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Hayley Chapter 18


“Two more minutes!”

“You’ve been saying that for the last 10 minutes!”

It was finally 7 pm. I told them all about mine and Damien’s kiss the other night and I was just glad Mel wasn’t squealing like Ana and Cat which took me 2 entire hours to get under control by the way. The girls and I were just finishing getting ready when Cat decided to change her top at the last minute. She said that her top’s vibe wasn’t really beautiful but we all knew that she was just trying to look even more sexier for Ryder. I was wearing a pair of blue denim ripped shorts, a white lacey crop top and black lace up stiletto heels. I let my hair down as usual. So, technically, I can’t blame Cat for trying to look cute for her man.

“Ok! I’m ready,” Cat said as she walked out of my closet.

“Damn, girl!” I said which made her giggle. “Now let’s go!”

The boys said that they were ready about an hour ago and they just went straight to the club. Amazing! I told Lily that we were going for a girls’ night out and that we were going to watch a movie. She believes me too easily.

We finally arrived at the club and walked inside. Huh, pretty cool. It’s not my first time at a club but no one stares at me in this one (mainly because it’s in Earth and no one knows about paranormals) but I could catch a few glances and nods from here and there letting me know that their paranormals too.

I catch the sight of our friends (the boys) sitting next to an island. Damien looks breath-taking as usual. He was wearing black over-sized hoodie with dark denim jeans and of course, black sneakers. There’s something about guys in hoodies that is so… sexy.


“I have to tell you guys something!” I blurted out. I mean, it’s not like I could’ve stopped myself anyway. I needed to tell them.

“O-K. What?” Devin asked.

“Hayley and I kissed!” I replied. They all shared mischievous glances and smirked at me.

“Congratulations, dude. You passed the test,” Ryder said.

“What test?” I asked. They explained everything to me and the fact how Hayley passed her test just hours before I passed mine.

“Woah! That’s a lot of information to process,” I said causing them to grin. “Anyways, where are the girls? Weren’t they supposed to be here about an hour ago? What are they doing?”

“Probably walking, talking, getting pretty, singing, I don’t know, girls’ stuff!” Liam replied. We all snorted.

Oh my God! I think I just met a goddess.

Hayley walked in with the other girls. She was without a doubt the most gorgeous girl in this entire world. Her brunette hair was extra silky today. I just wanted to bury my head in it. She was wearing a lacy crop top that revealed her curves and that pair of shorts wear really showing off her long, creamy legs.

“Damien, there’s a bit of drool there,” said Devin as he gestured to my mouth. With anyone else, he would’ve pissed me off but this is Hayley, I might be drooling.

“Shut up!” I retorted without taking my eyes off of Hayley. Wow! I have to control myself!

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