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The Challenge

Hayley's P.O.V

“Come on! Guys have it harder!” said Liam.

“Um, first of all, no! Guys do NOT have it harder. Second, who has to look after their makeup every hour? Girls. Who has to go through weird and unpleasant things for 1 whole week a month? Girls. Who has to lose their figure for 9 to 10 months to get another freaking person out of them? Girls!” Mel shot back. Currently, we were all arguing about who has it harder, boys or girls.

“Mel… we’re in public, remember?” I warned.

“Sorry, but we’re talking about the entire female population here!” she replied.

“Well, in that case, I agree with you,” I said.

“I bet you girls can’t even be tamed for 1 whole night and be calm,” Ryder challenged.

“I kind of agree,” added Damien.

“Typical,” I muttered and he smirked. “Ok, what if we prove to you guys that girls can be “tame” or whatever for as long as you want!” I blurted out.

“Ok… can you girls be “Tame or whatever” for an entire week?” Devin asked.

“Sure! IF you guys would go “Wild or whatever” for that entire week too!” Cat said. I could kiss her right now! She was being equally challenging and she rarely did that!

“That sounds like the best challenge I’ve had in years!” Mel exclaimed. She looked at the rest of us for a reply and we nodded in approval.

“Fine, challenge starts now,” Ryder declared.

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