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Damien's P.O.V

There can’t possibly be someone sexier than the girl walking next to me. That dress of hers is hugging every curve in her body and she looked like a Goddess. It took every ounce of self-control that I had to not pull her into my house and kiss her senselessly for the rest of the night. She had several tattoos on her neck and upper arms. If I claimed her, she would have my initials as one of the tattoos and I would have her initials as mine.

“So, how do you go to BD if Lily and your Dad doesn’t know about Magic?”

“I just told them I was attending a boarding school in Alaska. Helen even helped me out by calling my dad and telling him that I got a scholarship. He really didn’t mind me going as long as I called at last twice a week.” I didn’t exactly know how to react so I just smiled at her and asked, “What does your Gem do?”

“It gives me confidence. What does yours do?”

“No one actually knows this but, I don’t need a Gem. It’s just gives me an extra power boost and it’s kind of like a good luck charm to me.” Hayley chuckled after a moment. “What?” I asked.

“Nothing, it’s just that, I never knew Princes were actually perfect!” she said sarcastically.

“Ha-ha! Very funny!” I replied just as sarcastically. We both laughed on our way to the clearing in the park. Hayley opened a portal is less than 10 seconds for us to travel in.

Hayley's P.O.V

Damien and I arrived at the hall and we heard chatter from inside.

“The party isn’t supposed to start until 7, right?” I asked and Damien nodded in return. “I guess we’ll go inside and find out!” I shuddered slightly as we took a few steps forward but Damien noticed this and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“This place just always gives me the creeps!”

“I get it, fire had the same effect on me.”


“I did but not anymore. Something about it was so…”


“That’s it!” I looked ahead of us to the hall in the middle of the creepiest forest. “Together?” Damien asked as he held out a hand for me to hold. I know it sounds cheesy but at that moment, it felt so nice to have someone.

“Together,” I replied as I slipped my hand in his and we both started walking towards the entrance of the hall. There are over a million things that could go wrong tonight…

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