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The Boys


“What the fuck do you mean by sexual control?” I exclaimed.

“Oh honey, he can claim you anytime he wants and we can all clearly see that he wants you,” replied Ana.

“But?” I asked.

“But he thinks that you’re not ready and he doesn’t give into his desires,” Mel added.

“So, what if he doesn’t?” I asked as I bit the inside of my cheek to keep me from hyperventilating.

“Sweety, we all know that there’s no way that can be true and if he doesn’t, you can just mate normally,” said Cat making me feel a little bit better.


“See, the thing is that, most people don’t just take what they want, they wait and they wait and they wait until it’s gone. So, you need to up your game!” said Mel.

“What exactly do you mean by upping my game?”

“Draw him in, show him every single part of your personality!” added Ana.

“What difference will that make?”

He already likes you, so, just show him your worst parts too. All the fear, anger, grief,” Cat paused as my face dropped slightly. “I’m sorry, Hayley. I didn’t mean to- “

“It’s alright! Don’t worry about it! I’m a totally new person now!” I tried to cheer up the mood. “So, I just have to be totally myself, right?”

“Yeah, but don’t worry about it today. This is your time to let lose, to just let go of all the worries! So, drink this!” said Ana as she handed me glass of beer. I gave her look that said ‘Really’? “What? Drink up, Cupcake!”

“Fine, but how’d you know?” I asked as my cheeks turned to a dark shade of pink and grabbed the glass from Ana’s hand.

“Oh, the nickname that the Prince gave you? I’m in your head and it’s cute. Plus, the four of us knows about it,” Ana basically made me want to curl in to a ball.

“Stay out of my head!” I said in embarrassment as I drank all of the beer in one go causing us (yes, even me) to giggle. I’m already starting to feel a little tipsy. The 3 girls in front of me are already full on drunk. Wow, I actually managed to keep a straight head. I went over to where my phone is and checked how many songs are left. Thanks to my wishful thinking, there are over 200 songs left. Yes, over 200 songs, shockers! I glanced back at my overly drunk friends. I need to get them home but they’re 3 other people and I don’t think my telekinesis should be used now. There’s only one other way. I’d be giving them a big present by choosing the other way. The boys!

I took the Gem from my phone before marching over to the corner where Liam, Ryder, Devin and of course Damien was chatting and drinking. Damn! I don’t know if it’s the beer or not but Damien looks even sexier with a glass of… vodka, I think.

“Hey, you don’t look so good!” said Liam.

“Thanks, every girl wants to hear that!” I replied sarcastically causing them to snicker. “I’m here because I think you guys should take a look at your mates. Get them home and be careful.”

“Ok, what’s the magic word?” asked Devin.

I narrowed my eyes at him and all of them smirked. Hmm… It’s their mates after all!

“Vete a la mierda. That’s Spanish for Fuck Off,” I replied smugly. They all chuckled.

“Wow, you’re drunk too! Damien, get her home,” Ryder said to Damien with that pompous smile of his.

“What? No! I’m not drunk! If I was, how would I be able to stand on two feet?” I protested but they all gave me a questioning look. “Ok, fine, I’m terrible at lying while I’m drunk! I guess I’m feeling a little bit tipsy but the girls are the ones you have to really worry about! How did even know that I was drunk?”

“Well, if you’re not drunk then you’d be sweet like a kitten and you wouldn’t have this mean streak, Cupcake.” Damien caused me to scoff.

“I’m not sweet… all the time.” Damien grinned at my reply. I turned to the other three and said, “Anyway, could you guys get them home… Please?” I gave them my best puppy dog eyes that no one could resist.

“Fine but only because of you saying please,” Ryder lied but I just smiled innocently as the 3 boys made their way over to their mates. I turned to Damien.

“Let’s go,” he said as he took my hand and walked outside. Damien created a portal and we teleported back to the park. I felt a sudden pain in my head and my palm went up to my temple and tried to sooth it. He noticed this and a look of concern flashed across his face before he lifted his other hand to my head and a glowing light emerged from is palm. Wow! The pain began to slightly slip away from my head. He was healing me! Healing magic is the hardest to practice. Damien made it look so easy. This must be what it meant to be the Blessed one. To have this much power.

I might not know everything but I do know one thing… No matter what happens, Damien will be there for me.

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