!

“Hmm… I don’t know. Lots of things. Probably the fact that I’m going to be a complete witch in 5 weeks,” I said pretending to look innocent.

“Vixen!” he said and that made me chuckle.

“Ok, now back to the serious stuff. Can I tell Ana?”

“That’s the thing… She already knows.”


“You see, being the Blessed One is a bit like a she-wolf getting mated, they don’t know their mate but everyone else does.”

“So, I’m basically the only one who didn’t know about this?”


“Wait! Everyone knows about this?”

“Hey! It’s not my fault that our Bonds have got mouths the size of black holes!”

“Ok, I’ll admit, that was kind of funny but try picturing it and you’ll see how absurd it really is!” Damien burst out laughing. Wow! For a boy, he’s actually got a really nice laugh. “So, remember, this will become a very normal for you. But first, you need to get rid of the extra energy you have or you’ll combust!”


“Don’t worry, the chances are very rare but you’ve got to be careful. But first, you need to work out or do something, anything that will drain some of your energy before or you’ll combust and instead of guts, there will be a huge amount of energy that will destroy the land that you are in too! So, what do you want to do?”

“Ok. Want to come with me? We can fight with magic.”

“Sure. Oh, and remember to bring your Gem!”

“Ok, I guess!” Now you might be wondering why Damien asked me to bring the Gem, why I sounded so confused and what basically is the Gem. Well, it’s because BD gave each student these black crystals to wear so that whatever we feel like is missing from out personalities, will just be there. This also helps a witch or a warlock become complete. Mine is confidence. I’ve been shy for like the first 15 years of my life. But when I found out that I was an heir, I had to maintain a good reputation and a great public image. My image is one of the things that I act like a bitch for.

After what felt like 30 minutes of nervousness and choosing what to wear, me and Damien were jogging towards the clearing in the park where no one usually came.

“Hey, why doesn’t anyone ever come here?” I asked while panting.

“I don’t know and now you’re making my mind racing through all the reasons why people don’t come here!” he said which made me chuckle. I met this boy, less than 48 hours ago but I already feel like I’ve known him for an eternity. Spending time with him, really helped me get to know him better. I wanted to know more. I wanted to know every freckle on him. I needed to. He was just too fascinating.

“You’re doing it again,” he said.

“Doing what?”

“You’re looking at me like humans look at Moon rock. They look extremely freaked out or really fascinated.”

“Maybe I just think that you’re interesting.”

“In which way?” he asked cocking an eyebrow.

“Why do you care?” I asked wearing a fake innocent expression on purpose.

“Maybe I’m just fascinated my mate.” OMG! The way he said it, made it feel so sexy. Urgh, why does he have to be so damn attractive! I wanted him to fuck me now!

Damien's P.O.V

About several sparring sessions later (which all by the way, ended up as draws) we were doing 1 last round. The way she controlled her power, suppressed it, it was downright intoxicating to me. I can’t stop picturing her naked this whole time. Ok, focus! I have to win this round.

She threw a ball of fire at me. I know it sounds harsh but she started with throwing a really small wave of water at me but I gave her harder challenges and she did the same until she is currently using all of her powers.

So, she threw a fire ball at me and I dodged it at the last minute. She smirked. I used my powers to grab the fire ball and throw it back at her. Hayley used a blast of water to extinguish the fire ball and drenching my tank top. Well, I’ve got to win this. No matter how low I stoop.


I just drenched a Prince’s tank top! When did I grow a pair to do that? Ok! It’s been a couple

of good hours since I started sparring with him. Every time, we ended up in a draw. I guess we really are meant for each other. Now he did something that I clearly didn’t expect! Damien took off his soaked shirt and threw it away. My eyes immediately went to his stomach. He smirked. Damn! He is built! Look at those abs. Ok. Focus, Hayley! This must be his plan, to distract me! But those abs are pretty nice to stare at! Ok! Snap out of it! He wants to play dirty? Then I’m in!

I took off my sports jacket and revealed a black, low-cut sports bra that gave my breasts a little push up. His eyes instantly darted to them. Typical. I took this chance to trap him with some vines and he didn’t even get a second to escape from them (or to even try).

“I give up!” he said in defeat.

“Yes!” I cheer is victory. “I win!” He chuckled.

“A little help here?”

“Oh sure!” I blushed as I removed the vines that entangled him. Wow! I defeated the PRINCE! AKA the heir who is going to rule the paranormal world!

“This is the first time I’ve lost in a long, long time!”

“To anyone else, I’d say ’You better get used to it but since it’s you, I’ll say,” I pretended to think for a moment while tapping my chin. “I’ll say ‘You will experience more of that’.”

We both laughed our asses off. Until he said, “And which part of that exactly would I be able to experience?” I could tell from his smirk that my face probably looked like a beet. I need to keep my cool. Remember, we’re mates, we’re supposed to drive each other crazy. It’s not just one way.

“Which part would you exactly like to experience more?” I asked, crossing my arms on my chest (which once again directed his gaze towards my chest before they went back to mine) and taking a few steps towards him.

“All of it.” Damien met me half way.

“Oh, yeah? Including getting your ass kicked?”

“Last time I checked, the words ‘All of it’ meant ‘All of it’.” He smirked again which caused the corners of my lips to quirk upward. Let’s take it to the next level.

I leaned into his ear and said, “Is the Prince losing our simple challenge?” I went back to our original position. I turned to get a drink of water when he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me to his bare torso. A warmth filled whichever part of my skin he touched. We were chest to chest and the only thing separating us was my bra. This time he leaned to my ear and said, “You’re asking for trouble, Cupcake.”

Wow! My life definitely getting more interesting…

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