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First Kiss

Hayley's P.O.V

I woke up with my head buried in Damien’s chest. He looked so much more different when he was sleeping. When he’s awake, he’s not just sexy, he looks like the weight of the world is on his shoulder. Like there’s always something bothering him. But now… Now he just looks calm, pleasant… happy. Ok, I must be going crazy.

What was he even doing in my bedroom? Lily could see him any second. That’s when it all came rushing back to me.

11 Hours Ago

“Damon or Stephan?” he asked.

“Definitely Damon.”

“Because of his dry humour, right?” Damien asked.

“Totally!” I replied.

We were walking back to my house (when I was fully sober) as we talked about how wrong humans understood paranormals. I felt really comfortable talking to Damien. Hell, I wouldn’t even care the least bit if he was supposed to give me the sex talk. Cause we’d laugh all the way through it. How can he be so amazing? We liked almost all of the same things but if we didn’t, we’d ask each other why and we’d have a small debate over who was correct. It was so much fun!

I stopped in my tracks. My vision began to cloud.

“Hayley?” I could practically feel the panic in his voice.

There it was! The vision. It continued from the exact spot it stopped on my first night here. I was reaching out my hand to touch it. The scariest creature that I’ve ever seen in my entire life was BOWING to me. I touched it and it closed its eyes. OK, let’s rewind.

I have several visions of random things. One of them was about the most predatory looking creature. It chased after me. I looked scared of me. It BOWED to ME. Now, it’s letting me PET it!

I’m losing my mind.

“No, you’re not!” said an unfamiliar female voice from my head.

What? Wait a fucking second! The monster is talking to me?

“Um… I can hear you; you know?”

Sorry! You’re just really scary.

“Don’t worry about it! But you’ll have to get used to my looks because you’ll be seeing me a LOT!”

And will you be chasing me every time?

“Ha- ha! Very funny!” her voice dripped with sarcasm. I liked this girl.

By the way, you’re a GIRL?

“Yeah, shockers!”

Good sense of humour.


Ok, how the hell can you hear me and who the hell are you?

“I’m your guardian. Your mother chose me right before she lost her powers. I can hear you because we’re bonded and yes, that’s another person who can invade your privacy. By the way, lover boy has one too. He’s just too nervous to tell you because he thinks that he’ll scare you off!”

First of all, don’t call him lover boy. Second, how do you know that he has a guardian? Third, how come I didn’t hear you before? Fourth, why’d you have to chase after me? Finally, how do I get visions of random stuff?

“No matter how many times you deny it, I know that you crave him. I can see underneath people and recognise what lies there and whether they’re telling the truth or they’re lying. I was stuck inside your head all these years and what you believe as your ‘instincts’ are me! I could only come out when you wouldn’t be scared of my looks which was apparently when you were almost 18 but you’re still scared. I chased after you because there was no other way to stop you from running. Your visions are not random stuff! You get visions of things you’ve thought of and really wanted to know about. Some are from the future; some are from the present or the past. That’s your other power!”

Great! Just great! Another thing to complete the cluster-fuck that my life already is!

“Hey, don’t talk like that!” she growled.

Why not?

“Because I’ve protected tons of people and you’re nothing like them. You’re different! Special!”

Why do you think that?

“Everything doesn’t need an explanation.”

That’s my virtue.

“Now, it’s mine too,” she said causing me to grin. “Ok, what I’m going to say next is very, very important so, listen up!”

Fine missy!

“Don’t get cocky! Ok, there’s a group of people called the Hunters who are after the Blessed ones. Their magic is more than powerful enough to break the mating bond and take your powers. So, you and Damien need to stay together and protect each other, no matter what! The Hunters shouldn’t be more powerful. If they get your powers, they’ll be invincible and they could take over the ENTIRE world. Right now, you can get rid of them if you and your mate try! This is all I can tell you, so until your 18th birthday, I can only be there for you for a few minutes. Be careful!”

I didn’t know how to reply to that so I just nodded. My vision began to clear and I saw Damien with a worried look on his face.

“What happened?” he asked.

“I met my guardian.”

“What was her message?” I told him everything and he nodded in understanding.

“What am I supposed to do?” I asked as I felt the tears that were about to spill. He pulled me into a hug and I let the tears fall. Why do I have to be so goddamn vulnerable? We stood like that for a few minutes until he pulled away and looked into my eyes.

“Hey, don’t worry. No matter what happens, I’ll be here for you,” Damien said. Those words, those simple little words can totally change how you feel, about yourself, about your life or about the entire world. Then I did something that I would’ve never done if I didn’t have my Gem. Something that the girls would definitely kill me for if I didn’t tell them. I kissed the Prince! His lips tasted like vodka. Yum! I pulled back and once again looked into his eyes. He might laugh at me. I mean, he’s an adult and I’m still just a naïve little girl. To my surprise, his eyes were burning with desire and lust. Now came the unexpected part… He grabbed me by my waist and locked our lips together. His kiss was full of need, like if he lets go, I might disappear. I draped my arms around his neck and we opened our mouths to let our tongues explore each other. I wanted to press pause on the entire world and make this moment last forever. We pressed our bodies together and I couldn’t help but notice how perfectly we fit together. Like two pieces of a puzzle. He pulled back and we were both panting, out of breath.

“You have no idea how much I wanted to do that since the moment I met you,” Damien gasped out. I grinned. We made out a lot more but finally decided to go home.

Damien teleported us to my room. “Get some rest. You look exhausted,” he said as I took off my boots and went straight to bed. He leaned down to give me a quick kiss and I wanted that more than anything right now.

“Please stay,” I blurted out before I could think of where this was leading to.

“If that’s what you want.” I nodded in response. Damien took off his jacket and settled on the bed before wrapping an arm around me. I put an arm on his chest and leaned into it. I felt like I belonged there. Like I was truly safe for the first time.


I slowly got off my bed trying my best to not awake Damien. I must look awful! Ok, I was just cuddling with the freaking PRINCE! I need a shower and a lot of coffee.

I just finished showering, dried myself and put on a robe. Unfortunately, I only had ones that were below my knee so I’ll have to be as quiet as possible if I wanted to get dressed without having a red face. I quietly crept to my closet and changed into a black turtle neck top and a pair of sky-blue ripped denim jeans.

I quickly ran downstairs and made 2 cups of coffee and told Lily that it was because of the party being so late and that I wasn’t hungry. She actually bought it. I walked into my room to see Damien sleep just as peacefully.

I need to wake him up before anyone sees this. This might be fun. I kissed him on the lips before saying, “Wake up sleeping beauty!”

He groaned before sitting up and asking, “Did you just kiss me awake?”

“Maybe,” I replied feeling smug. He smirked and I gave him the cup of coffee.

“Thanks,” he said.

“No worries,” I replied sipping my coffee.

“So, what are you going to do today, Cupcake?” Damien asked.

“I don’t know, probably Netflix and chill. What are you going to do?”

“Ok, I was thinking we could go to this club, today with our friends. It’s basically like Liam’s party but with less paranormals and it would actually be fun.”

“That sounds like actual fun but don’t tell Liam that a club would be more fun than one of his parties.”

“That I’ll never do because I definitely don’t want to piss him off!” Damien caused me to giggle. “So, will you come?”

“Sure!” This has got to be interesting…

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