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Hayley's P.O.V

It was a cold night. There was something after me and I still couldn’t see it’s face quite right. I ran as fast as I could (to who knows where) but I still wasn’t fast enough. I took a quick glance past my shoulder and the thing was getting faster by the second!

Suddenly, I tripped and fell flat on my ass. Fuck! My feet couldn’t find a better time to be clumsy! I hastily started crawling back… and the thing stopped running and started walking towards me. So, this must be what it feels like to be the prey. It came closer and closer and closer…. Until it was practically inches away from me, but I still couldn’t see its face.

I don’t know what got into me but my guts were telling me to go closer to it (and my instincts are rarely wrong) so I crawled barely an inch closer to it and to my surprise, it took a step back.

So, I’m the scary one now? I crawled a bit forward to it…. it quickly took several steps back. This time instead of freaking the thing out even more, I put my hands up in the universal sign of surrender.

Sensing that I don’t want to harm it, it took a step forward, then two. Trying my best to keep calm about the fact that the monster hunting me is actually scared (more like terrified) of me, I got up and took another step forward to it.

Luckily, this time I can actually see some features of its face. It had the most horrifying face I had ever seen! Eyes like the midnight sky, black jagged scales all over its body, wolf like body with sharp claws that looks like nothing compared to its razor-sharp teeth with fangs sticking out its mouth.

The last part might have been what made me take several stumbling steps backward. It observed my every reaction and every movement. This thing would know how to hurt you the most and you wouldn’t even see it coming.

That’s when I noticed the drop of blood dripping from one of its fangs, but the thing quickly licked it away. Then came the rumbling noise from its stomach which would’ve apparently been hilarious to me if I was anywhere but here!

That’s when the thought occurred to me, if it wanted to eat me, then it could’ve done that five minutes ago. Now it did something totally unexpected! It bowed! Yeah, BOWED! To ME! If I put anymore force, my eyeballs would’ve basically popped out cause that’s how much I was rolling them. I quickly shook my head and a part of me was screaming at me to not do it but I still reached my hand out to touch it….

Ring! Ring!

Ring! Ring!

I groaned as I opened my eyes to turn the alarm off! Then I shut them and tried to go back to sleep. But my eyes flied open as the reality of the world came rushing to me like a wave on the seashore.

My name is Hayley Denvers. I am only 5 weeks away from my 18th birthday and apparently this is the 4th time I’ve had to move houses this year because of my dad’s job. My mom died of tachycardia when I was 6. Ever since then, my dad barely had any time to look after me (and if he had any free time, he would spend it at his office, obviously) so he hired a nanny for me. Her name is Lily and she is almost like a mother to me now. Mostly because she loves me like her own child and sometimes is a little overprotective, OK maybe all the time. I had an older brother but he died in a car accident when I was 12 and he was 15. I don’t really like to think or talk about him anymore. Not at all because of the fact that he was douchebag to most people, but because of the fact that I would be a pool of tears if I ever do that. We loved each other so much and he was my best friend (more like my first best friend at that time). So, you can say that I’ve got some skeletons in my closet. By the way, don’t think that I’m like one of those spoiled kids who are not even a little bit grateful for what they’ve got.

But I would be lying if I didn’t say that I acted like a bitch to everyone who tried to make friends with me. That’s mainly because I like keeping to myself, but Lily made me promise to her that I should make friends this year and I really do want to, but what am I supposed to do? Just walk up to a stranger and make small talk? I’ve seen Lily do that tons of times but I’ve tried it (once I think) and it was a whole world of awkwardness.

Suddenly, the sunlight that shone brightly through my window, disappeared. I jumped up in my bed and looked around but I couldn’t see anything in the darkness. Then I turned on the flashlight on my phone and shone it brightly to the window but I saw nothing there! All of the sudden, there was a heat next to my right shoulder and I knew someone was there!

“Good morning, little witch!” said a voice and I knew it anywhere, it was Morgana.

“Ha-ha! Very funny, Ana!” I said sarcastically, “What is this, a new invisibility spell?” She broke into laughter. “What are you even doing in my bedroom this early? And why exactly did you stop coming to me? By the way, I’m not exactly a witch yet!”

“OMG! You should’ve seen your face!” she exclaimed but I playfully narrowed my eyes at where I thought she would be sitting. “Fine! Fine!” she turned herself back visible. “I didn’t stop coming…exactly,” she said. I could almost feel her nervousness. But I decided to tease her.

“I thought you were gone for good!” I said fake disappointedly and it worked because her face was telling me exactly how much she was offended and on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most offended one) I would say that she was on about 11. Ana turned to leave but I called after her, “Kidding! Kidding! You should’ve seen your face!”

She narrowed her eyes at me and said, “That’s what I get for trying to brighten your day up?”

“If you mean brightening my day up by trying to scare the hell out of me? Yup, then you have officially succeeded!”

“Hey! That’s not true, I didn’t try to scare you. I did scare you! And whatever! I was just trying to give you a better day! Since your whole constant scary vision thing,” she fired back. Then for a split second I thought that maybe, just maybe I have gone too far. But I took a quick peek at her face and I knew that she was trying her best to not grin just like me.

And yes, I am almost a witch so there is a whole paranormal world out there and I got to be a part of it. From what I’ve read about my mom, she was one of the 10 original witches who were supposed to look after the realms that was handed to them (by the moon goddess), to protect the people who live there, from dangerous magic and just never expose them to any magic. I didn’t exactly get the point of handing a witch a realm and telling her to not to show them any magic! It also kind of pissed me off that I could expose my powers any second that I was with any human being. The questions that might be lingering in your minds are probably: Why did you say that your mom died of tachycardia? What are your powers? When did you first find out about your powers? How do you know Morgana? What do you mean by you almost being a witch? Are there warlocks? Who looks after the realm that your mom was looking after? What did your mom need to do to protect your realm? Does your dad and Lily know that you are a witch?

Well first of all, you clearly need to erase the picture of a witch in your mind. They do not have warts, they don’t need a broomstick to fly, their skin is not green, they don’t wear pointy hats and most of them are not evil. Try picturing a goth girl wearing a black turtleneck and black leggings without any piercings and only a few symbolic tattoos. There we go, that is a normal witch.

I said that my mom died of tachycardia because she did. Mom lost her powers when she fell in love with my dad because a paranormal being is not supposed to have um… certain kind of feelings for someone without any powers and the last time that happened, a whole realm almost got destroyed! Plus, what my mom did was much worse because she was supposed to be mated (yes, the whole mating thing exists and it applies to all paranormals) to the one of the 10 original warlocks. But she put a spell on both of them so that she could see every part of her mate, good and bad. Unlike normal mates who would fall head over heels in love with each other, she and her mate hated each other because they both saw the flaws in each other and decided to reject their mates. This wasn’t a problem if she hadn’t fallen for my dad at the same time. You see, being an original witch (or just a witch) meant that you had to live amongst the normal people who didn’t know that this thing called magic, really existed. Another reason why I don’t make many friends. The ‘Rulers’ (like the literal ruling circle for the paranormals) decided to punish my mom by killing my dad, but she said she would give up her powers to the heir who is going to be ruling the realm that she was looking after which was supposed to be my brother until he died. After a paranormal gives up their power, their ability to be immortal after they are 18 will disappear. That’s how my mom died.

I can basically do anything but my powers are mostly based on the elements and reading a person’s aura. After my brother died, his power (which was something so fucking incredible that it couldn’t just disappear like every other paranormal’s power would) became mine. I know crazy, right? So apparently, I’ve got telekinesis too. Plus, I’m gifted too (just like my brother was) so I can hear thoughts.

I first found out about my powers when I was 5 and my mom explained it to me. She taught how to use to my powers to do good like helping people with (some of) their needs like giving someone a glass of water before they even said that they were thirsty. You should’ve probably guessed that my mom was in charge of the planet Earth, so they don’t call the realms, ‘realms’ anymore they just call them planets.

I first met Morgana when I was 14 at the Black Diamond, a school for all paranormals. You probably don’t know this but a witch who is going to rule a planet, need to have a bonded witch to be her second in command. So that’s when I realised that Ana was my bonded witch. She knows me better that anyone even Lily (who knows most of my darkest deepest secrets) but Ana knows all my secrets because she knows the fact that I’m a witch (which my dad nor Lily knows).

Well, a real witch would stop aging and would become immortal at the age of 18 but I’m currently only a senior at the high school and most witches would’ve found their mates by the age of 16 but I’m still single so that is another reason that I’m not complete.

Yes, there are warlocks and just like the 10 original witches, there are 10 original warlocks.

Helen, the headmistress of Black Diamond took care of Earth ever since my mom gave up her powers and my mom had asked her to guide me through the ways to become a good witch. Plus, Helen is the nicest person I’ve ever met. On the day I’m turning 18, Earth will be handed to me to look after it.

From what I’ve heard, my mom had to help the spirits move on (which they say that we get the ability to do when you turn 18, so I can’t wait to try that out), solve weather problems and basically keep a balance between who gets the most blessing (luck).

Like I said, my dad and Lily doesn’t know that I’m a witch so living with them, makes it harder for me to keep my secret but I manage.

By this time, I’m fully dressed for the day and is headed downstairs to have breakfast with Lily because as usual, my dad left early for work. Ana turned invisible and joined me for breakfast. I secretly gave her a pancake from under the table.

“So, what do we do all day?” I asked reluctantly.

You are going to the super market to buy groceries and on your way back here, you can make friends with our next-door neighbour. I heard he is kinda cute,” Lily said and the last part almost made me choke on the OJ I was drinking.

“Lily! Ew!” I shot back. I could hear Ana trying to stifle a giggle so I slightly kicked her leg.

“Oh, come on, Hayley! You’ve never had a boyfriend for as long as I can remember!” Because I physically can’t have a boyfriend since my mate is somewhere out there. Plus, I don’t want my appearance as the guardian of Earth to be bad.

“Ok, I’ll make friends with the guy but nothing other than that!” I quickly responded before she went deeper into the topic of my relationship status.

“Fine,” Lily said as she let out a dramatic sigh. This time she made laugh like really laugh. Lily is the only person who can do that. So, I quickly hugged her goodbye and went out to buy groceries.

Since I really didn’t want to make small talk with a person and I didn’t know where exactly the grocery is, I decided to go to my neighbour to ask the directions. This way, I can avoid an awkward conversation. Ana went back to being visible as soon as we got out of my house.

I breathed in the fresh air as we both stepped onto the footpath. Ok, what am I going to do? There were over a million ways this could go, and most of them weren’t exactly pleasant to me.

Finally, after the long train of thoughts that appeared in my mind, Ana broke the silence, “You know, I’ve never met anyone like you right?”

“Is that a compliment?” I asked feeling very confused.

“Kind of?”

“What do you mean by ‘Kind of’?” I shot back feeling half annoyed and half curious.

“It’s just the fact that you are more nervous about making friends with a person, than looking after the Earth. I honestly don’t understand you!” she explained. Her tone and the quick change in her aura told me that she was extremely confused and certainly sympathetic.

If I lie to her now then that would probably be kind of an action to draw away the only friend I have. So, I decided to tell her the truth, “When I’m going to take care of Earth, believe it or not, I know what I’m doing. But when I am talking to a person that I don’t know; I’m scared of what they might think of me or the fact that they might know how inexperienced I am at talking to a person.”

“Girl, you are amazing and the fact that you are thinking this, because you never try anything new and you stick mostly to the people you already know!” Ana exclaimed.

“Thanks?” I asked, not knowing how to respond to that statement.

“Now, just go to that door, knock and introduce yourself then I will mind-link and tell you what to do.”

“Wait a sec! You aren’t going to come with me?”

“Don’t worry I will be there with you every second of it, just invisible.” I rolled my eyes at her and told myself (probably a million times) that everything is going to be OK.

I walked up to the door of my neighbour’s house and knocked three times thinking that if he didn’t answer, then I can go with google maps and tell Lily that he wasn’t there. I waited for almost a minute and then mind-linked Ana and told her that this is pointless and in return she sighed a little.

As I turned around to walk, I almost bumped into a very, very muscular chest. I took a step back to look at his face. Dark brown hair, sky-high cheekbones, razor-sharp jaw and emerald green eyes. We found both of us staring into each other’s eyes as a wave of heat washed over my entire body sending goose bumps all over my skin. Both of us said that same word at the same time:



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